I have an Egnater Rebel 20 and Rebel 112x cab for sale if you're interested. Its a superb sounding amp that is perfect for your styles!
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Everyone's ears are different but to my ears, there's no comparison. The Rebel is just a much, much better amp. Comparing the two side by side, which I've pretty much done, its a laughable difference. You'd be kicking yourself for a long time if you take an ht over a Rebel. Maybe not but probably


I went from a HT50 to a Rebel 20 and its the best amp I have ever owned. It is so responsive and feels so alive in comparison to the HT50. Ive had a lot too - Orange TT, JCM 800, DSL50, Bugera 1990, Laney LC15, Jet City JCA50H. The Rebel suits me down to the ground, and our other guitarist with a Tubemeister has tone envy... i have skill envy mind you...

edit: having said that I probably wouldnt attempt dream theatre or maiden on it... im a sure an OD could help, but it shines in the lower gain classic rock territory for me.
Hi mate, its still available and I'm in Stockton-on-Tees happy to post if youre too far away
Yeah its a 40w... Same valve compliment though! If you need any more info let me know
Head mate, Blackstar don't do a HT50 combo. The second link above is a picture of the head
I'm selling off all of my gear in an effort to simplfy my life:

Blackstar HT50 - Excellent condition, 6 months old, comes boxed with manual and roqsolid cover. £350

Eleven Rack - Excellent condition, comes with pro tools discs and transfer of ownership form. £360

Marshall 8008 Power Amp - Very good condition, scuffs around the screw holes as to be expected. £100

3u ABS Rack Case - Brand new, only got it on Tuesday. Immaculate. Would rather sell with 11r for shipping protection but will sell separately. £40

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra - Superb interface, good condition with case and power supply. Has name written on bottom but just cosmetic. Comes with driver disc but unit is known not to work on Mavericks OS. Works fine on all other OSs. £130
If I were in your situation I would find a decent weighted 1x12 cab that you are comfortable carrying with a nice speaker and buy an EHX .44 Magnum (which is loud enough to gig) and either a pedal preamp like one of those AMT legend series or something like a POD. the pedal pre and power amp can just go in your bag and the cab will be light!
Bump. £320 for dsl50, £65 for podxt. Boost, loop, chorus and drive gone
I'm selling two vintage 30s, 16 ohms each from my 2x12 combo. They are nicely broken in with about 60 hours cranked playing time and in excellent condition.

£50 each

1936 cab gone (well, sale has been agreed) but have stuff to add to the list!!! Will add pictures at some point. All are in excellent condition:

Joyo JF02 Ultimate Drive,
Joyo JF05 Classic Chorus
Joyo JF08 Digital Delay
Joyo JF11 Six-band EQ
Electro Harmonix LPB-1 Linear Power Boost
Custom true bypass loop pedal (tis a pedal with its own loop that is footswitchable so you can do your tap dancing before you need it and activate all fx at once)

£20 each delivered
'm selling my Marshall JCM2000 DSL50 head. It is in good condition with a few scuffs from the road. It sounds awesome as I'm sure you know, its just a bit too vintage voiced for my band. Pickup from stockton-on-tees. £350

I'm also selling my Marshall 1936 cab with Celestion g12t-100s. A little more road worn with a tear in the tolex. Sounds great though. Pickup from Stockton-on-tees. £150

And finally my Line 6 PODxt which is boxed with PSU. It is in good condition with the only issue some dead pixels on the LCD. Its a very fine line of them which the camera couldn't pick up. It is hardly noticeable and doesn't affect the reading of the screen. £80 posted.

I'm selling my Blackstar Club 50 head with Roqsolid cover with original box and manual. It is in immaculate condition and has always been transported in the cover. It has been gigged with a couple of times but there has been relatively little stress on it and as such won't need a revalve. I've had it about 6 months from new. Killer rock tone but surplus to requirements

I'm looking for £400 posted with cover. Will consider trades
Hi there, Im selling my Harley Benton g212v cab loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s. It is in excellent condition and comes with Thomann cover for it. Had about 60 hours of cranked playing so the speakers are broken in and sound sweet. £140 Pickup from Stockton-on-Tees

Also selling some unrelated non guitar things!

Canon 24-105mm L series lens with filter. Excellent condition. £510 delivered

Manfrotto 562B Fluid head monopod with video baseplate. £100 pickup from Stockton-on-Tees

2x Sandisk Extreme 32GB Compact Flash cards. 60mb/s. perfect for video. £90 for both delivered. £50 each
I am looking into attenuators to help me crank my marshall DSL50 at gigs. I don't want or expect attenuators to work at bedroom volumes. Basically the sweet spot on the DSL is around 6-7 on the volume, but at the level our band plays at ive never had it past 2.5.

I was wondering if anyone had experience with the Palmer PDI-06?

Also, I found this:

the one i would be looking at is the Hotbox 66 which would give me 75% attenuation (it would absorb 75% of the power) Would this be too high a level of attenuation? Does anyone with any type of attenuator that offers this know whether its too much? I prefer the look of the second one due to the price - I dont want variable attenuation, just one level so i can crank a bit more, but i dont particularly want to have to run the DSL flat out at 10 because ive opted for too much attenuation - I dont fancy revalving it every 3 months!

The Joyo is the only gate ive used that adds noise - horrible squeal so i sent it back. when it was working the gate itself was crap. i mean ridiculously so
I'm building a simple patch bay for my pedal board to make it easier to set up at gigs. I bought the wrong jack sockets though, I got these

Instead of these:

Can I still use them? How would I wire them? I'm basically building this:

I can probably exchange them but it'll cost in petrol, but if I'll get better quality with mono the I will...

no selling cab anymore.

£215 delivered for the Jet City
Rack case sold. Intellifex ltd £70 delivered
Depends whether you need it posting or not. I've pm'd you
yeah the jet city would be perfect... coincidently im selling one... PM me!

Sounds great with the harley benton cab; solid gig rig mate, you cant go wrong
The jet city yes, the cab no. Uk only also (not that it's an issue you being in Telford!)
Thanks, hopefully these will!

I'm selling my relatively new, excellent condition (minus one small unnoticeable scuff to the logo) barely used and never gigged with Jet City JCA50H. It had only left the house twice to go to the studio with, and although it sounds fantastic (like a Marshall on steroids) and is remarkably loud, it doesn't fit in with the band I've joined, and im super unfit and have decided the head and cab thing ain't for me.

This has barely been used and comes with original box and manual etc. looking to sell or trade. Would like a combo around 50w, or make a cash offer. Willing to post.

Also selling my Harley Benton vintage 30 2x12 which is a truly brilliant cab, very well made in great condition again. All it has is the feet imprint of the jet city on the top of it. Superb sounding cab. Not willing to post that though as I don't have the box. I'm based in Stockton-on-Tees. Again I'll consider trade or cash offer

£95 delivered, £110 for the lot
FS: Rocktron Intellifex with 2u rack bag
I'm selling my Rocktron Intellifex LTD rack effects unit. I've not had this long and it's a great sounding unit but I can't be faffed with carting around an extra bag and buying a huge midi footswitch when all I'm really using from it is delay. It's in full working order. Cosmetically it has a bit of rack rash but it doesn't affect the operation. It's a European unit so you'll need a shaving adapter or a new power supply (dirt cheap on eBay). I've had no issues with a shaving adapter though.

The rack bag has a strap and 1 handle but the other handle has come off.

£100 delivered
Im selling my Zoom G3 multi fx with a skinny little twins footswitch which can be programmed to allow you to scroll through the 6 effects in a patch so you can access them all on stage. This unit is a great little thing - the amp modelling is awesome, I tried it through my Tech 21 Power Engine (also for sale) and it really surprised me!

Only selling because it doesnt work too well in line level fx loops which my amp has. I bought it on the off chance that it would but my stupid amp will only work with line level gear and this is instrument level. It works perfectly well if you plug it into something it is designed to work with!

Would consider a trade for an old rack fx unit like an intellifex or something.

Looking for £110 delivered with the two button FS.

Also selling a Zoom FP02 for £20...
Quote by Dave_Mc

Haha thankfully that's the one thing about cab wiring I do know! Just got confused by which 8ohm out to use, but if it doesn't matter that's good with me!
So both 8ohm outs on the amp don't have to be in use at the same time? Is it just there so you can plug into another 8ohm mono cab?

I don't want to blow anything!
Noob moment, but I don't understand this stuff!

I already have a cab with 8ohm mono and 16ohm stereo inputs that look like this:

I'm looking at getting a jca50h that has a single 16ohm output, and for 8ohm has 2 'class 2 wiring' outputs like this:

How would I wire it?

Ah poop, sorry to double post, forgot I should mention that I have this for sale on other forums as user 'chrishill901', my more grown up moniker! I have mention this posting in those so that both threads confirm that I am who I say I am
Selling my Tech 21 Power Engine 60. This is superb for amplifying modellers like the POD, 11r and axefx. I used it with an eleven rack with the intention of gigging but it never happened. I fancy a valve head now! This has had little use and is in excellent condition with the original box. Never even bothered to take the celestion badge off the handle!

Looking for £250 delivered or £230 if you pick it up (stockton-on-tees/boro area)

Thanks for looking!
haha 'just'... sounds good!

good luck with your sales, let me know if you change your mind!
Stockton-on-Tees mate, so probably a considerable distance from yourself! I totally understand your reluctance to post though, but of you get desperate you know where to find me! Off topic but what's your 'rig of doom' you have now!?