Yea, you're right. I totally agree. Paradise Now. Enough said.

But Mad's dreamy eyes...

realize my mistake. gimme a break. I just got off mids damn it.
see, everyone? We all know it doesn't matter, but when there's something that you feel so strong and passionate about and they make some sort of competition out of it, alliances shall be made
I'm sorry, I mean "bitch umbrellas".
Dude best forgein should have gone to The Hunt soley because of Mads Mikkelsen don't lie
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Shooting in black and white is kinda cheating these days. Unless there's a point to it, like in The Artist, it's a bit of a cop-out, because pretty much anything looks good shot in black and white. I know this from experience

Sandra Bullock freaks me out. She's 50. There's no way I should be that attracted to a woman that's older than my mum.

It wasn't just the black and white, it was the lighting, how the camera was focused soley on the characters... I mean, there was practically no background in that movie. No landscape. Just a blur. I can appreciate Gravity for it's fantastic use of making you feel cramped in a completely vast space. But where there was nothing, Nebraska evoked so much more.
okay... tree of life, yes. Not Children of Men. I don't know... maybe I just have a major hard on for The Descendants.

Then again, I do think The Human Centipede should have gotten some sort of recognition for cinematography. So yea, just pay no attention to me.
I blame Sandra Bullock's stupid face.
I imagine you used the skin from your massive hanging scrotum as a parachute? You just brought the safety chute as a formality.
I wouldn't know how to deal with that. Out-processing must have been a bitch.
Nebraska should have won cinematography. The emotion was captured so well in that film that I've watched it 3 times and am left with a different feeling each time.

Visuals and editing I can deal with. Sure. Take those. The cinematographer for Gravity's most accomplished works where Burn After Reading (notable) and Sleepy Hollow.

Nebraska's cinematographer? ****ING DESCENDANTS.
Are you TDY there?

bruh, get those sweet special duties to work on the base gym or post office ololololol.
****ing Gravity.

The fact that everyone got worked up over the fact that Leo didn't win. *spoilers* he's never going to, and if they do it will be out of pity. Like with Ben Affleck. *end spoilers*

Just really petty crap like that.
That's sick. it's still the same here. with BAS and BAH living off base in Korea, an E-3 can make as much as a damn Tech Sergeant.

Oh man... saving. I have a lot of friends having issues with that. I don't know how they can blow through 1000 dollars a month. It's insane. That's just base pay for an E-3.
that's one warm ass puppy.
If it means nothing to most of society why is it advertised so much? The public is only going to buy into what they see people selling. Very few instances have I shown a friend a movie and they ask for more of the directors work and such.

You are correct, it's a dumb recognition, but people buy into it. It's flawed. It always has been. Nominee means shit. Yea, recognition, whoopie. Hell, I'd go far as to say winning means shit. What the **** has Mo'Nique done since Precious? It's all just so damn janky.
sort of a rant. sorry, I get really worked up over this. especially after this year.
Damn. I've heard about Creech. No bueno.
i'm very much aware of those damn drones. I work on the U-2. Some good friends of mine are intel. Were you ever stationed at Beale?
anyone think it's pretty ****ed up that most of the voters in the AMPAS are white males over 50? I hate seeing certain films not get the recognition they deserve just because these guys didn't like it. It's practically robbing the public of a part of culture that has been a major part of everyone's lives.
nah, wear what you want. Don't be self conscious about it just because some people make it look stupid. You do you, Glen Coco
Awe shit... cool. What'd you do? I'm a crew chief.
got into a boxing match in Thailand. I lost. Friends found the guy after the fight and just hassled him. Things almost got ugly. Cops showed up. Payed them off with 100 baht (roughly 3 dollars).

Your move, Pit.
it's just about springtime in Korea. it's pretty nice aside from the constant weird smells.
hi, anyone here actually in the military?
I visited Thailand about 3 weeks ago for around 2 weeks. The beaches were beautiful. I highly recommend Ko Tao or Ko Phi Phi. The entire trip cost me less than 3 grand.
1: get a line of credit
2:make money
3: ????
4: profit.
bless this thread.
Cup size? Nothing can contain these pectorals, brah.
Mutha fuckin breadcrumbs.
I guess I should have been more specific with my original post.

I noticed change fairly recently when I was talking to my current girlfriend. Before her I would have never considered talking to a girl like her, let alone date her. For the sake of skipping all the sappy parts, she's really changed me for the better by helping me become a more positive person by needing someone and wanting to be needed.
Hey there, Pit. It's been a while since I've been on. In my absence, I've joined the Air Force and am now stationed in Korea. It's been a busy couple of years.

I'd like to ask all of you when in your life have you noticed a real change? Did you notice that change right away, or did it have to manifest itself later on?

I can't say I have. Perhaps my taste in music and friends have, but not much else.

Edit: oh, also, we have Oreo O's here. Pretty fantastic.
well, I know it's not 70's prog, but it difinately has that feel... Try some of The Sword's stuff.
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oh my ficking gord
well, this is strange.
i can totally relate.... being in the air force really conflicts with your free time... anywho, I suggest getting into some tv shows. I promise you that one of your friends has a DVD boxset for The Walking Dead, or Game of Thrones.
My after party at prom consisted of a pancake party.... just do that man. Everyone loves pancakes.
this really is magnificent. if the cause isn't for you, at least admire the hard work these people put into this. It's very well done.
This shit cray
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If you ain't first, you're last

Life motto
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I'll tell you why: At a party with friends, young people don't give a crap about people judging them. Why not? Because there are no people to judge them there. On a wedding, losing your "decorum" (the ability to behave in an appropriate way) in front of many, many judgemental peers is bad thing, so people are less inclined to drink there. Also, adults don't care about getting wasted as much.

I'm not sure about young people not giving a crap about people judging them. They're more inclined to fall too peer pressure. There will always be people who will judge you no matter where you're at. I do agree with the wedding statement, however.