Half decent for cleans. Don't even touch the distortion channel though, it's so bad.
Pretty much any Devin Townsend. He mostly uses Open C and B major.
Way jealous. Amazing.
I've got the 100w one and it's pretty nice. A steal for the price I paid ($1000 AUD new). It's high gain "sweet spot" tone lacks mids as I think MC was alluding to so I've found it tricky to work with in a band mix, but still very usable.
Quote by r0ckth3d34n
Two different beasts.

One's a V, made of Alder, the other is a super strat made of mahogany.

One has a Floyd, the other has a locking-edge 3. One has actives, the other has passives.

But probably the Jackson. It's just an extremely flexible guitar, in general.

MTM1's have fixed Lo-Pro Edge bridges, not edge 3's. The fixed lo-pros are decent quality.

MTM1 = fixed bridge, active pup, heavy wood beast.
RR5FR = floyd equipped (or laden depending on you bridge tastes) passive pup, slightly less heavy wood beast.

You'd be happy with either, I assume. I would get the RR5 cos I prefer passive pups for cleans, and I have a thing for rhoads models.
I own the 100w version still, it has half decent cleans but weak distorted tones. A metal amp it is not.

You should let us know how loud you need and what style of distortion/cleans you want.
Gibson 7 string explorers are old news...

The 24.75 inch scale doesn't matter that much, still works fine. But personally a 7 string doesn't feel right without a baritone neck.
Drummer wanted in Perth, WA.

Hi, my band "DTS" need a drummer to get gigging, our biggest influences are Tool, Mastodon and Karnivool. Myself (guitarist), our other guitarist, bassist and vocalist spent the past year writing and have almost a dozen originals down, we just need a drummer to get going. We are all like 18/19 year old guys at various uni's just wanting to get out there and gig/have fun by banging some metal to the people.

Please reply/ PM me if you're interested
Hi, my band "DTS" need a drummer to get gigging, our biggest influences are Tool, Mastodon and Karnivool. Myself (guitarist), our other guitarist, bassist and vocalist spent the past year writing and have almost a dozen originals down, we just need a drummer to get going. We are all like 18/19 year old guys at various uni's just wanting to get out there and gig/have fun by banging some metal to the people.

Please reply/ PM me if you're interested
Quote by Sir-Shredalot
So im not just referring to beginners/inexpensive stuff, just generally gear that is the least liked, least reliable or has the worst tone/features.

The Digitech RP line of multifx was pretty dire. Very stale and digital obviously and was unreliable (i had an old 90s unit and it was pretty expensive). Also the Dean guitars ive used have been very badly made.

Did you play the entire line?

Some of mine:

Boss DS-1 (very unimpressed with my mate's one that I tried, too trebley).

Fender Frontman 212R 100w (I own this and the 15w version and the 15w is half decent, the 100w sucks balls...)

Spider III.
Quote by LifeIsABullet16
yeah, i had one idea at first (a warmoth VIP with chrome hardware) then switched to a strat with black hardware. the neck and tuners came first so it looks a little confused. i'll end up replacing either the bridge or the tuners eventually, but i can't decide which yet haha

I recommend changing out the tuners

I reckon it would contrast better with the black body and purpleheart headstock.
I would've gone with black tuners personally, but still a damn fine guitar. HNGD.
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So, why have they been played in nearly every genre of music? Even with the single coils they have been heavily played in many, many styles of music.

Correction: Fender style single coil Tele's... that's generally what people mean by "Tele's".

In comparison with every single other model of guitar out there, I would say they are among the least versatile.
Quote by melton100
May I suggest strat or tele? Very versatile instruments.

Tele's are not versatile at all... Stock single coil ones anyways.

IMO most guitars can cover most genres, it all depends on your amp's capabilities and the pickups you're using (to a lesser extent). I've heard Telecasters with hot-rodded single coils pull off sick metal tones and I can make my Jackson (which has a jb/jazz pup set) sound like a SSS strat i the neck position using an EQ pedal and my amp's clean abilities.

Some guitars are more versatile than others, but it's really not that important...

I'd suggest any Schecter C1 with original passive Duncans (plus coil taps), that'd probs be up there with the best in terms of versatility.

Oh yeh, and the Washburn X50 Pro is a sweet deal of a guitar. If they sold them here I would so have one.
You could get the tone I think you're looking for with a ridiculous amount of amps, it's not very demanding (at least the idea of it I have in my head). If you want to go all out, and you have the money for it, I'd concur the Mesa Mk IV, or preferably the Mk V if you can.

EDIT: my advice would be to go and try a heap of amps out at a store, maybe figure out what amps those bands you mentioned have used and start there?
He wants to sex you up, fo sho
Quote by rooster456
Iron Maiden, Yngwie, Eric Johnson?

It's all personal taste, my friend. Purely taste. Plus, can you play jazz, blues, R&B, funk, etc. on an Ibanez?

Um yes? Most Ibanez are good for any genre, however same goes for just about every guitar. With the right amp and EQ pretty much any guitar can get a decent sound of any genre...

And for everyone who's implying that scalloping makes one play faster... scalloped frets will, if anything, make it harder to play faster, their sole purpose is to aid vibrato.
I've been using my RGR421 way more than any of my other electrics, mainly because it's the only one of them working solidly atm. My Jackson needs trem maintenance (I'm getting an OFR installed as soon as Ormsby gets a new shipment in tho cos cbf dealing with the lfr on it for the rest of my life...) and my GRG170 needs new tuners and a good set up. Because the RGR421 is fixed bridge and I like to play around with alt tunings with my band, it's become my go-to guitar.
In Flames/Mastodon. Yes.


A standard tele with singles can do metal with the right EQ and amp though so really the whole guitar question is irrelevant.
You got that just for finishing school...? Damn...

HNA+GD man. The first page or so of this thread was hilarious, I knew the amp was an El Diablo straight away lol. Love mine, hope you enjoy it. Intense PGM too.
Quote by Kingyem0c0re
It's effectively worthless recommending a combo or head here.

I'd probably say, try picking up a rack Power-Amp & a cab, as your GT-8 would run as the Pre-Amp.

You'd get the best sound out of your GT-8 that way too.


Or a Roland JC-120.

EDIT: missed the price range, old JC-120 used possibly? Dunno how much they go for used int he US.
That thing looks awesome, HNGD. I would seriously think about getting a decent Epi LP sometime myself but personally I can't stand Epi LP headstocks, they're one of my most hated parts of any guitar ever. Don't get me wrong though great guitar man, congratz.
Same reason why you would want to move a finger from one fret to another in any tuning.

Plus drop tunings open up different fingering possiblilties.
My amp (Genz Benz in sig) has a pot for adjusting the attack setting, 3 band active EQ's and another pot called "Tube Contour" which changes the tone from American-esque feel to British (best way I can describe it).
Quote by howey
Sure was haha,
I had to hold on to it to make sure no one else would buy it. I got there at about 4.45 and had to wait till 6.10 until my dad rocked up with the extra $400. Totally worth it though, I don't think I'll ever sell this guitar.

Haha I'm the guy who was walking around like aimlessly (was waiting for a freind to show up cos she wanted some help finding an amp), walked past you a few times when I was checking out the halfstacks up the back.

Anyways enjoy the guitar m8.
Beautiful man, wish I was in the market for a new guitar atm, I was over at kosmic for that sale tonight just scoping the deals. You weren't by any chance playing on the blackstar halfstack up the back of the shop for ages were you lol?
Buckethead - Soothsayer, Electric Tears, Colma or really any of his guitar focused stuff is just unique, awesome stuff.

Robert Fripp - He pioneered new standard tuning for one. He is just an all round innovator.
At Pretty. Odd. & biga29: preferences and priorities, keep them in mind. The reasons why different people design different guitars are the same as the reasons why different people may destroy different guitars.

The catalysts of creation are usually exactly the same as the catalysts of destruction.
The only time I could see having one being necessary is if you were a massive audiophile and wanted like 8 different kinds of differently voiced speakers to get a certain unique sound...

Or if you're trying to project sound over a huge area unmic'd.

Otherwise they're a luxury.
Quote by GrisKy
i tried one with 6l6's. not bad, but wasn't really into it tbh. i've heard they're outstanding with el34's tho.

i've had good results with 75's and v30's in an x pattern. others have said good things about 100/v30's in an x pattern too. you use a straight cab or slant?

Ahk, yeh mine had ruby tube EL34s stock so don't have a 6L6 comparison myself.

I've been thinking about that after hearing it's a nice speaker combo to have, was thinking if I got a 2x12 with v30's I'd run it in stereo with my current 2x12 (with 75's).

It's a slant? The speakers are on a slight slant, not sure if that counts for 2x12 cabs though.
Yeh ofcourse, I would agree. A country guitarist could use one I guess, could get a better amp for the style but a dual rec would still probs be pleasing to the ears. Point taken though.

Loving the Diablo, got it re-tubed with a mesa/sovtek 12ax7's and EHX EL34's; sounds tighter now and better imo. Wouldn't mind getting a V30 (or similarly voiced speaker) loaded 4x12/2x12 for it in the future though. I've got G12T-75's in the 1936 I'm using and they sound good but it would probs go better with v30's.
Quote by GrisKy
oh, really?

pay attention, james.

...and i own a dual rec, i know what they're good for, thanks.

I stand corrected.

I wouldn't care if you owned Mesa Engineering though, a Dual Rec can handle just about anything decently.
Quote by GrisKy
I'm a bit confused as to what you're looking for, because you say you play heavy pop punk and the Mesa is too much for that (which I get)... but I'm affraid the AC30 might not be heavy enough?

Hold your flames, I love the AC30, one of the best amps ever tone wise, and at $700 in good shape it's a steal. The breakup is incredibly rich and very pleasing, and the jangly cleans are my fav ever! What I'm asking is for a better definition of your style, because if high gain is your thing, it probably isn't going to work for you. If that's the case, I suggest looking into selling the Mesa and picking up a high gain amp with a british voice (i.e., Splawn Pro Mod or maybe even the Nitro, Orange Rockverb/Thunderverb, Voodoo Dual Hex, Marshall JCM800...). That's not going to solve your back-up amp issue, but I think you'll prefer the tone over the Mesa's if that's your thing. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to find a used classic50 for around $400, but I'm not sure about your market. It might be a better idea, if you know your way around your amps, to just pick up a healthy stock of spare parts and fix it yourself if the need ever should arise.

He doesn't want to replace his Mesa... And besides, Dual Recs can handle just about anything decently.
I'd go with the MXR. The Boss is pretty noisey stock, actually ridiculously noisey with high gain. I use mine to emulate single coils when using humbuckers and as a solo boost from time to time so it doesn't reall matter to me. If you want it to shape your distorted tone more because your amp's EQ section can't quite do what you want (basically what an EQ pedal is for...) then get the MXR 10 band. I don't really need it for shaping the dirty tone of my amp because my amp has an active 3 band, with an additional tone stack and global mid boost control anyway.
Awesome HNAD