Needles, and generally anything penetrating the skin (lolololol penetrate). Like i can get them without problem but I can NOT look at them.

On an unrelated topic, this is my first post in like 6-7 months I think. Spooky.
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Watch The Godfather, if the Corleone's aint classy, I don't know who are.

And don't be like: 'Dude, they're fictional.' They are based on real people, so...

Just because pretty much every mafia bosses story is like Vito Corleone's doesn't mean the movie is based of real people

But yeah, i would say the Mafia, and i'm pretty sure there's some class serial killers out there or have been out there. They're pretty disgusting people for what they did but they can still have the conventional idea of 'class'.
I've never really liked the new Simpsons episodes but it's sad to hear they're finally getting cut off . They've had one hell of a run though
No idea who this guy is unfortunately but sounds like a poor man getting f*cked by the legal system in the worst way possible. Soon after they execute him they'll probably be able to say he didn't do it and just be like "oops". This ruined my day.

EDIT: after a little reading and seeing that link someone posted with the video. This is the most disgraceful thing i've ever heard about. Just is not "Guilty until proven innocent", in THE REAL WORLD it's "innocent until proven guilty". I'm disgusted that this has gone on so long under these circumstances. If there are so many people supporting this guy's cause, INFLUENTIAL people at that, shouldn't they be taking a second look at what's been going on?

I've personally had no faith in the justice system and after this, my faith in humanity is crumbling as well. He's only got 15 minutes left to live apparently...
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Who brought it there? Sounds like quite a bad investment for the NASA to bring a teapot into orbit.

It's a bad investment to send anything up in space unless it's for bringing something there or taking it back. Though who wouldn't wanna **** with the aliens by sending arbitrary stuff into space?
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You're right, only a black president would be more tolerant than a white one.

OT: I fail to see how gay people being actually allowed in the military is a bad thing. Do you realize there were plenty of gays that were on the army prior to this happening? They just weren't going to say anything because it meant discharge (no pun intended). Them being allowed in will just mean more soldiers
That Seinfeld comic was awesome, i have no idea what was going on but if you read it in their voices it's like an actual episode
All my gear except my acoustic and pedal ->

acoustic and pedal ->
Nothing beats Sinister Waffle... unfortunately
Have you seen Harold and Kumar? I don't think you want those things running around everywhere.
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It's Nietzsche, and it's one of the truest things he's said as far as I'm concerned.

Read "A Man's Search for Meaning" have you?

If not, you should. It's really interesting and it revolves around that concept.

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Who says the Neanderthals didn't kill each other purposelessly?

Well i wasn't exactly there at the time but i would say it was for food or mating purposes. Not because of "cleansing", oil, religion, or because they felt like causing a shit storm. And in the case of Neanderthals, they didn't have army's to fight with.
Against it, since humans have evolved past the Neanderthal we've been killing each other over pointless shit.
My opinion does not come up in the poll and there is lack of a joke option so therefore i will not use poll.

I just tell them a general genre, if they're interested and/or share the like of that genre they'll ask "What bands?" then i will proceed to tell them what bands.
what if you're 18? do you pic 15-18 or 18-26?

Lrntopoll lololololol
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Roger Waters? Didn't he get full rights to The Wall from suing Floyd?

Don't think so, he didn't write the whole album so he couldn't have gotten rights to the whole thing unless Floyd settled.
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You're right, if we change the calendar now we'll never reach the year 2012 and we won't all die.


But in all honesty, no one is that dumb to change the calendar we've been using for centuries. You know how much that would f*ck everything up? We're better off using the one we got. I can see people being late for work because they use different calendars... "I'm not late, i'm not scheduled until tuesday!" "It is tuesday you twat!".
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How do people even rationalize stealing music? Its stealing somebody's lives work. Must make them feel all big inside. They need to start slapping prison sentences on these people as if they'd stolen it from a physical store. The amount some people steal is tantamount to grand theft which is a felony folks.

If you can't afford your music then you shouldn't listen to it. Would you steal a car because you couldn't afford one? Nope. Theft is theft, I don't care how its rationalized.

Maybe they should be going after the people behind the downloads? If you have a problem with a huge drug cartel are you just going to go after the people buying it? No that's not solving the problem.
Why are you trying to label a past relationship? Who cares lol?

Also i would say it's subjective, but when it becomes sexual and talks of the future together (not just dreams, serious talk about the future) it can be considered serious to me.
goodluck to him for finishing that PhD in physics, that fine is more than 5 times his tuition i would assume

EDIT: For the WHOLE course, not per term.
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Death is a natural thing, no matter how it happens.

Natural death is normal, murder on the other hand is not. Regardless of how it happens it shouldn't be made into a joke. It's incredibly disrespectful to the person who died any their family. You wouldn't say that stuff to the family's faces so don't say it behind their back, they teach this to you in preschool.
I can't say i care about DT but this guys is starting to end up like Dave Mustaine, in 20 years he'll still be whining and bitching about the "Band that threw me out for no reason". Both of them need to shut the f*ck up about it already, the only difference is that Dave's band is actually going somewhere which only gives him less of a reason to bitch.
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I have no idea whether Slash knew what to expect or not, but he left without Tubes asking his question.

I don't blame him for leaving, i can understand if the guy was actually being funny but if you're going to make a total ass of yourself for the sake of doing it then expect people to think you're an idiot.
I'm glad people are so light-hearted about people being murdered, gives faith in the good ol' human race
If people didn't think they were better than others this "gene pool cleansing" shit wouldn't exist. I think the arrogant people are the problem, not the dumb
Rarely, nothing happens on my profile. I guess i'm not popular
I think gym should be mandatory. It open your eyes to new activities you can be doing instead of sitting in front of the PS3 or Xbox all day. PE got me into running and if the kids are bullying you, deal with it the way you would if they bullied you normally, it's not like just because it's PE you have to deal with bullying.

It gets people who actually want to start getting fit but don't know how to start, to actually start. And if you hate it so much then don't participate, suck it up for however long you have to and move on It's like if you hate math, you have to do it anyway so just suck it up an do it, you'll be using it for the rest of your life.
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This. It's pathetic.

You know.... obesity does lead to severe knee problems. If you can't walk 50 meters without grinding your bones into dust you're better off not walking.

I don't care if people are fat, the only thing is the majority of the people i know and would consider "pretty fat" have been loud, arrogant and obnoxious. Not saying that's a trend but that's just my experience

It's more of a health concern than an opinionated concern. I think obese people who are in danger of health problems should lose the weight because of health reasons, not because i think being fat is gross and pathetic.
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because they tracked him down with the phone so would have found that out anyway...

So? Regardless that they tracked him down he still GAVE the info to them, it's like robbing a bank but leaving your wallet at the desk (which has been done before).

Oh god... just.... wow


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not really a fail though, as they didn't track him down because of the facebook thing

they got both his face AND name from that, how is that not a fail?
A lot of Tragically Hip songs: Nautical Disaster, Wheat Kings, Fiddlers Green, etc.
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Hendrix wasn't even amazing. His stuff isn't hard, unless you're a complete beginner.

Yes, the skill of a musician is based on the difficulty their music is to learn
My calculus teacher would take out the meter stick when someone was sleeping and smacked it on the kids desk right beside them, it's hilarious. Also i had a teacher throw the chalk board erase at one of the kids as a joke.
Anything sexual or even relationships, i will help someone if they're having problems but i won't discuss in depth my relationship with my girlfriend with anyone. Also myself in general.
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When did Charlie Sheen become the picture of crazy? He's not, he's just a douche. Back in the day, crazy actually used to mean something.

Yeah, i miss the days when being crazy had a sense of accomplishment and prestige to it

Have you even seen the guy? He's either not stable or trolling the world, i'm going with unstable.
No, but i set scenes in my head depending on how the progression goes. I can't give you an example but i'm sure i'm not the only one why does that.
Just use your face lololololololol.

They have some sort of filler you can use for the clay mold, i would suggest going to a costume shop or somewhere that deals with those kinds of masks. Or google it
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Those ginger eyes are trying to suck the soul right outta me. YOU'LL NOT HAVE MY SOUL, FOUL BEAST!!!

Yeah, it totally has derped eyes.

lololololol it's blind.

But yeah that sucks, that seal was pretty much S.O.L. if that guy hadn't found him. Blind, shunned and easily noticed.
I can see the kind of person who'd wear those shirts are the kind that treat women like shit but get laid all the time anyway.
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I'm not really a celebrity liking person, as far as i'm concerned they're just people like the rest of us, with no more importance than the est of us.


Also I don't actually know the person so how could i like them?
Up, how the f*ck did that old guy A) get all those balloons, B) make it so that the balloons that were attached to his house didn't lift it, and C) Be so awesome?