I've been listening to your EP non stop the past few days. Some of the best Pop Punk tracks I've ever heard.
Totally my kind of music. Would have paid a little bit more than the minimum because it sounds like it's worth it but I'm so low on money right now; hope it helps regardless.
I started this ages ago but never finished it. Guess I'll try and find where I left off; was always curious about how it ended.
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I thought it was very Aladeen.

It Ends Tonight is pretty cool. I like you guys.
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No racing or RTS/Strategy categories... So according to that, I play no games despite playing for more than 28 hours a week (probably...)

Dunno what I'm gonna put for that xD

I just put them in sport and guessed action. But I meant racing and RTS

The deadline is really close so I must admit that it was very rushed but genres are pretty obvious so I feel stupid for missing them.

Cheers for filling it out though.
Hi, everyone. I would really appreciate it if you could fill out this quick survey for my University project.

Thanks in advance
You have a really good sound. At first I couldn't hear the Avenged Sevenfold influence but then I listened to Wait and See and the guitar solo.

I would so buy this music (well when I have some spare cash).
That song is really good and the bass player is sick. Where can I download the album by the way?
I like it. I'm downloading your EP now.
I posed a similar question to my friend a few weeks ago. Instead it was could X amount of mice take on X amount of cats?

As for this topic, it probably wouldn't take that many house gets to take me if they knew to aim for the eyes and neck.
This seems relevant.
I liked the Jedi one the most; I could imagine that in a video game soundtrack. The one with shinobi in its name was okay as well.

I'm sorry that I can't really give you any constructive crticism either. I would have to give you a long list of what I like and dislike but then it would only be my opinions and I cant really be bothered; sorry.
I listened to you guys on Facebook earlier but I forgot to comment. I really like your music and I can't really find much fault with it. The only thing that I didn't really like was the amount of screaming. I like screaming in pop punk but I feel that there was a bit too much in It still haunts me. But that's just my 2 cents.
Damn, it wouldn't load and refreshing sent me back to the beggining. It's a shame because I think I was doing quite well and I really wanted to see the result.
I usually just say pop punk. Sometimes j rock as well as those two genres sum up about 90% of the music I listen to.

By the way, did you get my email because I didn't get a reply?
I like what I heard in the youtube videos
By the way, will it be possible to download that demo anytime soon or are you going to wait to until you release a finished version on an album/ep? Because I really liked that song and would like to listen to it on my ipod.
I really like it; I'm definitely going to try and keep up to date with what you guys release. Usually I don't really like that kind of vocal style but this is definitely an exception. You guys rock!
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Usually we get albums first...

I know you do and that's whats so annoying. It's not like the language is being translated or anything. 6 days is a long time I mean that's nearly a whole week.
I was going to buy that album yesterday but then I realised that the UK has to wait t until the 28th to download it. I really don't see why we always have to wait.
Why didn't they just write their orders on a piece of paper?
Edit: I re-read your post and they did.
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If it was your parent's second cousin (cousin of a cousin?), you wouldn't technically be related by blood would you? You'd have your parent, then the cousin of that parent, then the cousin of that cousin, which would include a third family into the mix, so no, you wouldn't be related by blood. I would do it.


edit: actually I think samick007 might be right. but even then they are barely related and I don't think it's illegal.
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If you haven't seen it already I really would suggest watching the whole thing all the way through, it's so awesome

Man I love There Will Be Brawl. I keep getting reminded of it be all these alternative Mario pictures.
I really like it. I was going to add you on myspace but then I realised I already have.
Sounds really good. I may have to buy your album at some point.
Has anybody read Doubt or Judge? Also, are there any other Mangas like them?
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James of course

This. James seems to be quite common for some reason.
Did anone else try and close that ad in the first picture?