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Why? Are you one of those bitches that has exams or some shit and has no self control so has to take it out of their control to stop doing something?

>26th June
>Doing exams

Be less mad.

He didn't even play the tutorial.
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...How long has that been there?

See you in 30 days!

It's been there for 2 hours. Been banned 3 times already.

Going for the perma. :3
I'm at the Giant of Babel in FFIV. Nearly finished.

I think.
Exactly. Emulation makes grinding not the most painful thing ever.
D-do you g-guys want more?
Just perm ban me already.


Trying to make you happy, ichi.
I couldn't find any, but when I do I'll post them here for you. :3
Because /v/ is better than here. >_>
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Says he who didn't even play the full game.

Yeah but it really doesn't get any better.
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I want Dragon Age 3. Read in PC Gamer about it:

- No re-used enviroments
- Return of party member customisation
- More weight in the decisions

Also it's in Orlais.

Yeah but playing Bioware games after ME2 and DA2.
The Plan: go out for a lovely meal. The Reality: A&E 'cos I just about chopped the tip of my finger off.

17 minutes ago via Mobile

Why would you post that via mobile carpi? You're gonna get blood all over the screen.
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Mass Effect 3 ending DLC comes out tomorrow. No spoilers plz

It'll be just as bad as the original ending.
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kyo the **** you on about

All of his posts are about Double Penetration now.
>that feel when can't scroll through persona 4's town destination menus

I'll never complete it now. ;___;
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Dragon Age 1 and 2 are on sale for $10 on amazon this week. I've heard part two isn't as great. What's the verdict - good investment? Replay value, etc. as well.

Don't bother. Just play Origins.
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ds emulators are shit though

Are they? I was talking about GBA ones.
Grinding is easy with an emulator. >_>
I've been playing Final Fantasy IV at the minute on the gameboy advance, nearly finished it. I kinda want the DS version for the FMV, but I'd miss the 8x speed feature I get on emulators.
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Hey guys long time no see to people who were here 1-2 years ago. Got some questions.

Hearts of Iron 3: Just purchased, have no idea what I am doing. I harass DW constantly but he can only put up with my shit for so many seconds. If you have the game and are ok with being randomly harassed then add me: zubin52 on steam.

I will do it.

I will teach you.
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Wait, what?

I had a problem with being over-levelled in that game, not under. By the end of the game I'm pretty sure both Noel and Serah had maxed out 3 roles each and were both halfway to maxing out another.

How did you manage this feat of underlevel-nes?

DW is underlevelled in everything, even hearts of iron (not enough troops)
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I gave a couple of them generals and they both failed miserably.

Probably doesn't help that I cut the military maintenance budget shortly beforehand does it

If you do that they'll have lower morale, so it's fine to cut the budget but you need to put it back to full before wars or battles.
Give them a general next time.
You lost to rebels?
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Well, I did get in a war.

With Danish noblemen.

And lost.

As who?
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Wait.. so all these daily deals I'm seeing and buying aren't on the summer sale?


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Lol well he wasn't crucial to the plot but he sure expanded on it in a real nice way

Same creators. Europa Universalis isn't as deep but it takes place over a much longer time period, so it depends what you want really.

Yeah all the decent grand strategy games are by the same studio.

EU is babby's first GS.

Don, the Steam summer sale should be pretty soon, if you can wait the entire Hearts of Iron 3 collection will be £5 or something silly during the sale.
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See, this makes me want to learn how to play it. Especially since I spent a day after watching Le Mans going around Normandy. I love WW2 stuff, but every time I try to play HoI I stop when I realise I have no idea what is going on

Still, I'm off Uni for Summer so I guess there is no better time to start ^_^ Would help if there was a guide or something for getting started, the in game tutorial is terrible...
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What game is that?

Hearts of Iron 3.
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Greenvale has something this thread lacks.

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Heavy Rain is by far the most depressing game I've played in my life

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I can only hope the Allies don't invade. I have stabilized the front towards Spain at last but UK is using it as a springboard to attack me in France.

Contemplating detaching another army from the Eastern Front to deal with it but I do not have any men to spare.

No, you get about 600 from annexing Austria and the First Vienna Award, then another event when you go to war with Russia gives you another 300. I gain about 40 a month too.

You should build 2 brigade garrison divisions to sit in your port territories to stop the UK.
I have plenty of manpower. >_>
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Nice! I have taken Leningrad in the North and reached a few provinces further in the South but my Army Group Centre has not had the same success as yours.

I have the elite units of Army Group South making a swing westwards to relieve Centre and encircle the Soviet armies.

I had like 700k men in the centre then somehow my panzers ended up there so it's really easy.