One time i was on a plane and we were about to descend, and my head started to hurt like HECK!!
i mean it felt like it was going to explode, felt like the aliens were trying to get inside!!
n e who when i got to the enfermery all she gave me was an asprin ...
but i think it was cuz of a pressure change but man did it hurt!!!
Although its sad to see ya go, im glad u chose to face your problems and take control.
Take care, be safe
enjoyed your lessons =)
why cant i see the pics???
MMMM, im kinda new, havent had much of a chance to mess with the cite, but wats the easiest wY TO POST UP A mp3 .... just record myself on an my mp3 player n post it up ... im thinkin if i do that its gonna sound pretty bad, lol
any suggestions anyone????