Great song so far. now go record some equally awesome vocals!
Dude, my friend had the exact same problem with this pedal. We opened it up and it turned out a component was shorting against the side of the case, we moved it away and it started working again. Give that a try.
Quote by jof1029
i would call it the master splinter

then for the graphic, have eyes staring out of a sewer drain/manhole cover.

lol, I actually like that one a lot.
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Name it something funny. I like pedals with different interpretations of the originals name. I saw a Quite Substantial (Way Huge) Red Llama once. Pretty cool name.

I would...but there isn't that much to work with with a name as simple as "the rat."
Also, YouWantToKillME, I really like that bodysnatchers artwork you posted...where did you find it?
^niice board, dude.
Thanks for your suggestions, guys. I like the speedy gonzales idea but I'm not really looking to name it as a direct parody of the rat. anybody have any ideas for artwork that would go with the bodysnatcher name? or any other names?
I'm thinking of calling it "The Bodysnatcher." what do you guys think?

So I just finished building a GGG Rat, and it sounds awesome. The only problem is that I need to name it and paint it. I'm planning on having a friend paint some artwork on it, and as for a name, I'm not really sure, but I don't wanna just put "rodent" on it, and I need to put something on the front.
Anybody have some suggestions for artwork and a name?
Am I wrong or wouldn't this **** up the resonance of the guitar? Also, couldn't it possibly cause interference with the electronics?
Yeah dude, I googled it and searched it here. I even read that guide you posted, but it just says to print the design...I couldn't find anywhere with advice for actually painting artwork on the pedal.
So, I'm gonna be ordering some pedal kits from generalguitargadgets, and I was wondering...How would one go about painting the metal enclosures? By painting I mean like some simple artwork, not just a solid color or pattern. Would I have to sand/treat the enclosure? If anyone has any experience with this I would appreciate your advice.
Anybody got the settings for Cake? I'm looking for tone like the rhythm guitar Italian Leather Sofa.
Thanks for the advice, guys. Also, I don' think it 's a red knob, this is a pic of the amp I'm looking at:
I've been checking out a lot of twin reverbs lately and I've fallen in love with their tone. Unfortunately, they're a bit out of my price range. I found a 90s Twin Amp for a great price, so I'm wondering, how does the Twin Amp stack up against a twin reverb reissue or a vintage twin reverb tonally? Should I go for the Twin Amp or continue to save for a twin reverb?
Thanks guys.
If it starts on G then it's a mixolydian scale. A G mixolydian scale has the same notes as a C major scale, and by the same token, an A minor scale.
If I'm not mistaken that's a G Mixolydian scale.
Hey guys, I recently got a boss DD-7, and I was wondering, can you use most expression pedals with it? I was skimming the manual and noticed it said, "*Use only the specified expression pedal (Roland EV-5; optional). By connecting any other expression pedals, you risk causing malfunction or damage to unit." Is this true, or some sort of deterrent to just get you to buy that pedal? I was hoping to get a more versatile volume/expression pedal to use with it, but is it not possible to use something like a Boss FV-500H ( ) with it?
My money's kinda tied up right now, so I might not be able to get that one before it's sold, but I found a '65 reissue for $475 that'll be available for a bit longer, should I try for that one?
I'm planning on getting a Rat clone from general guitar gadgets - that should work, right?
I found a 70s silverface Fender Twin Reverb on craigslist for $500 - sounds like a great deal. I guess I should probably go for that?
I don't necessarily need the 50 watts, but I've found a very good deal on a used one so I figured I may as well get it if it'll work for me.
I found a really sick deal on a peavey classic 50. Is it versatile enough for the kind of tone I'm looking for?
Dude, this pedalboard is ****ing rad. Tomorrow I'm gonna start making a pedalboard based of this one, I might post a thread about it.
I guess miking the amp wouldn't be a problem for the most part. Is the AC15 a good idea?
I could probably push my budget up to about $600, so would an AC15 do the job?
Alright, but on a semi tight budget would you guys recommend the AC15 as for emulating that tone? I'm aware of the gear Radiohead uses but can't spend a fortune, I'm planning on getting a ProCo Rat but I'm just wondering if an AC15 will give me comparable tone and be able to play cleans at gig-volume without breaking up.
Alright, I know Johnny Greenwood uses an AC30 but I didn't wanna spend that kind of cash. Would you guys recommend the Vox AC15?
Hey guys, I currently have a solid state amp that has some pretty nice cleans, but I don't really like the distortion.
I'm looking for a tube amp around $400 that's versatile and won't just give me one tone - I'm looking for something like Johnny Greenwood's tone, with two channels, good cleans and some good distortion. I need something I can gig with but I don't wanna overdue it on wattage, so what are your guys' recommendations?
Thanks, dudes
Thanks, dude.
Any tips for recording drums with that particular mic?
Hey guys, this is my first time posting here, so I'd really appreciate it if you could help me out.
Anyway, my band and I want to start doing some basic recordings to help structure our songs and record practices (possibly some demo tapes, but nothing too high end). We were planning on just getting a Blue Snowball USB mic ( ), recording each instrument individually into a computer and calling it a day for now (the omni option seems like it might work alright for drums). We have a pretty low budget, but I was wondering if it would be OK to record the drums with one mic and get a decent sound out of it; the audio doesn't need to be amazing, but it needs to be decipherable in order to critique and change parts of songs. We also have a Shure SM57 mic, but we don't have an PC audio interface or a mixer, so we don't currently have another option for recording.
So basically, for entry-level recording, should we bother getting multiple mics for recording drums/a mixer/an audio interface, or can we just stick with the one mic?

Thanks guys.