I'm sure no-one else here cares, but I've watched all of Chelsea's pre-season games and Van Ginkel looks a real bargain buy. He'll start against Hull in the Prem for the first game I reckon, a real prospect.

Ronaldo's just scored a worldy of a free kick against us as well.
Watching Didier Drogba lifting a trophy in the Emirates is quality.


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Obviously not that mug.. he hasnt got a Kalou

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I don't know who to believe

I watched him week in, week out, trip over his own feet and generally fuck things up. He does have the best fan chant ever though.
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Apparently Kalou wants to play central and not as a winger, I'd like to see him as a CF, to see if he's any good.


He's not.
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The Guardian ‏@guardian 40m

Arsenal in advanced stages of negotiation with Chelsea over Mata. The bid is reported to be £30m. Chelsea are eager to accept to fund their bid for Rooney.

lol no.
Pre-ordered cos it sounds immense.
Get in, if it stays like this I'm 50 sheets richer.
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Also, John Terry missed the CL final last year, did he not?

Now he's gonna miss the EL final

Wouldn't have started anyway.

Super Frank, 203.

Was hoping he'd get the record and leave this year, but if Mourinho comes in I guess that's not going to happen.
^Yep. We can't really change it up top.
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Give him back to us.


Done. You can have Benayoun as well if you want as a free gift.
David Luiz on for Moses surely. Also, Ba has done nothing, again.
wtf is my team doing.
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RAFA OUT. Or something.
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Because Chelsea are bottlers.

...we're above you.
I don't know how we didn't win that game.
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Other than Anderson being allowed on, that team was fine. We've won the league, Ferguson can play whatever team he wants.

I hope we play Hernandez in goal against Swansea now.

If you'd had Valencia from last season playing, I think you would have won comfortably, he wasted so many good positions.
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I have no idea where people get these from but they're great.
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I was actually going to try and argue my point again, but you would be equally as stupid in any of of your replies, so instead i'll leave you with related comical gifs.

I humbly accept your gif concession.
Have the FA banned Luiz for smiling yet?
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He barely made contact, it's a laughable amount of force which Rafael would have made. What Rafael did is irrelevant to my point though, he had no need to make such a meal of it. The fact that he's laughing means he knows he's just screwing with the ref.

This points not applicable to this situation but i've said it before; people complain about diving, but faking injury should be punished equally as much. Both of them dupe the ref into misreading a situation. Players roll around on the floor for a minute, get up, then run off, and it's just accepted now. People don't even bat an eyelid when players do it.

Amazing how the player who gets kicked gets the abuse. Massive three points.
That new track is so good.
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Why shouldn't Sturridge have been on the pitch? He did nothing to get sent off within the first 7 minutes and if you think he should have been sent off for catching the ankle of whoever it was then you're ******ed.

Yep. It was similar to the Giroud one yesterday. Went straight over the ball.
So, both Liverpool goal scorers shouldn't have been on the pitch. One of the poorest refereeing displays I've seen in a long time. Also, what is Jamie Carragher's problem? Spent the whole game bitching.
Fulham deserve at least a point here.
Awful defending.
Watching Arsenal here is like watching Chelsea at home. Passing it around about 25 yards out, losing it then getting countered on.
Sidwell is filth.
RSD exclusives are a boner.
This is cool, I think I might even go for the vinyl, bloody good find.

Hey everyone, me and my best friends recorded a song, have a listen and pretend to be 15 again.
hey, this is alright.
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Came in to post this.
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It's Torres on the end of the wall..

The same Torres who had a ****ed up face and mask on.

LolChelsea putting him in the wall

Can't even take a ball to the face properly. My team are absolutely pathetic.
Get in there Fulham. Haven't posted in here in a while, but it if Ba could finish, he'd have had a hat-trick already. We don't have any fucking strikers.
I'm liking it so far, Small Talk is my favourite at the minute.
Well, that was wank.
He can't even cross for God's sake.
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Didn't you have some English lad you used to bring on to score sub goals?

I remember he was pretty quick, and scored against us once or twice.

Joe Cole! That was it. Whatever happened to him?

He went to the biggest club in England, apparently.
this is true. So far he's missed one good chance and lost the ball a couple of times. Brilliant.