Get it, but try and go for 100. Patriots are AMAZING guitars
I would get that peavey. USA made peaveys are excellent in my opinion
wheres all the tape? it needs tape. dammit fender
Really cool design man, but if you want it to stay around, you should get it protected. I would recommend taking the pickguard off and spraying it with polyurethane. If you dont, that design is gonna wear off fast.
I love P90s, so I say you do it. However, I think you may have to do some routing to make room for them. But I may be wrong.
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I like Cudi, but I wish he would not use that sing-songy type voice when he raps. He should spit more.
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Like, omg, this song is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Oh ok. That makes a little more sense. Thanks for clarifying that.
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This kind of pretentious shit.

Whats pretentious about that? People actually do like the Shins, if youre implying that they dont.
I scrolled down and jizzed in my pants. HNGD man. Ive wanted one of those for the longest time.
Got a link? I cant say Ive ever seen a LP with a maple fretboard. Well, besides the raw power models.
Get in here you crackas

Come on guys, no one posted the real best album of the year?
I come around and theres no one there. Thats cool I guess...
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Is that even the Ibanez logo? Looks like it starts with an M..

Its the old Ibanez "spaghetti" logo

Can be seen on that guitar.
So, Im looking to buy a new guitar, and came across this.

Can anyone tell me what this is and how much its worth? I got to play it and it felt great and sounded good, I just want to be sure Im not being ripped off. The guy wants 550 USD for it.
I really like the intro, it sounds really layered and peaceful. However, the change around 1:07 or so kinda caught me off guard. It needs some work. However the transition at 1:44 sounded good. Sometimes the two guitar parts kinda bounce off each other which isnt good, and that makes it sound a little sloppy. The solo sounds really good, it definitely fits the mood, but I personally would have chosen a different tone. Again, the transition at 3:35 or so is pretty sloppy.

However, I can forgive those few things because the song itself is great. Reminds me of a Buckethead tune (which is good).

Thanks for your crit on my work!
Come play, crackas!
Thanks for the reviews everyone.
Also, the song has been re-upped with some changes, including more prominent vocals.
Hopefully that makes this a legal bump.
Break Em' In: This is pretty sweet. I really like the drum sound youve got going on, and at the same time the electronic parts sound awesome. However it did get a little repetitive. If you incorporated some long held notes near the end it might have held my attention a little better. Also it cut out at a weird time. Other than that I really liked it.

Help Us: I really like the speech parts. However, I feel that they went on too long. But it was super funny when they got to the "were hooked on heroin part". After the vocals dropped out, I dont really like the high part, but I still like the beat. The drop at 2:41 is really cool too.

Overall, pretty good.
Thanks in advance.
This is really nice. Its kept simple, and as said before the main focus is the melody. Which I really like. Around the one minute mark it gets really beautiful. I really like when it slows down. It really captures how sad the song sounds.

Keep up the good work.
Hey thanks for your review on my song!

Tempting You: I like the instrumentals, but the vocals bug me a little bit. I really like your guitar tone, and the song as a whole reminds me of if Motley Crue and Stone Temple Pilots had a baby. Which is kinda nice. The guitar solo kicks ass by the way.

Yes, Its True: Wow, I really like this one. The intro was really relaxing, but when the synth comes in it packs a punch. I like the vocals more on this track, and the bassline sounds really great.

All in all, two good tracks. Keep up the good work man.
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Too repetative, quality is good. But I can't call this guitar-oriented music, eventhough there's lots of guitar.

Did you autotune your vox????????? A rhethorical question I'd say...

I wouldnt really call it guitar-oriented music either, to be honest.
And yes, the vocals are autotuned. I was messing around with effects, tried it, and liked the way it sounded. So I left it on.
Hey guys, Ive got a new track on my profile that Id be interested in getting some critique on. Its called Walking Backwards, and was recorded on Garageband with my computer's built in microphone, so I apologize for quality issues :P

Thank you for your input, cant wait to hear what you have to show me!
I really like your guitar tone. However, the quick drum hits at the beginning seem out of place. Also, the vocal phrasing during the verse sounds kinda... off. But I really like the chorus. It just needs to be a little louder and more hard hitting. Try using more dynamics, because the chorus needed a little work. Make the guitar louder during the chorus. Also, I really like your tone on the guitar solo.

If you could check out "Walking Backwards" and let me know what you think that'd be great.
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guys...8 more days...

The Floor is Lava.

On second thought, that game wasnt stupid at all.
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5/10... at least it was coherent...


Not something I would listen to all the time. The singers voice kinda bugged me. Other than that it was good.
Sorry for being away for so long, guys. Ive actually been in Swityerland, which is great. Ill be back in a week or so.

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One of my favorite songwriters out today.
Happy birthday you buttface. Now go buy me some cigs and porn.

Also I bought you this. I dunno how guitars work but I hear this one is popular with the kids.
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6/10 Not my style put it had an awesome groove.

Speaking of which, this isn't my usual style either, but it made me lol.

EDIT: Sorry to the dude above me.

Didnt really like it. But it was so br00talz. 4/10
Not really my style, but I liked it. The riffing was pretty badass. 7/10
Hey Matt, I know you hate BTBAM and Modest Mouse.

So I didnt get you shit.

Happy birthday you cracka.
Plays shred and shred only.

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if you do recall my dog masturbated on my pillow, but an idea of a dog shoop has be created, if you dont know here is the original thread

Oh sure, blame the dog...