Planetary Duality 2 by the faceless
1.Very fun
2.It interests me
3.Like jammin with friends
5.Gives me somethin to do when im high.
I just traded my mim strat for prs se custom 24, and i like it a lot more than the strat. Better quality and i play a lot of classic rock/blues, and it handles it great. Better all around guitar than the strat, thicker kneck, and i like the humbuckers.
k sorry if i posted in the wrong forum, i just saw metal and went there, but thanks for all the suggestions
Hey i was wondering, what bands are similiar to born of osiris, veil of maya, sumatra, and winds of plague. thanks in advance.
Ibanez is normally better quality guitar, iceman would be the better choice
Hey UG
I have been listenin to a lot of the dead lately, and was wondering if theres any great jerry garcia albums. Ive been listening to a little of him, and what do you people recommend. I like more of the blues and electric guitar, not so much of the acoustic jams.
I think it would be a waste of money to switch the pickups, but other than that, looks like a great metal guitar.
Hello UG,
I just came across a PRS guitar, and was wondering if you could help me identify it. Its serial code is F13297. It has 24 frets. It was made in korea. I think it was discontinued, but not sure. Thanks
Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.
Keep it, looks like an awesome guitar. I wish i could find a guitar in my attic.
Hey UG,
What are youre guys opinion of the lace sensor gold pickups, i have been thinkin about gettin them on my strat, i like to play classic rock, like the grateful dead, doors, beatles, jimi hendrix. So i like kinda the bluesy sound, you guys think these are the right pickups (i got a vox vt30 by the way).
I dont think maple does looks nice on a lp, but its all in opinion
I have had my baby Fender MIM cream strat for a couple months and love it, never get rid of it hopefully. The longest musical object i have had is actually my acoustic b-100 bass amp, seems like my basses and guitars dont last long, always sell them or trade them.
I have a MIM strat and i love it, the frets kinda stick out of the neck a little, but i can file those down (to lazy to do). The onle difference i could tell between a MIM and a MIA is the neck on the MIA was nicer to play, and it sounded better, which a pickup change to my strat, it could compete with a MIA strat.
picked up the bass casue my friend did, learned that got bored and traded my wii for a esp ltd F-250 then got sick of playin metal so sold that bought a strat, and now i play classic rock with me strat and a vox Vt30.
I think it would look a lot cooler with a maple neck, and white pickguard, but that does look like a nice guitar
Nice guitar kik, plays like a lump of shit though
All of them can play hendrix, i personally love the road worns, they play real nice, but play them all.
That looks like a schecter hellraiser body, looks very sweet
8/10 The green on that guitar is amazing
Gear Below (sorry i have no pics, computers messed up)
I am from Kalamazoo Michigan, but was not old enough to go to the gibson shop (shut down)
Youre a very lucky man, HNGD
Natural wood finish, it think would look awesome, whatever you do with it, youre lucky gettin that nice of a guitar for free.
Great guitar, make sure you play it first, and what is youre price range for youre amp.
You could get a used fender strat online for around 300, i am in love with mine, and i think there good quality guitars. You could also get a vox vt15. They are very nice amps, and gets a very good classic rock tone.
In the beggining for me, i liked to play metal, and really fast and heavy stuff, so i bought a schecter hellraiser. Now i started to use certain substances, and im going more into a laydback kinda guitar playin, like the beatles, creedence, jimi, led zeppelin, so i got myself a strat, and cant see myself ever goin back to somethin else.
That is a very nice lookin guitar.
HNGD to everyone.
Really want to see some pictures, but yah around the 3,000-4,000 dollar range, Lucky man.
never seen that guitar in that color, very good lookin.
I have good things from warmoth, you should check them out.
Ive bought my bass off ebay, and it was the same as he described it. Make sure it has a high feedback score. I like craigslist more, but ebay is fien in my experience
They will beat anybodys price, and they have a lot of stuff. The closest music store to me is guitar center and marshalls music. Ive been to both and guitar center creams them.
The black prs hollow body is a very good lookin guitar. If i had the money i would drop it on that fast.
ive had a fender, a schecter, a esp. i like to try out different brands, and if i dont like it, i trade it on craigslist. =)
got no guitar for cristmas, but got 170 dollars to guitar center for the guitar im buildin. Ill put pictures up when im done with it.
awesome paint job
wrong thread, but i have the VT30 and i am in love with it. Gets everythin from grateful dead to Slayer. Good for all kinds of music.
I have a fender strat mim and i play a lot of that music with my vox vt30 and the strat feels and sounds amazing. from personal experience get a HSS fender strat. It will get good distortion and also very nice cleans. Stay away from the line 6 and go with the roland for sure. Or even look into a vox vt15. They are very nive amps.
If you dont got pics, not many people are interested.
I have played both and i can tell you hands down for me, the Ltd was a much better guitar.
Hello UG
Christmas is obviously coming up, and im getting some money and is planning to use on a pedal or two. My budget is probably around 200 no more than that. I love the tone used by Jerry Garcia on eyes of the world and was wondering how i could maybe get close to that. I have a fender strat, standard mexican and a Vox Vt30. Open for suggestions.