yeah... i think death would be a very good idea.
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My records.

this guy has his priorities in order..
a backpack...... sigh.
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God, I seriously thought you were referring to the show even after reading your post.

this guy does not have his prioritys in order....... someone help him!!
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Machine Head - The Burning Red
Chimaira - Pictures In The Gold Room
Ice T - Colors
Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple
In Flames - Black & White

things happen for a reason.
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I have worn a suit everyday to school for the past two years. This by choice. In seventh grade, we went to an amusement park when it was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. I had to wear an undershirt, a dress shirt, a suit jacket, and a team t-shirt over all of that. Some other kid passed out because he was wearing a sweatshirt. I wear the suit everyday regardless of the activity.

money says he is lying. no seventh grader has ever worn a suit to school voluntarily.
i still dont see how this is relavent to the hot chick sitting in front of me with the big boobies....... someone please explain this to me.....

since when does the anthropolegiest have to die once to live yet the king of Maul has to die twice to become king........??
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Yeah, that ad is total BS. You can trust me on that one.

this guy is a professional. you can trust me on this one.
some one make my baby.
wow its been yeras?
my parents are the lamest thing to ever walk this earth. they think the music i listen to is evil and satanic. this would include Breaking Benjamin, Metallica, The Beatles, and all of those other "evil, satanic, demonic" bands. give me a ****ing break

im not trying to grumble but it is hard to live with people that dont really give a shit about what i like to do. i was told if i wanted to play guitar then i would have to do it quietly as in a electric, but the ****ers wont even chip in a dollar for me to buy a electric.

actually they did get me something kinda cool once. it was a book on how to play chess. no shit.

any one else who shares my feelings about how their parents wont let them do shit should join a cult against evel parents.......

.....well thats just my opinion......

i lost big time. well done GARY MUTHER****ING OAK.
hey i just got a game called medial of honor. it is for the mack . i didtn know that when i got it. lol. is there anyway i can still put it on a windows computer. if so email me. my email is
wtf is the problem with the people in america.
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I used to think everything in the olden days was in black and white like in the films...

woah. thats what i thought. yeah.

check out my devil stack

wow the most valuable thing i own is my guitar. its 200 dollar$
son of a boat. the olympics are finally here. the are probably the greatest thing ever in the name of sports. if they had some other sports in the olympics like paintball or surfing or idk just something else besides all these boring sports. not they are all boring. yeah anyways
they all suck least for 9.
( . Y . )
where the hell are you guys getting the fukin pics dude
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hey those pics are awesome. you should check out my uncles website. he is a profetional photographer. his web site is ""
nice pics.
the only person that cried when chuck norris was born was the doctor.......never slap chuck norris
you cant create everything out of nothing. if you think you can, u are saying that a human just came from nothing. but if you believe in evolution then why would humans make up religion? religion is complicated and can start wars. just look at the Germans and the Jews (i don't mean to be racist). if you are in for creationism then dont be afraid to come out and say it.
yes with a really hot chick

when did you?????
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all these jokes are racist you racist bastards they aint even that funny i think alot of white people say these jokes cos they have a small penis.

omg wat da cwap u takin bout man
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War of the Worlds

ahhhhhhhhhh this is wierd