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crossroads - robert johnson

yeah its gotta be this, it's survived long enough hasn't it.

How about 'layla' although i still think that it sounds like awesome 90s sonic the hedgehog music
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If she really isnt fat tell her so. Ive had girls that are absolutley gorgeous telling me they are ugly you just have to consistently tell them they arent and usually they will eventually start to believe you

This is called attention seeking. They know damn well they're not ugly, they just say it to get you to tell them pretty things.
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Run over them with a lorry.

Good idea.
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Until there are pics this is an incredibly useless thread. And since you're not posting pictures, then yes, she is a whale.

Oh i do hope no one will mention using an 'american' gun again..
i plug my guitar in and turn the amp up really loud then play a short stab of noise.
Watermelon in easter Hay. Zappa
Sounds like an attention seeker to me. Post some pics so we can really make an informed opinion however i myself don't mind bigger women anyway so 169 dosn't sound too bad
Happens a lot. Listen to hendrix performing machine gun on one of the youtube vids and there's a load of radio coming through his amps at one stage. It actually sounded good with the song though.
i find after 4 cups you end up with a satisfying buzz of sorts. Just a general good feeling.
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I'm on my fourth now in the past 7 or 8 hours, with more to come.

I'm starting to feel a little funny, but I can't tell if its the coffee, not enough sleep, or just general unhealthiness.

And just to make it a little more interesting, where do you buy your coffee?
Me? Tim Hortons! Roll Up the Rim!

A few weeks back i had my friend round and was staying up till about 6am which is the time i got up the day before and i'd been drinking coffee constantly all night. It actually got to the stage where i felt as if i'd moved a few feet to the left out of my head xD. It may have been the lack of sleep and coffee that did that but i'd probably had about 6cups over a 5 hour period at least. I did end up questioning if it was a good idea to carry on drinking it. It felt like i'd just been drinking it constantly

edit: 4 in 8 hours is my usual day anyway O_o that's nothing
Ages ago on GTA san andreas me and my friend used a stopwatch to determine what the fastest car was on the game. We went from exactly the same part on the top of the airport runway and timed how long it took for the car to get to the end
we tried most of the 'fast' cars.

It was the infernus that won

Oh yeah, and i once stayed indoors in my room for a week with the curtains closed playing counter strike source. I ended up with about 80hours over 2 weeks on the rating counter.
Ugh i hate mandolins. I can understand ukes but mandolins just sound like cheap tinny guitars or something.
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I really don't know, man. I just know, we'll know...believers and unbelievers.

And do the majority of UG deserve to be cast into a lake of fire? Is this how you'd do things if you were running things in the universe?
Just sayin' you don't need to answer if you don't want to.
Tastes better in glass bottles man.
And btw the people saying humans can destroy the planet are wrong. Humans can wipe out the human race, we've been here for a very short amount of tiem in the history of the earth and it can recover damn well from disasters. Even if all humans were killed in a big nuclear war then the planet would recover just fine if you give it a few thousand years. Its been here a very long time remember.
I think a more important point is 'do you have any evidence this god fellow exists?'
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Jesus was supposed to be without sin and homosexuality is supposed to be a sin. I can see where he's coming from on that front even if I find the hole thing bollocks.

He's coming from the point of view of somebody who is unable to think for themselves about a subject such as homosexuality and thus has to rely on the bible.

I'd like to see how many people who arn't religious can come up with an argument against homosexuality, there isn't one since religion is used as a crutch for people to use as an excuse to back up thoroughly illogical and stupid ideas on the way other people should live.
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As I was saying in that other thread I consider myself a Christian, even though I don't agree with some (I guess a fair amount?) of what the bible/teachings of God say.

I believe religion is a personal affair, if my Christianity is different from yours, I don't really see a problem, except for maybe putting a name to the religion in question. I have no reason to reject christianity as a whole.

See the problem with writing in symbolism and such is it means no one really knows what can go on. No wonder there have been so many versions of christianity.

I don't see how you can say there is a god and the bible is right except not for some bits. you're cherry picking teh parts you like then missing out the evil parts.

Do you think i deserve to be tortured in hell forever? Seriously, if there is a hell then who deserves it? Does god not believe in reform for people at all..
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I'm Roman Catholic by baptism and confirmation, and I don't believe "non-believers" are going to hell. I don't even think hell or heaven exist...

"we would like to see most of the human race killed off, because it is unworthy, unworthy of the gift of life."

Well if you don't believe that then you're not a real christian are you since that's what the supposed word of God says. There'd be a lot of christians who'd probably say you yourself are going to hell. I know every christian i've met has thought any atheist is doomed to hell so why do you draw such a different conclusion? If you wanna continue this in the religion thread please say.
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No. I told you, I understand the concept of respecting people if they have different views. I don't respect christians because they don't respect me. And before you say "that's only some christians", it isn't. It is a core tenet of christianity that I'm going to hell and that this is a just and righteous punishment. Why the fuck should I respect anyone who thinks that about me? Fuck you and your double-standards. Unless you recant every christian view that takes an offensive stance on my (and every other person's) character (i.e. all of them), I refuse to stop insulting you. Deal with it.

Fucking christians.

This too. just read post before i posted.

Sorry for double post (i seem to be doing this a lot these days .. not intentional)
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well yes, not that there's anything wrong with that (i love seinfeld ), but that's why i was politely asking you to stop.

I'm not asking you to believe in what i believe, just don't use my religion as a comedic material.

Why should people automatically give something respect? This applies to everything in my view by the way. I don't think any opinions or groups of any ideas automatically deserve respect. I don't think the nazis deserve respect for what they believed was right, i think these are opinions and thus should be allowed to be brought under scrutiny by others.
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Nope, I don't want the human race to die out.

Anyone who does should do everyone a favour and take a long walk off a short pier into waters infested with the sharks from Deep Blue Sea. If it's so bad, then:

a) are they doing anything to rectify a problem?
b) if they aren't, then why haven't they killed themselves yet?

I'd expand, but I can't be arsed right now. Maybe later.

I dont like this species at all, as my above post sums up my feelings. I don't care about how badly this species is doing as most of the problems are caused by the people themselves, of course not all but a lot of them are.

Also i realise that i can't change any of it so i dont waste my energy trying to care about this stuff. Pretty much all the west where most of us live was bought a sold a long time ago and i know its too far beyond anybodys control to do anything unless you happen to be the head of a massive bank or a company like microsoft for instance. I'm not and i won't ever be, and as the old saying goes 'behind every cynic is a disillusioned optimist' i have ideas but i know they're all pipe dreams regardless of them working or not so i dont put energy into thinking of ways to help since i know it will never happen.

This sounds incredibly bitter but i'm in a decent mood right now anyway
Tell him your a satan worshipper and that you've blessed the house with satanic curses or something xD get him scared.
in the words of the late great george carlin 'i view my species with a combination of wonder and pity and i root for its destruction' RIP ya old git.
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I've got a bad habbit of doing that, bought a sitar for £300, no idea why and no real idea how to play it, would sell it but my mother kidnapped it and is now using it as a decoration. I also have 3 drum kits, bought for under £50 each on Ebay, however I have no room to set them up, may set one up in my shed over the summer though.

if you have recording gear i bet there'd be some interesting reverb in a shed
if you use them right i doubt they're gonna be 'just for a laugh'.

I'd say diddley bow , for when i finally make one.
put some 'blue' cheese into his petrol tank,
Begging for money!? The nerve of these savages. He should be out there doing his bit for the country instead of being a young rapscallion in front of the gentry. *smokes pipe*
i aint never needed no lap top machine for my college an im doin' alrite.

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^ my dad read that guys post and said, what's he gettin at?

Tell him the guy's trying to explain to people how to wash red paint off an axe in a river and that bin bags should be used to carry it as to make sure no mess is made. It's helpful to store chloroform in teh boot of a car since it can make people pass out.
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Who doesn't love a good skirt?

I think i have a similar thing about girls in jeans you know, and tank tops for some reason... I never really thought about it much but is this a fetish aswell?
the above post wins xD
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save you money, and right before summer buy a ton of drugs.

It's the only way.

Best peice of advice i've heard all day.
Oh yeah, frank zappa could strangle the neck pretty good
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I would kick him out, but it ain't my house, it's my parents, I've told him to stop using our stuff and go away millions of times, he just ignores me and walks away. The only thing I've done to get rid of him is turn my amp up LOUD and play random noise, but then I was told my the 'rents that another occurence would result in me being ampless.

Turn your amp up as loud as you can and play some music he'll hate.
Jimmy Hendricks is pretty good at the electrical guitar.
erm , if you dont like him why do you allow him to do all this? You just let some random kid wander into your house?!
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Memes sir, memes. Once created there's no going back!

memes can come from nowhere and go on forever , they're like .... something i cant think of