I'm after this type of music, but from a particular period - the 1920's.

I'm writing something (a script), and I'm looking for lots of music from the decade to listen to while writing, and to use in places in the script(s) if possible too.

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^Yeah I guess, but I have been happily shopping way into Sunday and I am always finding things that I like. I agree with duncang though, the Earache stall always seems worth looking into.

I'll keep that in mind. What other stalls are worth checking out?
Never heard of it.

Meshuggah - Mind's Mirrors
Thanks . Will listen to both albums ASAP
Any links out there for the Proclamation album? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
Sounds familiar, but not sure why.

Ayreon - One Small Step
To me it seems like the best time to do that stuff would be on the Thursday then, so one can check for bargains etc. and generally get a lay of the land.
I don't know... Maybe some power metal stuff... Try... I Want Out by Helloween, that could be what you're after
Well the question that arises from those criteria is - how fast can you do those things? I was thinking of suggesting some Iron Maiden and things like that, but tempo becomes relevant. Maybe look at something like Number of the Beast or The Trooper, that could help with what you're looking for (The Trooper has good legato sections and rhythms).

Anyone know intermediate death metal songs? Preferably the likes of Morbid Angels, Behemoth (I'm aware they have some black metal stuff of course), Cannibal Corpse, Deicide etc.

I've gotten around to listening to Dreams of the Carrion Kind again, one of my favourite death metal albums. What do people think of it?
What are some of the better power metal albums that were released this year? I'm painfully unaware of new releases.
Never heard of it.

Enslaved - To the Coast
Sounds familiar, particularly the song name, but I can't quite but my finger on it.

Metallica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
What Behemoth albums pre Demigod (my first major exposure to them) do people recommend?
I highly recommend it. The vocals in particular are great. Do share your thoughts if you check it out
Very glad to have watched it, the controversy of the movement is interesting and its nice to get it from the perspective of those involved without making feel too overly sensational.

On another note, I've know started spinning Drawing Down the Moon.
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For those of you who havent seen 'once upon a time in Norway' its actually a great Mayhem documentary. Barely any bullshit in it

Just finished watching this actually. Thanks a lot for putting the link up, I thought it was really good. So interesting to hear about the events from that perspective and with it all, as you said, having barely any bullshit in it.

Highly recommended.
I'm fairly sure this should have been asked over in MT.

But someone do correct me if I'm wrong.
I don't know them that well, but that track is quite good.

1349 - Maggot Fetus... Teeth Like Thorns
Thanks very much, I'll give that a shot later today
Yeah, those are the notes.

So would it be 17p12 and then on the B string pick the 13 and then legato the 12 and 13, then go back and pick the 12 on the E and repeat that pattern?

^ I hope that makes sense
I've never been a huge fan of Death's later albums, my favourite has always been Leprosy . Don't get me wrong, I admire what they're trying to do and they do it very well, giving some classic songs like Crystal Mountain, The Philosopher and so on, but the songs don't do it for me, I'm much more traditional with my DM, and Leprosy is a great progression from Scream Bloody Gore.
I'm learning the Kirk Hammett section of Master of Puppets and I've just reached the solo near the end of the song (the legato/tapping bit that starts at around 5:42), and I'm trying to figure out quite how to do it, either with the riff spread across two strings as is written, or tapping it all as one string.

Any advice on how to deal with this bit?

I've just started spinning Nesphite by Demilich, and the vocals are brilliant, they seem completely unique. A couple of songs into it and loving it so far.
Not a big fan of Decapitated, although I do quite like that song.

Demilich - When the Sun Drank the Weight of Water
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Keep your throat loose and use your gut. Don't push, flow.

Rinse, repeat ad nauseum.

I'll keep that in mind . It's just that now, I can only do it in really short bursts and I get the feeling i'm doing something wrong.
Interesting theme. Looking forward to seeing the choices, as I may be able to listen and review for this round (which will be my first)
Slowly getting back into the vocal style after a long time of not doing it at all. Any advice?
Well if you're after Iced Earth recs. while I'm not sure where it fits in terms of their timeline (although a great early album is Night of the Stormrider), I like some of their more recent albums, like The Glorious Burden, and my personal favourite, Horror Show, so there's a few albums from different periods that may interest you
Never heard of it.

I Am I - This is My Life
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It's just someone who posts regularly and whose posts are usually quality additions to the discussion. It's kind of a vague area, to be sure, but eventually you start recognizing certain people.

Okay, I'll keep that in mind.

Thanks very much
Yeah, that does help, it's always good to have some suggestions. Thanks very much
Just listened to Clone of the Wolf and thought it was great. Will definitely be checking out more of this album ASAP.
I'm curious, the opening post of the game itself mentioned that only 'metal forum regulars' can play. I'm aware I'm not one myself, but I wonder how people define it?

This seemed an interesting place to ask the question, although I'll admit it's only vaguely related to the game, so do forgive me there.
Sounds interesting, haha. I shall look into it, and the Kreator albums soon.
I've heard great things about the new Kreator album, may look into that. Kreator are one of those bands I've been meaning to check out for ages.
What are people's thoughts on German thrash metal? My only exposure to it is one of the more recent Destruction albums, which I liked a lot. I think the album was Devolution.
Of all the alt picking songs that are listed, what would people recommend as one to look at as I'm recently getting back into guitar playing more?