Bump for the new tracks. Mosh.
They are releasing their debut 7" in the spring.
not going to let you guys sleep on this band.
Incredibly hard jams from Fort Worth, Texas.
You're fucked in the head if you don't enjoy this.
Putting out their first 7" in the Spring.
Can't stop listening to Sheltered.
Quote by willingvictim
i dont even think i could sing along to it

I was honestly thinking about this yesterday. I just feel like it would be awkward to sing along about his dad shooting himself in the head.
As posted earlier, this actually did happen to him.
Yeah, I definitely prefer the new song to the demo. It's more emotional and it actually changes my mood. Marty's a great vocalist.
Drop out of school, quit your job, and/or do a lot of PCP.
You're right. Hardcore could definitely use a Joe Swanson.
Keep us updated. I would like to check this out.
Quote by scaryfried
your profile says your favourite bands are (i highlighted one hardcore band):

Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Metallica, Megadeth, Rainbow, Slayer, Motorhead, Bad Brains, Ramones, Lamb of God, Decapitated, Cannibal Corpse, Boston, AC/DC, Arch Enemy, The Who, System of a Down, Scorpion, Rush, Iron Maiden, Bob Marley, Electric Wizard, Death, Sleep, Bongzilla, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Rob Zombie, System of a Down, Dream Theater, Frank Zappa, Bigelf, Witchery, Amorphis, Dethklok, Sex Pistols, The Doors, Heaven and Hell, Uriah Heep,

name some 'screamo gay shit' that we supposedly listen to?

No, scaryfried, he's talking about the bands that he's listened to in the last month... duh.

edit: And real screamo and real hardcore is often misinterpreted and butchered by the general public.

edit2: And I believe people classify Sworn Enemy as NY Hardcore or "Tough Guy" Hardcore.
Well, first of all, I would like to hear what your definition of "screamo" is, because I'm pretty sure 90% of the people on this board don't listen to it, so don't generalize.
Quote by bobthebum16
I listen to real hardcore. Hardcore Punk... New York hardcore... Bad Brains, Dead Kennedy's, Sheer Terror, Agnostic Front (not their new stuff), Black Flag, Casualties, etc...... not this screamo gay stuff they call hardcore now..... no offense

But that's what you guys are into...don't get mad over this ^ that's just how I feel... kind of music I listen to.... I'm not trying to tell you what to listen to.. music is music, listen to whatever you like listening to it

You are fvcking retarded, and a tool.
Quote by willingvictim
and most bands that tune to B don't sound heavy to me, just stupid. some get away with it.

Entombed is the epitome of heaviness in B.
What are you talking about? They have the most overused and generic style of any genre. That's why everyone around here hates them so much.
I never understood why none of my threads get replies.
Wait a second... is there no more censoring?

Why does saxaxe get to say fuck?
Really intense straight edge band local to me. They play some pretty good youth crew. Check them out.
Quote by ulique
also, between the buried and me and meshuggah suck ass.

Why are the things you say so irrelevant? Charles Bronson rules.
Quote by Infect13
Just out of curiosity, why would that be?

Because you just made Emmure sound like the hottest, most desirable chick you've ever met.
^I second that.
Quote by PhobiXa
Paranoid Delusions is brilliant, you just need to not be in the mood to punch people in the face.

No, don't get me wrong, I like it, it just doesn't feed my musical appetite at the moment. I'll probably be into it next week or something.
Seeing these guys with my friends' band and True Colors in April. Haven't really given them a proper listen yet, but I plan to as soon as I get home.
Quote by willingvictim
damn you slept on them til now?! they ruled so much more before the new shit came out.. even though i dig it when im chillin, when i see it live its so boring. vicious skin 4 lyfe

Yeah, I don't enjoy Paranoid Delusions nearly as much as I enjoy Martyr Immortal and Vicious Skin.
I can't believe how long i've slept on Pulling Teeth. So into them right now.
Where do you people come from? This clearly isn't the classic rock forum.
Quote by Infect13
Ahhh emmure.

Hah they're beyond amazing.

Hmm if your into melodic brocore kind of shit you should check out for the fallen dreams.
I don't like the vocals much but some of the chords they use sound really neat.

I don't necessarily have the authority to tell you to leave, but chances are, you won't get a very warm welcome here.
Quote by phoenix_crush
are you fucking retarded? do the words Gotherburg melo-death mean anything to you? influencing metalcore doesn't make a band metalcore you jackass

I don't even have words for how uncalled for your statement was. It was an extremely common and innocent mistake. It's not like he was being an asshole about it.
Quote by speakers
similar to Polar Bear Club...?

make do and mend
Shook Ones
Pulling Teeth
Holy shit, this rules.
I used to enjoy Scarlet a few years ago, but not so much anymore.
Haven't really given them a listen in a while.
It just separates the syllables "hard" and "core". Did you also think that "sXe" stood for straight (straight edge) edge? Regardless, using these terms make you look like a douche, IMO.
As soon as I heard the term "HXC", I knew exactly which direction this thread was going in.

Quote by NY_FootBall49
Yea the X in HXC means straight edge.

No it doesn't. Congratulations on being added to someone else's sig.
Quote by seabassmonster
good post on the dictionary. i know i'm probably the 1000th person to say this but i'm sick of retarded people in my class calling anything emo when it is indie, hardcore punk, etc. sadly, this probably won't change it though

I'm not saying that these people you speak of are correct, but emo originates from the 1980's hardcore punk scene.