12-15 minute walk to class. I work on campus, so it's about the same for that.
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What constitutes Political Experience? Why is it relevant to being president? Some of the best politicians of all time had no political experience. If anthing it's an advantage in the US system where having political experience means you're probably corrupt.

You have to know the system you're working with and have working relationships with other people in power, mainly in Congress. A president is rendered very weak when his interests do not align with that of the House or Senate. This requires a significant amount of positive political experience.
I don't know any specifically, but SOMEONE at Elderly has to know someone.
You do know that Stephen Colbert (the Stephen Colbert that is "running for president", that is) is a character, right? And by "running for president" he is being satirical and has no intention of trying to win.
This fooled me for a while, too.
I like Brad Paisley. And Keith Urban.
I don't know what it is, let me just Wikipedia it real qui... WHAT THE HELL!?
Being a Mormon candidate is difficult. Being the 2nd most popular Mormon candidate is even harder. He was polling extremely lowly in South Carolina, and would have had no chance of gaining support in any other state with a large Evangelical base.

South Carolina is probably going to weed out Rick Perry as well. It's going to become Romney vs. Gingrich/Santorum vs. Paul.
The Dinkies in that price range are pretty decent, especially if you decide to go used. You can get them with double-locking trems and whatnot. However, don't look only for Jackson's, cuz you might be able to score a better guitar for you from a different brand.
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It doesn't make it better or worse that someone likes it or doesn't like it. This is not a question of liking but quality.

But then the question becomes "what defines quality?" or "what are the criteria for something having said quality?" There is no universal definition of good or bad.
There are no defined criteria for something being "good", "bad", "better", or "worse". Therefore, I don't believe that those types of classifications should exist without any context. Do I think that Band A is better than Band B? Unfair question. Might Band A appeal to someone that prefers technical music more so than Band B? That's a more legitimate question.

It's all apples and oranges without this context. It's not fair to say an apple is better/worse than an orange, but if I prefer to not eat fruits with the acidity that an orange has, then an apple works better for me.
The United States has military bases all around Iran. Having some troops in Israel doesn't mean anything in U.S.-Iran relations.
Conklin can make/has made stuff like that, but it's quite pricey.
Maybe if you didn't do heroin, this wouldn't have happened.
I'm from the U.S., sooooo we have a lot of good rock and metal. But I'm sure you knew that.
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Well you could always hand it to them...idiot.

Ew, then you get all germy! No thank you!
An OD pedal can have two effects. It can a) add distortion to the signal (make a clean sound dirty or a dirty sound even dirtier) and it can b) boost the signal. Boosting the signal only really has any affect on a tube amp, but an OD pedal can still do the first thing on a solid state amp.
Settlers of Catan, yo
Ab minor reminds me of pianos dropped down a mineshaft
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"Close to one in three teens and young adults get arrested by age 23, suggests a new study that finds more of them are being booked now than in the 1960s. "

What is this study based on?

Where's the control group? Where's all that scientific and math statistics shit? Just another bullshit assumption theory.

Quote by The Article
Robert Brame of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and his colleagues analyzed data from a nationally-representative youth survey conducted between 1997 and 2008. A group of more than 7,000 adolescents age 12 to 16 in the study's first year filled out the annual surveys with questions including if and when they had ever been arrested.

Seems like solid and representative data. Read the article next time.
I haven't been arrested, and I probably won't. I don't drive, steal, or get into fights, and I don't go out in public when I'm that drunk. But if I get arrested for anything, it will probably be drinking underage. But I only have 9 months left on that.
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You don't know they're lying, though. ^

I don't, and I'm not claiming that I can know 100% of the time. But if I heard the story in the OP, then I probably wouldn't believe the guy. It sucks sometimes, but I'm pretty cynical about these types of situations.
I'd make savings accounts for each. I'd pay for their college tuition and rent once they move out for school, but not for long after graduation. Once they really need a car, I'd get them each a hybrid. I'd buy and for things that support their passions, but not overdo it. I'd give them money for food here and there.

But in return, I'd expect them to get a job. I'd be happy to hook them up with one, but they'd need to show that they will work when they need to and not have poor work ethics.
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What if he told the story in the OP and was telling the truth to 10 people like you and got refused every time and then he thought '**** it, better try a different story,' came across you and told you he was a raging alcoholic and he was dying for a drink and he needed $35 for a bottle of gin. Would you give him the money?

No, I'm not saying I'd support addiction either. There are many reasons why I wouldn't give money to someone. Lying is one. Supporting addiction is another. I'm more likely to buy food for a homeless person than actually give money. Every time I've done so, they've been appreciative.
I wouldn't believe the guy. I've heard too many similar stories, and I really don't care to hear any more. As cynical as it sounds, I almost lose a bit of respect for those that lie about why they need money, and I'm more likely to give it to someone who doesn't appear to be lying. I know that there is no way that I can know for sure whether or not the guy is lying, but that's just how I feel.
I like my job because I get paid.
There will always be a need for guitar. Rock music will still exist and thrive, as will other genres where guitar is essential. Anyone who thinks that this wave of electronic music means the end of rock or guitar is dumb. It's just another genre, and just because a new genre is introduced doesn't mean that it replaces an already existing genre.
I didn't read the explanation before the lyrics, and immediately I heard it in Corey Taylor's voice. So you seem to be emulating Slipknot well. But, umm, it seems just like a bad Slipknot ripoff.
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Why are you in college if you have no idea what you're going to do after it?

To get an education?

Quote by Bass First
Doesn't college come after you decide what you want to do?

Very rarely is that true. Most people figure out what they want to do after college during college.

And TS, the first step, if you want to be a musician, is to a) practice and b) write your own music, and c) hope that people will like it more than they would for the average YouTube cover.
D tuning or the key of D?
Are we in a bad economic time right now? Yes. Does it mean that the "world has gone to shit"? Hell no. There have always been really bad things going on. WWI and WWII. The Great Depression. The Cold War. And that's just a portion of the 1900's.

The media will always report the negative. And the more the media becomes present in our lives, the worse it's going to seem to the average person.
"Electric Gypsy" by Andy Timmons
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They're going to visit Ohio State on Tuesday and I plan on trolling hard. They stated very clearly that "God hates OSU". God hates everything apparently even though I thought the Bible was a book that is supposed to teach love and forgiveness.

See my above post. Their goal is to provoke and not to educate. They rarely visit anywhere with any policy making powers or anything central to what they are protesting because their goal is to capitalize on the potential "mob mentality" that a more emotional community has rather than go after intellectuals or those with power. For example, they'll picket soldiers' funerals but not the Pentagon. They try to incite reaction from those that they feel will react and potentially attempt to attack because that way they can sue (that's how they make a lot, if not all of, their money), and they'll sue both the attacker and the police department for not protecting their safety.

They went to my home town last year (East Lansing, MI) and the community did a unified peaceful protest. People are realizing that the best way to "defeat" the WBC is to take the high road. Or to ignore them. But they WANT a violent reaction.
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Westboro Baptist Church are basically just the biggest trolls of all time.

And they make money off of their trolling. Many of their members are good lawyers, and whenever their provoking is successful and the people that they provoke "infringe on their rights", they sue and usually win. That's where they get their money from and how they are able to afford all of their traveling. There's a theory, that makes a lot of sense, that Fred Phelps, and maybe everyone else, doesn't actually believe what they're preaching and they are just actual professional trolls.
One of them non-metal ESPs?