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Oh, is that what I did?

Maybe try to actually read my posts asshole.

Why is it that 99% of gay rights activists are morons who can't read?

You expect them to abstain just like mass murderers yes? That's what you wrote.
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You got banned within the first 10 days of your membership here? win.


i mean no harm
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I think the answer you're looking for is something like:

Sure. Just like we expect psychopaths and sociopaths to abstain from hacking people apart and sticking them in freezers.

What a completely disgusting answer. You should be ashamed of yourself for comparing homosexuals with mass murderers. Seriously, how can you say something that has already been proven to be a genetic thing (just like being straight) is comparable to a mass murderer? Homosexuals can do whatever they want to each other in the bedroom, they arn't affecting you or me so leave them to it and stop being a judgemental twat.
I too got an email sent before saying i was spamming then i got banned...
Check out the zvex fuzz factory or maybe the zvex theremin fuzz box thing , whatever it is

or check out , the user is a shop and has loads and loads of demos of things so have a look around, some are pretty crazy
You could always try to invent one and make millions in wonga
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This thread has everything to do with the existence of God because TS unfairly blamed God for the fact that his teacher wreck his bike. Whose fault is it really? Did some supreme being, ruler of all that is really cause one random person to crash into a tree? Or did the guy just lose control of a thousand-pound speed machine?

Do you know why people hate religion in the first place? Because the followers won't stop shoving their beliefs down everyone else's throat. So how is shoving YOUR beliefs down TS's throat going to help? People like you are why atheists are every bit as bad as Christians. At least Christians have a better message.

I'm not shoving my beliefs down anybody. The fact that you said 'unfairly blamed God' means you're bringing your own beliefs here. What if i don't think god is unfairly blamed?

By the way the lack of belief in a god is not a message, and i disagree that christians have any good message at all but this is not the religion thread so i won't get into that here.

Anyway, i feel sorry for the fact this guys died, it's bad i know but **** happens unfortunatly.. =\
do what i do when im cold, warm your hands around the flame of a lighter
**** :d
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In the end your dead and your whole life is wasted with a leap of blind faith....

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We've heard that a million times.
DON'T force atheism to believers, but believe in whatever you want.

I responded with that since the thread started with many mentions of faith and religion and all that so i felt it was appropriate
Because God is not real. This is why life is so horrible, any loving god wouldn't want life to suck but it does. End of.
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Good thing it aint my real name
if this thread fails does this mean there are more bad girl names? :O
It was gonna happen. heheheheheheh
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yar yar yar
clams, quids, bread, green, copper, shrapnel
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Considering you've never met and don't personally know them, who cares.

I personally would limit myself to laughing at the people who bawl and are seriously affected by it, even though they've never met him either.

They're just stupid.

mwhahah like elvis fans
Gotta say Frank Zappa. How great would it be to be called Zappa its got a Z and everything!

How about rev. billy G? aswell
If i don't care about something but somebody starts talking to me about it for instance i'd rather say 'i couldn't care less' since it says what i mean. If i said nothing they'd think i didnt hear them or something and if i said 'i really care' i'd be a liar. I don't see what's so hard here.
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Keep it in the wheel and stop feeding it. You dont want fat and lazy mice do you?

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I always wondered if by having slanted eyes, asian people lost their peripheral vision but got HD-vision or something instead.

Interesting idea, i often wonder what my vision is like compared to others though. How would we know if we all see some things in different ways? I have big eyes so does this mean my vision is different to somebody with smaller eyes for instance
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you are the poEP?
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I wear a searchbar.

dude i searched :| i found nothing on headgear
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Works a lot better than any other real 'picks' I've ever used, in my opinion.

ive tried coins before and i really like using the 10pence coin where i live however it eats up strings
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I noticed nearly every Caribbean man over the age of 50 wears a trillby.

I apologise for all spelling mistakes in that declaration.

haha can't go wrong
Anybody here wear a hat? if so what type etc.. i was bored so i though i'd make this thread.. maybe it won't get anywhere but hey at least i searched and found nothing on this

i wear one of these
feel the awesomeness
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no.. cos I've already done some today. and cba.. I like wanking.

Plead insanity.
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He should be tried as an adult. The woman was pregnent as well. So technically he killed two people.

WTF is a kiddie shotgun?!?!

Man thats what i was thinking! :| a kiddie shotgun? Yeah, guns designed with kids in mind? thats messed up
Teach the little ****er a lesson, about guns and shoot him. Then maybe he'll think twice in future. If he dosn't get punished then he'll think it's okay.
Catfish blues? if it ain't your style then sorry , i should ask really, what do you play?
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I think you are ignorant !

read up, foo'

This, and the guy who mentioned about alcohol.

Btw, see past the insanity that is created to trick the masses which is the party politics system. The reason drugs are illegal isn't to be 'moral' no politicial party that has a chance of getting in cares one bit about that. The reason they're illegal is quite obvious, the powers that be are making more money from them being illegal than if they were legal and taxed. The drug trade is worth a hell of a lot and a lot of powerful people are involved since wherever there is a lot of money, power usually is not far off and it's money that runs this world anyway.

See in the invasion of afghanistan, the drug production rate has tripled since the invasion (i realise this isnt weed but its about the main point im making). Anybody consider why? Cus the people who are in power and have power are making a fortune from this stuff and before i get shouted down as a conspiracy 'nut' as the term the mass media adopts now seems to be. remember one thing. The powerful people in this world have like minded interests, it isn't helping you or me or wanting people to have a better life , it's wanting to get more money and power for themselves and less for everybody else. Alcohol is also okay for them to keep legal since people get hangovers if they get drunk, with weed it's not like that so what would happen? It makes it easier for people to walk around high and not wanna go to work and that would be disaster for the system so theres another reason why tehy wont make it legal, or at least in most places some time soon. Unless there's something in it for the powers that be or OVERWHELMING support by the public then the rules won't change and thats why here in the UK the rules havn't changed and in fact they've gotten harsher.
What is this madness? Only a fool would think A is the correct way to do things. You get no sense of perception about where the wall is with A and could easily slam your hand straight past the paper and into said wall. This is a forum full of guitarists and i think this is quite clear why B , the obvious and safe choice is doing best. Hands are valuable to us all so only somebody who'd either lost their hand already [possibly by choosing A before] and thus had a false claw attached would ever choose A again.
Yes, today. I was playing acoustic and dropped the pick and it flung backwards so i quickly turned backwards to get it knocking my two electrics over on top of eachother.

Luckily i don't care about the condition as a guitar is a guitar and it's for playing not grooming and being made to look good. I didn't buy it for a nice clean display. This bugs me when people go ape about small dents and stuff....

clumsy git
One time i woke up and my bass was on the floor somehow O_o no one had put it like that though.

ive knocked my guitars abit but no damage yet.
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nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Yeah, incidentally i made one of those binaural beats myself in the 3 hertz difference range :P
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well that's usually the meditative state where things suddenly change and you don't have a thought on your mind it, becomes easier to concentrate.

Well I'm not saying you have to believe me but if you are unsure if it's true or not you can still try, it's still a worthy endeavor if you can manage to defy gravity in what seems to be a hallucenation.

Oh yeah im gonna try. even if its an hallucenation i've got nothing to lose by trying right?