I heard you we're looking for an example on how not to shoop things:

In AC/DC's Dirty deeds done cheap, that when they were singing "Dirty deeds and the dunderchief" when they sang "Dirty deeds and they're done dirt cheap"
I return with fail.

"I've got these weird chills bro"

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The schoolgirl jumped from a bridge just 300 years from her home. A police spokesman said: 'Two members of the public had seen her fall. This incident is not being treated as suspicious.'


The ****?
Happy birthday. Have a copy of lemmings.

You have every right to be annoyed/pissed.

Take this, you know what to do.
Quote by Benguitar2

Went to beach with friend, rode bikes for miles

Found the ONLY port-o-potty within miles

We took MAJOR dumps on the floor, then covered it up with toilet paper so when someone goes in, they either #1 step on it, or #2 pick it up.

Either way, we made someone's day SUCK.

I hope you die in a fire.

The only memory I have of crapping my self as an adult is after my brother hit me with his jeep going about 35mph, at which point my bowels decided to release and I got to sit in the back of said jeep for a two hour ride to the hospital.
It's 106 here and my air conditioner isn't working like it should. ****ing global warming

Offtopic... World at War is not CoD5, It's CoD:WaW, and Modern Warfare 2 is not CoD6, It's CoD:MW2... //rage

Ontopic.... CoD4 has a great (Though short) single player and great online play. CoD:WaW is essentially CoD4 with older weapons, set in WW2 and is generally considered to have a better single player campaign, and I can't comment on FEAR 2 as I've never played it.

I'd suggest CoD4 or waiting for CoD:MW2 to come out.

This should totally be an emote on UG.

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12hour bump with some fail
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You mean Giruuuuuuugamesh?

Nope, Gilgamesh, I never found the Girugamesh meme to be funny, and have been suggesting people name things after Gilgamesh for a couple of years now.
Someone stole all the creativity and funny I had, and then replaced it with mediocrity and fail.

EDIT: More Fail

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Fail bump

1. Age? 22
2. In school - what grade? n/a
3. What instruments do you play? Acoustic Guitar, would like to learn the cello
4. If any, how long? 4 years
5. Are you male or female? Male
6. Virgin? No
7. How often do you masturbate a week? Once or twice
8. Do you drive? Yes
9. Have both parents? No
10. Do any drugs? Weed, mushrooms
11. How often do you do them? Weed about twice a week, mushrooms about every other month
12. How long have you been doing them? Eight Years
13. Ever been in trouble with the law? Yes
14. If so, what for? Vandalism, speeding, assault, theft
15. Single or taken? Taken
16. Pregnant, or have any kids? No
17. What would you do if you were super admin for a day? Get to know the other mods better and ban some of the idiots who can't come up with a slightly original post.
18. Do you ride dirt-bikes or motorcycles? No
19. Ride minibikes? No
20. Skateboard? No
21. When's your birthday? November 17th
22. Where were you born? I don't know.
23. Favorite game system? Playstation
24. Favorite genre's of music? Progressive rock, power metal, classic rock
25. Least favorite UG'er? Me
26. Ugliest UG'er? I can't think of any UG'ers pictures
27. Favorite UG'er? None, possibly one of many awesome people with photoshop
28. Hottest UG'er? See Ugliest UGer
29. Any siblings? Yes
30. How many, if any? 2
31. Do you wipe your butt standing up, or sitting? Sitting
32. Do you use a washcloth, or just soap while showering? Soap
33. What's your hairstyle? Long, dangerously afraid of cutting it even though I wouldn't mind something new
34. Have a myspace, what is it? No
35. Are you in a band? No
37. *********? **** *** *** ************* ****** ***
38. What's your favorite holiday? Thanks Giving
39. Favorite time of year? Anytime where it is raining, Winter when it is not
40. Favorite food? Tacobell
41. Do you have a job? Sort of
42. Do you want a job? Depends
43. If you have a job, do you like it? Yes
44. Ever been fired? No
45. If so, what for? ^^^^
46. Did you noticed that I missed #36? Yes
47. Did you check to see if I actually did? Yes
48. Did you noticed I missed #16? No
49. If you could go ANYWHERE in the universe, where would you go? I can't think of anywhere I'd really want to go, I'd like to be the first person to die in a black hole though.
50. If I paid you $450.00, would you suck on my biggest toe? Chances are very good.
Go read a book for 's sake.

EDIT: Also

Not everyone wants to see each others junk.

Not a lot of love for 3rd rock from the sun in the pit.
Nothing really changes when I'm alone at home.
Take what ever you normally make at your BBQ. BBQ it, then deep fry it, then dip it in nacho cheese sauce.
I spent around 25minutes changing mine to different things trying to find one I liked, then I realized that I, and nobody else gives a flying ****, and it ended up as this.
Quote by ESPplayer5150
Ur forgeting that 4chan had a massive protest against scientology.

Scientology protests planned on 4chan and many other sites =/= 4chan having massive protests against scientology.
Quote by Sopheydood
Wow you're exactly what your profile pic makes you look like; a fat lifeness nerd.

No offense.

How is someone not suppose to be offended by that?
You spelled furries wrong

Also, I know a few people that do, and it seems like it could be fun if their weren't so many rules and if you could actually just beat the crap out of each other. I've watched people do it and it just seems to be swing your PVC pipe weapon at each other slowly, with people getting hit in certain places and not being able to use that body part anymore (legs, you have to play on your knees, arms you can't use that arm anymore, body/head = your out). I think it could be fun if you could actually fight, and if you get hit you get hit (and hurt and your out), swinging something at 1/10th your strength just seems wrong.

Though, what I just described seems a lot more fun then what they were doing in that lightning bolt video.

**** yeah steam punk.
Quote by ep1kz
wc3 > sc

but ive never played sc so i dunno LoL

SC > WC3. Heros unbalance the game too much.
Hmm, I've found multiple torrents for SC OS X edition, and I found multiple places to buy it, I'd post torrent links but I don't want to get banned, but I'm sure if you search the right sites you can find one.
Quote by Early Cuyler
what are Pylons?

and i too am looking for a Mac torrent or Dl of sorts....... if i have any luck ill post a link.. you too?

Pylons increase the unit cap for the protoss race in Starcraft, and allow you to build buildings around them. And, what game are you looking for? Starcraft or Red Alert?

Starcraft is Mac compatible and was released at the same time as the PC version, but I don't think a Red alert version ever was.
Quote by Early Cuyler
im literally a supe-noob.. ive played the game twice. both last night.. though i did play red fraction for a summer a decade ago

I'm sorry if I missed something, but you keep reffering to "red fraction" in this thread, and I'm unsure of as to what you mean, and I think you are too.

Are you referring to the game Red Faction, an FPS

Or the C&C Red Alert series which is an RTS like Starcraft?

Red Alert 1
Red Alert 2

The first Red Alert can be downloaded for free Here.

I'm sorry if I missed the point of this thread but "Red Fraction" is bugging me
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It was a guy pouring beer down his ass

Well that's disappointing.
This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

What was it, I missed it, I have to know now.
I want to be buried in a secluded area on a mountain somewhere. But since that's illegal I'd like to have my body donated for research.