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Go out and read:

This is your Brain on Music


The World in Six Songs.

All of these books discuss the impact of music on our neurocognitive development.

"this is your brain on music"
i heard this book was not actually that informative. but i didnt read it.
well im not a big fan of the 80s but if you are thats cool. everyone has their thing. personally the onaly bands i liked from the 80 were gnr,motley crue. but yea i would just have fun with it man. play around with diferent chords and get creative. the way i play, i tend to not stick to one thing all the time. i just play what pops into my head and experiment with diferent styles.
my best guess, from what it sounds like im gonna put my money on the actions. raise them a tad.
well when i first started playing i was playing a $170 generic tele through a 15w crate. it sounded like ***t. now i have a $600 feder strat playing through a 60w behrenger V-tone. the difference is HUGE. but if you want my opinion though the fender i have makes all the difference for me because it has way better sustain, the vintage niosless single coil pickups have great tone and good response, and my neck is perfectly comfortable and its wider (which is good for my taste).the only thing i dont like about it is the floating tremelo system. it puts me out of tune very quickly with heavy use. as far as my amp goes, yeah it is much better that the 15w crate but really its just loud. the only thing about my amp that really makes it sing is my 20 band EQ.
ok so i just ordered the DIY EF440. it will be here by next week. does anyone have any opinions on this pedal?
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i agree that if your guitar was more in tune (or perhaps the correct tuning) it would sound much better. but i definitely wouldn't say it's horrendous, i really liked it. i think if you added some slow vocals following the chords it would come together very nicely. btw, i need some criticism on a solo and riff i wrote based on the harmonic minor scale in the key of B. thanks in advance

Thanks man! yea the only thing i know im not going to do is vocals. if for no other reason just because i cant sing for ***t.
but yea i tried to check out your tracks but none of them would play. dunno why. maybe its just my pc im not sure but you might want to look into it. but when it is working id love to hear those tracks, they sound interesting.
thanks for the crit. my buddy Ryan was kind of in charge of effects and such so thank him for the verb xD. I am going to do a better recording but i just didn't have time. i did that one on the first take and i am temporarily satisfied. as for the tuning. its not out of tune. i use the tuning DADGAD frequently and that's what it is. the recording is kinda ****ty but its not out of tune. however i will make a more improved one in the future and possibly a youtube video. so for those who liked it you have something to look forward to. i also need to work on making the percussion parts more noticeable. just needs some more tweaking but im working on it. i hope the finished product will be more impressive because its a really nice piece and its the first finished song that im actually really proud of.
Song in profile.
Check that slab of string-breaking out!
hey man congradulations! that is always good news. i have a niece.i think shes like 8 or something by now......
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I'm thinking I definetly want to start learning to play some more fingerstyle kind of stuff, like some of the Candyrat artists. What would you guys recommend for some songs to start learning that style of playing? I tried "Drifting", but the parts where you use both hands for tapping (that part after the intro...the verse?) and hitting the guitar are difficult for me, because I'm not that great with playing two different things at the same time (like a pianist or drummer). So If you've got any suggestions on some songs to help me learn to play this style, it'd be greatly appriceiated (spelling, eh). And I don't have a Capo at the moment, so that's just a disadvantage on my part (Unless you have any ideas for a "poor mans capo" for temporary use). Thanks in Advance.

i decided i wanted to learn some fingerstyle like a month ago. but i knew i wouldnt be able to learn drifting or anything like that, so i wrote my own song. i just wrote a fingerstyle/percusion guitar song in like a month and im actually really happy with it. so id say, get creative and write something all your own. it helps to notice some of the things candyrats artists do and use techniques to learn from them. but doing two things at once, like percusion and taping for example, is just something you need to practice and get a feel for. one thing that helps (since i dont have a capo either) is tune your guitar to DADGAD. this makes it really fun because you can use very simple bar chords all over the 4th 5th and 6th. and i like to use bar chords and do tricky little tapping riffs on the 1st and 2nd at the same time.but yea ill have to get that song uploaded so everyone can hear it, but im having a few technical dificulties at the moment. one of which being that all i have is a classical guitar to play. not so good for fingerstyle :/
usually i just try and play along to like zeppelin or the doors. try n play it by ear and its good practice.i dont know any actual songs i just picked it up one day n learned how to play notes. then i just started messing around with it.
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Adam Jones of Tool, Buzz Osbourne of the Melvins, Omar Rodríguez-López from at the drive in, & Billy Howerdel of APC.

you read my mind. Omar Rodríguez-López is amazing. the way i like to describe it is, he knows how to hit all the right wrong notes. if that makes sense. it does to me xD
but just like to point out he is now in the mars volta. just sayin... ha ha
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As much as I don't like to admit it, I agree. Though the way I go about it is more of a drive than like a contest, more an urge or like wow, that guy was pretty good, hope I can learn some stuff from him. More like giving props, and a burning urge to LEARN!

yea i have to agree. thats how i am.sometimes what works for me is to put the guitar down for like a day or two and them go back and it seems to make things go a lot smoother. maybe thats just me idk.but yea just practice and learn from others and like its already been said challenge yourself. with everything. look up some good practice exercises.
pick up one of these. i just ordered mine yesterday but ive tryed them many times before and i know they work. btw they dont look wierd. i use them in school and just about anywhere. they are very convenient cus they fit into you pocket easily and they work!
id have to agree with everyone else. but as far as scales go it a little early to be learning those but when you do get to them i would start with the pentatonic scales. they are the easiest.
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Its called practice. Dont worry, theres nothing wrong with you, i'd say within another month of practicing for even just 10 min a day, you'll be switching chords faster than you can say curt cobain sucked.

WTF? Curt Cobain is F***ing God!!
hey, ive been playing for around 4 years and i play mainly rhythm. id say first of all, if you've only been playing for a month, you shouldnt worry about it too much. just practice and you will pick it up. it just takes time.but a few tips, try fingering the chords without strumming them. then slowly practice switching chords. also make sure that you have the right finger position for those tricky chords because where your fingers are will make a big difference when it comes to the switch.
ok well i got audacity beta version and no problems so far. thanks for the tips. On my old computer i had Live 6.0, and that program was the sh**. ha ha. i wish i still had that.
well now i can hopefully get some of my tunes posted. so look out for them.
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Get rid of Vista and go back to XP.

i already said, i cant just get a new computer. i got this one for FREE, and im poor as h***. i have no way of getting a new computer short of stealing one. and im not going to jail.
Most of the problems are dealing with compatability. I do need to invest in some RAM though. Im just really broke right now. ha ha.
Ill try Audacity Beta. [Burn the dusk] told me not to bother with it so thats why i havnt yet. but I'll give it a try.
Ok, so i recently got this new laptop which runs on vista. I dont personally like vista obviously because it does not work well with most recording programs. Even though I need it mainly for recording, im still not complaining because the computer was free. So I was wondering if anyone knew of any programs that will work well with Windows Vista so that i can get back to recording? Ive already tried Audacity, Reaper, Live, and Sound forge. all of which I've had problems with.
Any suggestions?
yea definatly. i think im gonna get my lip peirced soon but thats only because i cant afford a tatoo. and i can do a peircing for free. ha ha i reeeeally need to find better ways to mannage my money.soo many pedals i want to buy.
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I wouldn't be able to live down spending 100's on ink when there are so many effects waiting to be bought.
I once had a nose piercing. It was annoying as **** though, so I took it out.
Who knew a nose could bleed that much?

im gonna get some tats and plenty of peircings eventually. but i agree with you so im just gonna wait till i can afford it. i have too much on my shopping list at the moment. not to mention the almost 2grand that i ow my parents. ha ha.
I think this sounds like a reaally good intro. maybe kind of a 'tool' vibe to it. but id say expand much more. but overall i like it.
[quote="'[BurnTheDusk"]']Me and Spencer jammed last night and we finally made our first Post-Prog song.
It may be in 4/4 but its still has complexitys in the guitar lines.

The name of the song is "Sewing The Strands Between Life And Death"
Our bands name is now "A Soundtrack To your Subliminal Suicide" aka ASTYSS

I really liked that song. ha ha and yet the only time i cant play it perfectly is when we were recording..... ha ha

eh we'll get it tomorow but i dont think we should use the webcam. i think we can pull it off on the toneport even though its partly improv. If you can get all your parts down first i know ill be able to throw mine on top n i think it should sound alright.
My school did a battle of the bands a few weeks ago. but it wasnt that good. there were like maybe three really good bands. but i only stuck around for a little wile.
yea my school sucks. we do open mike too wich is much better because my guitar teacher Mr. Jackson is like and amazing player of most styles.
ha ha
sounds like a plan
now i just need the H2o and some flanger with a wah.
And special thanks to Ryan, for bringing me to band practice.
Finally go the DD-6!
Ive wanted it for a wile.
very pleased.
and got rid of a bunch of gear that i absolutely don't need, in the process. Its been a good day
heres another.
I think its a bit better thatn the first.
yea i could see the angry punk thing happening here. not really what i was going for but o well. it is what it is. just not a huge fan of punk
as for this.....................
Burden of the Beast


Please crit this. C4C as always.
Okay, this is a song, if you see something weird with the flow, please bring it to my attention, but in a few places, the flow changes. Also, if you can help me with structure, if this needs help lol, please bring it to my attention. Because I could not for the life of me structure this differently. Thanks!

I have lived my life through all the years
Yet all the memories just bring me tears
Cos all I’ve touched has turned to ash
The reddest blood seeping from the deepest gash
I don’t know how I can cause this pain
But I know I can't see them again
To avoid destruction, to avoid death
I must stick to my cause, until the very end
I don’t do this for me,
But every time I try
To live my life completely
My past returns and once again
Proceeds to defeat me
Every time I’ve tried
To pick up the pieces
I’ve failed in the greatest sense
And lost all that I had

So, have I defeated destiny
Or has it defeated me
Am I a messenger of death
Or just a messenger of me
Have I released my inner self
Am I not who I’ve strived to be
Must I always follow destiny
And never be free

Every place I go
I must hide who I really am
Cos no matter how much they ask
They’d never understand
Nobody really knows me
But I don’t see how they could
I hide myself, not for me
But for society’s good
If I had a way to end this
I most surely would
Cos no-one understands the burden
That I know I have
I hide myself from everyone
With whom I’ve crossed paths
But sooner or later
This beast is going to win
Cos I’m not sure what to believe
Is it worth it to be me
So is it worth it for me to be myself
Alienate myself from everyone else
Is staying true to me my final chance
To escape from Fate’s unforeseeable dance

So, can I defeat destiny
Or will it defeat me
Am I just a messenger of death
Or just a messenger of me
Have I released my inner self
Am I not who I’ve strived to be
Must I always follow destiny
And never be free

And now I face my inner demon
And see what I’ve become
I’m infinitely worse
Than who I thought I was
I have made a grave mistake
I have played into Fate’s hands
I’ve become my own enemy
And wasted my final chance
Once seen the knowledge will not leave
I have fallen victim to my beliefs
Staying true to myself
Was not the proper move
So now I try to convince myself
This is not what I’ve become
Cos now I see that it and me
Have metamorphosed into one
Victory is impossible; my future is now dead
Or did I never have one, was it all in my head

So, I have not defeated destiny
It has defeated me
I am just a messenger of death
And a messenger of me
I have released my inner self
I’m not who I’ve strived to be
I have always followed destiny
And have never been free

It and I are one
I was just fooling myself
It has been released
It strives to destroy everyone else
there is one last thing that I can do
To prevent myself from bursting through the façade I thought I knew
I must end this sorrow I’ve caused; I must end this pain
Or those I love will never see me the same way
I must protect my image, I already knew I had to stay away
And I need their love to light my way
Darkness chases me and blurs my vision
But I know what must be my final decision
I do it and all I see
Is never ending eternity
Peace and happiness ensue
The one thing that I never knew

So, in the end I’ve defeated destiny
It has not defeated me
I am not messenger of death
Just a messenger of me
I released my inner self
I am who I’ve strived to be
I revolted from destiny
And now I am free

I like it. its long as H*** but thats good.i can relate so some of it too. the only thing is i think a few parts are a bit wordy....

"I must protect my image, I already knew I had to stay away" like this for example.
i would say take things like this, try to rework them just a bit so it flows a little better.
I however dont understand why it was reported? whats that about? i didnt see anything wrong with it.

Im not too great at writing lyrics but this is what i got. please crit!
ha ha ha ... thats good stuff.....
ha ha thats a great joke! i loved it....
So i was wondering if anyone has had any experience eith the H2o chorus/echo ? It looks nice in the mag but I need to either play it or hear from a few who have.
Any opinions?
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Metallica-Like style

Zeppelin-Well there Zeppelin

Black Sabbath-Some of their unpopular songs are the best

Ozzy-I simply like his songs

Nirvana-Kobaine is one of my heros

dude you have great taste in music and for that you are just great! ha ha
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Classical or Bluegrass

Classical definatly works. I play classical for guitar class at school and its all good. I personally love finger picking and as a result of playing a classical guitar for a long wile im pretty good at it. That reminds me i have an audition for jjc coming up soon. ****!!
Not too bad man. you're right though the vocal quality has a lot to be desired but hey its a hell of a lot better than I could do!
When i get pissed its usually best to distract my self. so playing my guitar is good for that and i like to play something with a mellow feel to it to cool me down. sometimes just whatever comes to mind at the moment so i guess it depends.