He would know what I mean.
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if N. Korea does anything stupid, they will literally get nuked off the face of the Earth.

I wouldn't worry about it

I like this answer, So i'll go with this. Or I could add that if they even started to attempt anything stupid. They will be wiped from mankind.
Some have said my name sounds godly. Even good enough to have a firstborn child named after it, I think that settles

EDIT: In all seriousness, Probably "Meh!" or Kensai would get my nomination.

I found out last night that Bobo Jenkins was actually a man's name. He is/was a musician from Detroit back in the 70's. Is interesting., googled it yesterday after i read the "google your username thread".
In all honesty, Me and a friend are going to be maintaining a decent sized garden this season. Have all our seeds already starting.

We're going to be doing, Maters,Taters,Beans,Cabbage, etc.

Should be able to make a decent penny off selling produce.

Also, What else? Gotta get my life back on track, and start sellin' dope again.

I sometime refer to it as 'Pistol' ...just to be random and use something besides shotgun.

So if im not the one driving, me and a few friends are heading to a car, i'll yell PISTOL! and jump in the front seat.

EDIT: +1 to Cobain jokes.
I will not say I haven't, But I can't remember the last time I
7/10 - Unique.

That old guy you speak of, Is Sir Col. Harland Sanders. Now you may know of em?
EDIT: Infinity/Infinity

Just cause.
^Get out more man. Too much goin' on not to be out their experiencing it.

Stop wishing someone was beside you at night, And get out their and make it happen. I found this out long ago, They wont just come to you. You gotta get out and make things happen and meet some people,etc.

Don't worry though, It'll eventually come around. Stay Strong brotha, Stay Strong.
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Almost a 2. I really don't give a **** what they think and I'm pretty sure girls like that.


It turns them on in so many ways actually.

They LOVE Confidence.
I'm feeling great. My last ex is now trying her da*ndest to get me to pay attention to her, By coming over to one of her friends house that lives next to me everyday since their spring break started..(she still in school)... And it's not working because I'm purposly not directing my attention toward her any at all. It's quite funny when she realizes im not paying attention and tries harder....

Little does she know just a few days after me and her split... I started talking to this girl I met at my uncle's gaming business, And now we could be getting together soon. It's starting to feel that way, And honestly ...any girl i can sit down and play 360 with, Is def a girl worth the time! hahaha...

...she's not like so many of these 'girl girls' out their who don't know what the hell they want....Been a few girls since i've dated one 18+...This should be just what i need....

Mental stimulation. Someone who can carry a conversation longer then 30 seconds before they're texting on their phone or some sh*t...

EDIT: I didn't dump her, She dumped me, On V-Day...the bi*ch. ****ed her friend the same day and started talking to the girl spoken about above days later.
Jeramiah Johnson is one..?
John Wayne anyone? :P

Johnny Got His Gun.
Old Clint Eastwood Films.

Baseballers went a little too far back a bit ago with thei strike. I thought that was ridiculous based on how much they already made.

Players from any sport don't only get paid for what they generate on the field or court.

The NBA season would seem the most ruthless to me. Although baseballers are right their, Because these guys put alot of stress on their bodies. Footballers might not be tired all week after a game, but they sure as hell have the right to be sore possibly.
They do good for the cities they are in, I'm not complaining.

Such as, Helping out foundations for kids, Donating to other organizations,etc.

A march 09'er who registered today would recognize this beast.
No posts about Burma?
Nice bike, But that's a Dirtbike aint it? Mopeds have the pedal start don't they? Or am i thinking of ancient ones?
Very legal.
Nice bike....

I've got an 80 something Honda Nighthawk.


This is why America is in the situation it is...People buying things they cannot afford to pay off.

What if Wendy's ends next week? lol

Also, i'm going to go out on a limb must live with your parents? Because someone who's living on their own, While working at Wendy's probably isn't going to go for a 09' seven thousand dollar+ bike....
When they got bills everymonth.
Submissions are the best. Especially if the 'guy picked to win' is the one being held down and crying for your release of his almost broken arm or whatever.

I never really got in fights in school beyond grade school, And only got in 1 there.
Dejavu Moments. I've had numerous occasions like this...

Everytime I'm like WTF! I've seen/lived this before!

I've got some actual stories i'm sure, Just can't seem to think of any just yet, Will post when they start comin' to me.
Possum? hmm, They are quick, but not THAT quick. What about a Raccoon?

I'm highly doubting it got 30-40 ft in a SECOND.
Every Pink Floyd song. Ever.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Either "Dark side of the moon" or "Wish you were here".

The piper at the gates of dawn, IMO is the best 'first' album by any band. Ever.

How long have you been playing Guitar?
Not Ghosts. Spirits..Yes. I believe in paranormal activity for certain unsaid reasons.

EDIT: Yes, Chuck Norris would reign victorious.

Favorite Pink Floyd song? If that's possible?
Fuck beer. Drink Bourbon.

This is a thread only for Germans, Seeing as American beer is nearly water. I sooo badly want to go to Octoberfest.
5'7 - 150 sum lbs.
Word fuck them. It always works.
Could telling someone some sh*t that needs to be said to them so they will get the fu*k off their high horse, be keeping it real?

For example, I had this friend who started to progressively change after he got his first "3rd" girlfriend.
He started acting better then everyone, Was always a smartass. Took **** very seriously. Became a total douchef*ck. So i had to sit em down and tell em how great he and she really wasn't. Really opened up his eyes to reality i believe, Like and your girl aren't going to be living like kings with one income, especially a Lee's Famous recipe income!
The real world is different then living at home with mom and dad. He was always worried about me f*ckin his girl, I told him if I wanted to bone her, she woulda been mounted by now.

He just stood their and took it, I could tell it was getting too him..but he needed a wake up. I did say "you can get real if you want Caleb, I'll get realer."

Basically I word f*cked him.

Haven't heard from him since, don't really want too.
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Who the **** wants to move to America in the year 2009? America sax ballz!

Get the fu*k out then? Lol it's funny, you obviously haven't been out of the US. It's pathetically funny how obvious.
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yeah im totally lost as to where i should raise a family...

Kentucky. No question.
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Not Kentucky.

Why is this? State reasoning please.

If money is an issue. Move to Kentucky.
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if there was anyone else out there we would know by now.

Would we?

I think that their very well is other life forms out their. To think we are the only living things in this mass universe is foolish, and maybe close-minded?
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That wasn't a discovery; that was an invention.

So was your first post in this thread.... One of the best mystery novels of all time.


Let's see....

...ah yes....

Newtons 3rd law.
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Probably the evidence proving the Bible and its six-day creation true.

The bible was created/written in 6 days?
Heidi Klum's husband.

Ceal? (sp)

Of course only after he serenaded me with a song or two!