Thanks, Matt. You pretty much summed up our problems. Great feedback!
That looks extremely reasonable, Kyle62! I'm going to go check those out today.
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Yeah. What is that? ;p

NVM, google saves the day. Any opinions on the song itself, guys?
Yeah. What is that? ;p
Hmmm... I really like the results. Thanks a lot for that!

@TechType: Popper stopper?
I'm very interested to see how that turns out. Thanks!
I just have a hard time justifying that amount of money, axemanchris. We are Juniors in high school and will be going to college soon. I hate to say it, but unless something crazy happens, not much is going to be going on after that.
None of you can really recommend a good cheap set though? I understand I need some, it just which ones to get :p
Just the two mics that are IN the 4-track (this)

The recording is from maybe 15 - 20 feet away... It's what we have to work with unless we find some drum mics; hence the thread.
First off, it's probably a good idea to hear what this thread is about.!/artist/artist_songs/1051956

Those drums were recorded through a 4-Track recorder, in a garage. Of course the recording quality could be better on everything, but the drums stick out as muddy. We do not have drum mics. Having some drum mics would most likely make a world of difference.

This is where you guys come in. Any links to cheap yet good mics or tips on recording with drum mics would be greatly appreciated.
Yeah, we don't have actual drum mics, we just mic the entire set at once in my garage.
Ok, so me and my friend Foreverinutero have made a SludgeGrind band as a joke. It's still pretty entertaining though. We both love deathcore, but we couldn't let the opportunity pass. We've already recorded two entire songs today and have one more about to be up within the hour. Excuse the off time-ness and odd placed bass drops. Check out both songs, they do not disappoint!
Hey guys, my band and I just finished our new song. You can listen to it at this link:!/artist/artist_songs/1051956

Any and all feedback is appreciated!

EDIT: It's the first song, not the acoustic demo btw...!/artist/artist_songs/1051956

Here is the link to the song. It's "Featherweight Lies"

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the feedback, guys!
just mind those p's and q's

Thanks to everyone who actaully gave non-sexual/food related advice. Loosening up helped a lot. It was the faster beats during one of our songs that was ****ing with me.
It's not like they are coming out because of the playing, my arm seems ****ed up. I CAN'T grasp them, like I CAN'T close my hand.
I'm at band practice right now and I have a slight problem.

I'm the drummer and we are playing as usual, but I'm having trouble holding onto the drumsticks... Not like I don't know how to hold them, I just can't grasp them. My arm gets all tight and when I close my hand on the drumstick it involuntarily loosens and I can't hold onto the stick. I think I might have a problem in my arm. I work out regularly (mostly weightlifting) so it's not like I have a strength problem. Any ideas are welcome since we have a show on Wednesday

inb4: quit jacking off
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But I don't think anyone will try to rape someone in court. They wouldn't succeed, there's too many people there to stop it, unless they join in.

I lol'd. Hard.

But I'd say no.
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get the
the green shoes
cause the others suck
almost exponentially
trust me on this one
just do it

Read as the verse in Lateralus.

I love this post. I actually sang it lol. Fibonacci lyric scheme ftw
Hi Pit,

I just recently ordered some shoes and when they finally arrived, they were too small. So, I packaged them up and I am about to send them back. I have to pick a pair to exchange them for though. I am stuck between two pairs. Maybe the Pit could weigh in?


Why the FUCK(!) has no one even MENTIONED(!) Sanuks? They are the best damn shoes in the world. Flip flop bottom, canvas shoe top, and more styles than you can believe! Sorry if I sound preachy, but I LIVE by these things...

And they fray after a while.
I live on the ocean, and I have to say, whoever is afraid of the ocean because "oh noes there mite be teh sharkz in theres!" are dumbasses. My god people!?!

EDITT: Hell, and I live in the shark capitol of the world!
Well you could spill a different flavor of Kool Aid upon your cellular device, in hopes that the clash of opposite flavors will fix the space bar.

Also, I think I'd hate Kool Aid or my clumsiness, not the Blackberry.
Thick socks. THICK SOCKS!

And you want the skates to kind of restrict your ankle movement so that you dont get pigeon toed or whatnot. Try a size smaller than normal and lace AS TIGHT AS YOU CAN GET IT.

LOGICEDIT: And pants...
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My post above:

Anyone else having a problem when it initially scans for songs?

Apparently it's being worked on.
I might call in for my free scrubber... -_-
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what your iphone's OS version? 2 or 3.x?

Whatever the newest update version is. I had to pay for the update on my iPod
I downloaded it for my iPod and it starts the music scan and then after a while, exits the app. Any suggestions?
Downloading now. I see some potential!
Frigid Nipple

DVD Video Soft

OMFG @ the Romeo one!
You sir, are a genius!!!
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This happened to me the other day, but with a candy bar, not soda. I wanted a Milky Way, and as it dropped it smacked into a and they both fell.


Hehe, It always happens to me it seems...
Im not saying Im for it, but I look at it this way sometimes...

My mom is 40 and my stepdad is 50. There is a 10 year gap. Thats pretty much like a 10 year old involved with a 20 year old. NOT THAT THAT IS OK!!! Just a point.
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/\ damn it, T00l!!!!

You post here and dont even wish the man Happy Birthday? You get him for two hours now Jacob....