Yeah. You'll need permission from the person it's copy written to/ whoever wrote it, but only if you're getting profits.
Do it, record his reaction, and then put the link on this thread. THEN it will be worth it.
I had that once. This is how you do it.

1. Go out there and play your song.
2. If you forget something half way through, hold the note youre on, think about it, and then when someone asks about it say it was a fermata.
3. If you completely screw up beyond belief, say it was your own version that you composed.
4. If all else fails, screw what the people think. At least you would have the courage to go up there. :P
Bottlecaps. Anyone remember those? And i dont mean those wax bottles. Im mean the legit hard candy. It was wicked.
Oh, how i'm tempted to band bash..
When does this guy go on tour?
Nirvana or some upbeat Blink 182 will ALWAYS set the make out mood. Mark. My. Words.
This thread is becoming a failure. xD
Quote by jrcsgtpeppers
have you ever ran your hazoo thru a wah? it actually sounds kinda cool.

You, my fine human, are amasing.
Im a frigging noob...sorry to bother! D:
I just looked and saw that there is a song writing part for the forums, but I only saw techniques and contests, so this is different.

I had the great idea to have the help of everyone to write the most random, hilarious song that the world shall ever hear. I'm just gonna need everyone to contribute and i'll post a final version when it's all put together.

The rules for this are simple. Nothing too dirty and it has to rhyme with the last persons line that they wrote. Simple right? Okay. I'll start.~~~

Call me Eustis my dear love. It was my mothers name
My 5 y/o brother at the doctor for...a bad stomach problem....

Him- mom can i have some chocolate
Me-( thinking that taking him was a bad idea)
Mom- no dear, not now..
Him- Please mommy?
Mom- Oh okay..
5 min later, he has his the candy on his hands
Him- mommy, Im like my brother

Lulz not, can't, and never will be ensued
Trick Question,

Chuck Norris wins