Certain effects are gonna be specific to your genre: Delay, various modulation effects (vibe/univibe, chorus, flanger, phaser), fuzz (this is a big one if you are gonna play pink floyd type stuff), and overdrive/boost. Do you have any of these?

If not, I would suggest picking up either a handful of good pedals to cover your bases or something like a Line 6 M9; either way, this will amount to about $300-400.

Left with $500-$600 for an amp, with gigging in mind, you might look for a Peavey Classic 30/50 or XXX/Ultra/Ultra+, Mesa/Boogie Nomad 45/55, Egnater Tweaker/Rebel 30, Line 6 Vetta (This would eliminate your need for many effects), Axe-Fx I (Same situation as the Vetta), Bugera V55, or Jet City JCA50. I may be missing some here...
Where are you located? Willing to go used?
You can get an ADA MP-1 and headphones for $300 if you look on ebay, that's a pretty 80s sound.
If you're getting an OD808 you might as well save like $60 and get an Ibanez TS7. The OD9 is the better pedal to my ears. Even so, have you considered any pedals that aren't of the Tubescreamer variety? I really like my Xotic BB Preamp, and there are many others to consider.
Well, I may ask him again when I send him an email to confirm the replacement. I followed him on Twitter, I deserve a well-reasoned response, god damnit!
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No. Those are the Avatar Hellatones.

Quote by trashedlostfdup
they are not affiliated with celestion at all. they are clones, be it decent clones, but they are not genuine Celestion vintage 30's.

It seems I was mistaken.
WGS speakers are rebranded, broken-in celestions IIRC. You didn't get ripped off, your friend was just oversimplifying. They are excellent speakers.
...Possibly? Each of the tubes sent to me had two numbers on it, separated by a slash. For example, they would say 105/110 or something like that. The one for the PI said (I think, I've already sent it back) 120/120. Is that what you mean by balanced?
That's a good point. I've been very happy with the JJs, but have nothing to compare them to, since this amp is also my first tube amp. Any recommendations? I play lots of Pink Floyd, Queen, Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and music in that vein (classic rock/early metal/NWOBHM), as well as more modern stuff like Andy Timmons, Van Halen, and Rush. I'm not expecting anything too awesome in terms of big tube sounds, because I know I won't get that out of EL84s or 6V6s, but that should give you an idea of what I want. For a lead tone, I especially adore Brian May's. My gear is in my sig, briefly, but let me be more specific: The Ibanez, which is the guitar I will be taking with me to college in about 2 months, has a Dimarzio AT-1 in the bridge, True Velvet in the middle position, and PAF Joe in the neck. I may later take the PRS depending on dorm conditions. I am using a BB Preamp and Mad Professor Sweet Honey for overdrive.
Egnater Rebel 30 Combo. Stock JJ power tubes.
That could very well be. I asked him, but he's undoubtedly a busy man, so I don't expect nor deserve a response.

On a somewhat related note, the reason I retubed my preamp section is that I thought certain noises would be resolved by doing this. These noises can best be described as a whooshing, crackling white noise. The problem is sporadic, and wasn't resolved by replacing V1-V4. I am thinking that either the PI or power section is at fault here. Any ideas?
Well, I shouldn't say low-wattage. This is the relevant portion of the email I received from Doug of dougstubes:

The Mullard 12AX7 would be great in the PI, not too keen on a long plate tube in V1-V3 in these type of amps.

I asked him if a Mullard 12AX7 would be advisable for V1. I just assumed he meant low wattage was the reason, since my amp has both major types of small power tubes and runs a fairly typical 2-channel setup.
One more question: Why is it that long-plated tubes are not advisable for small-wattage amps, but work well in the phase inverter?
I am in email correspondence with Doug atm. I definitely will keep the recommendation in mind, thanks 311.
Update: I checked each tube individually by putting all the old ones back in and replacing them one by one with the new tubes, similar to what XGamerGt04 suggested. Each successive tube left the amp working and sounding slightly better each time, and left me worrying more and more that I'd look like an idiot on the interwebz for not pushing a tube in all the way. However, the Sovtek 12AX7LPS that I ordered for the phase inverter was the culprit. Thank goodness it's nothing more serious.

While I'm here, is it worth it to upgrade to a better long-plate tube like a Mullard or even a NOS 12AX7 for the phase inverter? Or should I just ask Doug for a replacement?
Okay, yeah, I haven't yet tried that, mostly because I don't feel like messing with the backplate again. All I have is a cheap screwdriver at home, which is not so handy. I'm going to take a shower and try that, update forthcoming. Thanks for the advice.
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Also, you shouldn't mix those tubes like they - they need to be matched.
Take your amp to a tech and have him check it out and re-bias it.

You don't need to bias for preamp tubes. At least not from 12AX7s to 12AX7s. Doug from Dougstubes recommended me this set.

Are there any other possibilities, or is it just "probably" a fuse and otherwise possession by demons? Should I call my local shaman?
I recently bought 5 new 12AX7s of various brands (a Ruby 12AX7AC5 HG+ in V1, a Ruby AC7 HG in V2, Penta Labs 12AX7 in V3, a Sovtek 12AX7WC in V4(effects loop), and a Sovtek LPS in V5, the phase inverter) to replace the stock Sovteks in my Egnater Rebel 30. After putting all the tubes in (and, to my knowledge, not changing anything else in the amp), I turned it on. Each of the tubes seems to light up, including the power tubes. However, no sound comes out of the amp when I play except for the noise that I was trying to remedy by replacing the tubes

Is it possible that I blew a fuse? If so, do I just need to replace the fuse or is this indicative of a deeper issue? Yes, I did check the cable, and it works with neither of my guitars. I'll be happy to provide more info if needed.
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To all the engineers in the WTLTL, you must read these.

So true. So true...

Not that I've posted here often or in a while, but that site is missing "assigns 3 induction proofs and 4 hours of practice problems for homework the night before a test - test is on something entirely different, hw is not collected."

Courtesy of my calc 2 teacher.
HNAD!! That stuff looks gorgeous. How does the Ampeg sound with a nice fuzz?
I didn't like the CS3 so much for its tone, but the Dyna Comp is pretty noisy too. Try both and buy the one you like best for tone, features, and quietness.
That's pretty baffling, since you've got a decimator and EMGs, which typically have low noise. I'm not exactly sure what the issue is, could have to do with microphonics, but I'll give you a free bump nevertheless.
Looks and sounds absolutely great. There was one of these on my local CL a few weeks ago for hella cheap, now I know what I missed. HNAD!
Holy crap, shooter at UT-Austin today. Thank goodness it wasn't as bad as VATech though.
HNAD! That's a great amp for an EXCEPTIONAL deal.

For what it's worth, I'm Jewish and I'm not particularly offended by Seref's post. It's a joke about stereotypes, he's not equating immoral corporate behavior to across-the-board Jewish immorality as far as I can tell.

However, your argument is a little bit flawed. The reason gypped is more acceptable is because gypsies actually do feel entitled to the belongings of those in their community and surroundings as part of their culture. The terms "gay" and "retarded" have essentially undergone a change in meaning, and there is really no cognitive connection between being homosexual and being stupid or illogical anymore. Basically, words change meaning, but certain ones have not (yet) and should be avoided as such.

HNSD! That's some awesome gear you've gotten. I really want to try an Agile one of these days.
The RG120 is playable, and although the pickups are crap, you should notice a much larger improvement in tone with a better amp/similar device. Sell your pedal and your current amp, and get a Pod X3. Those sound sick for metal tones when dialed in right, and they're perfect for your apartment, especially paired with studio monitors. Eventually, you should get a new guitar, because I don't think putting new pups in the RG120 is worth it, when you could spend an extra $200 on a lower-end S-Series or even just get an RG321. Trust me, I owned an RG120 for a while.
HNGD! I know how awesome this must be for you, not having a JCM900 anymore and all, but...




...I am disappointed that you haven't gotten a Splawn yet.
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Damn I forgot that was today... I wonder what the chances of snagging one are.

I got it but I can't even play this weekend, too much work.

**** BC Calc.
What styles of music do you play? What's your overall budget? Can you go used?

I'd look for a used Carvin Singlecut. They're very good quality guitars. Why are you so dead-set on a LP-style guitar, anyways?
You can look for a used Digidesign Eleven Rack and some studio monitors, or pick up a Pod X3, since you play metal. One can get some seriously nice tones out of a Pod X3.

And honestly, you're probably gonna get roommates that are cool with you using something loud-ish, so your current MFX with some nice studio monitors would suffice. But yeah, X3 and studio monitors is my recommendation.

EDIT: I'm a senior as well, and this is exactly what I plan to do.
Hey guys, have you seen this article: ?

It's about how this reporter or group of people got a couple studio guys together and had them take a listening test to distinguish modelers and the amps they model. They only got the real amp 38.5% of the time. I haven't had a chance to do the listening test included yet, but I'll get to it.

Penn State got killed last night Oh well, it's not like I expected them to be super good this year, freshman quarterback and everything.
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If you're good at managing your time, there's plenty of time for work and fun. I'm managing two (very) part time jobs on top of school, and I still find time to waste on UG.

Yeah, I've heard stories from my brother that would suggest college is one big party; I know that's not true though. Either way, I feel ready to get out of my house and away from the Asian parents Min never had...

Good night everyone
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My GPA isn't great. But it's fairly decent. I think it's like an 89.8 unweighted right now. I'm really wishing that I hadn't ****ed around so much freshman year as I get ready to apply. But my SAT and ACT scores are pretty good and I'm planning on taking both again to get even higher scores. I still need to break 2200 on the SAT and I want to get at least a 34 on the ACT.

And I barely missed the National Merit scholarship. The Hispanic Scholars one is for $3000 though. lol

Being a doctor is almost as bad as being a lawyer from what I hear. I also hear being an orthodontist is awesome because you only have to work 4 days a week and you make an ass load of money. I think there's 8-10 years worth of schooling for that though.

Well, when they say everything's bigger in Texas, they must not be kidding! My GPA is a 3.7 unweighted... must be a different scale My weighted GPA is pretty decent though, 4.55 or so I think. I also wish I didn't **** around so much in freshman year, or I'd have like a 4.9.

SAT is where I think I did pretty well, but it's just a test. I have friends who got terrible SAT scores that are smart; I even know a girl who wrote a book that was a New York Times Bestseller at the age of 11 or 12, who couldn't score well on the writing section. But I'll take a 2390 if colleges like it...

Some girl won the National Merit Scholarship for black people at my school... She's half Swedish, half Native American. We're still trying to figure out what makes her black. But it's cool, I guess

Thanks for the advice about college, Kyle, and Mike, and al112987, if that is your real name... I'm definitely expecting to have fun, but work is the main priority if I want to end up, you know, being good at engineering.

You guys can feel free to call me Alon. That's what my bros, hos, and parents call me.

Quote by mmolteratx wat Seems like the split wasn't too amicable.

Quote by mmolteratx
Yea, most state schools really aren't worth it for out of state kids. You might as well go to a nice private university for the price of some of them.

I really don't have to worry about tuition but I've already got that Hispanic Scholars scholarship and I'll of course apply for others. My dad's insistent on me going to college and somehow he got the idea that I didn't want to. So now he's throwing all these incentives at me and I'm like hell yea. It's not like my plans change at all. As long as I can keep a 3.0 or better GPA he'll pay for everything. And upon acceptance to any decent school I get a nice sum of cash. Whoever told my dad that is my new best friend. I do no extra work and get nice benefits.

I'd get more if I did pre law and went to law school after that but after seeing how much my dad hates his job, **** that. But, if money's your only concern in life, corporate law is where it's at.

Ah, you are a lucky man.

Some state schools are worth it if they give money, like Ga Tech. Penn State is an exception for me because I pay as if I'm in state, and UCSD is an exception because my dad knows the Dean of Engineering, hehe.

I think I'll do decently as far as scholarships, I found out I got national merit today, which was cool for the $2500 scholarship, and my SAT scores were fairly high. My GPA is meh though.

Is it bad that the first thing I thought of when I got national merit is that a nice amp costs about $2500?

Also, my brother is doing his fellowship now, but hates his life utterly. Makes me not want to be a doctor, even though it pays epically well.
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are you serious? that's a horrible tone. Marshall fanboy much?

I'd say that's not a bad tone. Nothing to drool over, but it sounds good as far as I can tell, despite the mic being utterly horrible.
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well that's no good, i was imagining a couple of alligators playing a game of tennis.

That would be so much more awesome than what I was talking about. I wish we had real gator sports here.

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ibz, just so you're aware, you've been sigged. I hoping that everyone will read my posts with Mike Rowe's voice in mind.

I can die happy now.

...Has anyone seen the movie 'The Room'? Obligatory:
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gator sports? please tell me that's as awesome as it sounds.

I wish it was. No, it's just the mascot of the U of Florida.
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You and I are now friends.


We moved to Gainesville when I was an 8th grader, right around when UF won all those titles. The self-important middle schoolers being encouraged in their stupidity by the ignorant teachers ruined it for me, I think.

EDIT: Just so you know, I read everything you type in a Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs voice.
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Yup. So far I've got UT, SMU, Auburn and TAMU on my list of should be really easy to get in schools. My grades and SAT/ACT scores obliterate the averages that were accepted to those schools from my school. I've got a few meetings with reps from Rice, University of Chicago and one of the UC schools. Don't remember which one.

In all honesty, I'll probably wind up going to UT. I love living in Austin, the engineering program is ranked 10th in the country, the price is great and both of my parents went there. That and I'm pretty much guaranteed a spot in any Texas school coming from the high school I go to with my grades. We're ranked really high in national high school rankings and our Physics program was named best in the world by the College Board.

I'm applying to Rice. Great school. I'd maybe apply to UT also, but it's too expensive for out of state kids. I've got UF, Penn State, Rice, Georgia Tech, Caltech, McGill, Johns Hopkins, and UC-San Diego.

Luckily, my dad used to teach at PSU, so I get 75% off tuition there. Everywhere else, I hope I can get a scholarship, so I'll just go to the best school that gives me money. I'm really just trying to get away from UF though, because I can't stand gator sports. I know, I know