what in tarnation. tbf id rather have a (playable) remake of the first one.

god damn sekiro tho. i still gotta get through ds3 before i can jump into that
Here's some shit that should've happened in 2015. Suprised to see it's also coming to steam and not just windows garbage store tho
dang just noticed that mgs4 is on ps plus for a few more days. might be a time to get a ps3 soonish 🤔
lmao microsoft game pass is like a dollar a month right now and crackdown 3 is on game pass, so i guess im gonna give that a try

forza horizon 4 is also there 👍
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havent been here in a while, so here, have some japanese video james

yakuza 0

mgs v phantom pain
both of these gemmies are still unclaimed. couple more days and ill give em to my cousin who will never ever play them
haven't had the time to play nothing but bfv for a couple weeks. i like the changes they made to spotting as you now can only spot enemies as a scout, so you dont have to constantly mash the spot button and shoot at red dots. you can now actually hide just by not moving and nobody will notice you 50% of the time. reviving also takes much longer now and is much more risky which i imagine was changed because of br mode. also i feel like visually it's slightly more colourful than bf1 which is nice.

i still miss bf4's level of customisation and urban maps tho. turning heli bois into salty bois was a good time as well
i just sold my switch. i guess ill get another when nintendo adds netflix
lol is that site ran by 4chan users or something. dearie me the comment section is something else
ya'll hyped for hitman 2 when u should be hyped for

ignore that last game that one is confirmed trash

i guess this is what happens when square enix tries to do a low budget triple a game a la hellblade senua's sacrifice
i just learned that that embarrassing looking the quiet man game just came out and it turns out it is completely embarrassing. i also learned that the og prey 2 people worked on it which is the only real shocker here
yeah looks fine to me

finished botw. turns out it's a 7.0. now im selling my switch
i guess ill boycot rockstar until they crunch out a pc version. i imagine day 1 ps4 aint the best system to play it on plus i still gotta finish rdr1 as i got terribly bored by it halfway through
very cool if true. tho i need to go back to zero and do all the sidestories at some point

free shadow warrior 2 btw
let it die is coming to pc in a couple days btw. highly recommended to anyone who hasn't played it yet and is looking for a FREE game with somewhat janky dark souls combat + some rogue like elements. punching and dropkicking people to death is top tier in it as well

They finally done it. Tho mini n64 will still probably be the only one of these im actually willing to get
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This should have been the e3 trailer

btw bf v open beta is starting today i believe 👀
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Destiny 2 and GOW3 Remastered for next month’s PS Plus

i keep forgetting i already have destiny 2 on pc. guess i now also have it on ps4 then
reboot tomb raider drinKING game: finish ur drink everytime lara barely grabs a ledge with one hand and looks down for a second
damn just realized two of my fav sites to get original xbox isos have gone down. those things are damn near impossible to find from torrent sites cos nobody gives a fuck about them
beat silent hill 2, started 1 and will then move onto 3. 

but who cares about those old ass games when a beta for the hot new calladooty video game is happening.

played a few hours of blops4 and its pretty alright. mostly seems like blops3 without jetpacks and wall running + some welcome changes to weapons and abilities. probably the biggest change to the cod formula is that your health doesnt automatically regenerate, so after taking damage you have to heal yourself first to start the regeneration.

its pretty buggy tho. textures and models dont load before the game starts so i can see everything through walls for about a minute into the round before they load in properly, melee is completely broken and doesnt hit anything 9/10 times, which turns close combat situations into chaos and i swear a lot of the time my shots should be hitting when they arent. runs fairly bad on my pc too while not really looking better than 3. 

maybe they'll fix all that before the release. 7/10 until then tho
finished watch dogs 2 and started sniper elite 3. man it feels good to go from sneaking and tazing fools to watching bullets rip through skeletons in slowmotion

wd2 was alright tho. my biggest problem with it is that it is still an ubisoft game and all their games are starting to melt into one in my brain
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You should play A Hat In Time.

you can get that game + some others for 12 bucks from the current humble monthly btw

hmu if someone wants something from the last months bundle cos i forgot to pause my subscription for that month

i never thought ps3 emulation would get to this point tbh

didnt realize the ex-criterion people already put out a sequel to that burnout crash mode game. i really wish they'd take the time to release a game that doesn't look like a prototype. tho i guess they need money from somewhere to survive as an indie studio

i heard they are also working on an actual burnout style racing game, but looking at these few games they've released so far, i don't expect much from it
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lol, apparently a single misspelled line of code made a drastic difference in the terrible Xenomorph AI


i can only imagine the amount of hours and frustration that some programmer must've put into figuring out why the ai's not behaving properly
i didn't realize the red faction guerilla remaster was free for people who owned the older steam version. thanks thq 👍

im really hoping this is the direction the next re will take
gc controller but no virtual console wow nintendo
im selling my switch if they dont announce gc virtual console i swear
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also there's delicious rage to be had in the comments for Battlefield V and Gears Of War 5

someone honestly wrote "the screams of women really ruin the historical accuracy" in the BFV comment section

and Gears of War 5 is also ruined by having a female protagonist lol

if you wanna see some vile shit, take a look at the bfv official reveal trailer's youtube comment section. ive never seen so many people so passionate about historical accuracy
dam this trailer is pretty hype

good to see its coming to ps4 and pc too
ill be damned if fallout coop doesnt look pretty damn cool
dam bethesda bringing out the skyrim memes
disney should use their disney money to resurrect raven software back from the grave to make another good star wars jame

tho i do have a lot more faith in respawn making a good sw than i ever did in dice
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It's the emulated version of PaRappa the Rapper 2 I'm playing. I don't understand why it's so hard to keep in rhythm.

i was rapping bad through out the whole demo of the first game and im a guitar hero veteran dammit
It turned out to be hitman 2. Now i just gotta find the time and patience to silent assassin the first one

Part of me was hoping that io would focus on something different for a change. Like freedom fighters 2 🤔