I love all hope is gone, but yeah songs such as before i forget and duality are way better!!
I like coreys 2008 mask
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thing is with practice it needs to have a point to it, rather than just playing stuff you already know
find out a weakness and focus on that starting off really slowly and building up speed. ur guaranteed to see the improvement

^I completly agree^
Right now im practacing bar chords and I can hear the difference after a couple of day solid work..
Yeh man dw everyone does it at least once.
HAHAHAHAHAHA what a legend!

Okey mayb I didn't laugh at this utterly random and annoyingly pointless thread...
I really couldn't be arsed to read all that...yes I'm that lazy.

BTW I'm a Christian, but I believe in evolution no that God made humans just like that.
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yeah, that actually makes since now that i think about it, because regardless of what happened, you were gonna get f***ed up any way, why not try to take a few with you.

Dude, I completly agree, esspecially if some dickhead chav [yes I'm brittish] kicked my m8 in the head wen he was down.
thats just sick.................
Dude I was sooooo sad that I collected...

:: Yu-Gi-Oh cards [had about 1000]
:: Warhammer [Woodelves and Ultramarines]
:: Pokemon Cards [had about 300]
:: Beyblades [10 and some custom firer thingy]
:: Barbie dolls [when I was 5 mind you]
:: Digimon

Yeh I grew most of my life back and started playing guitar the ditched all that crap!!
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Please be seriouse guise

I dont even get how thats funny.
Ahh wot the heck.........try to be seriouse about somethin and this is what it ends in...
Sorry dude I didnt realise and I also didnt realise that you'd all get so worked up about it [some of you anyway]
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You made a thread on this around 20 minutes ago. Not to mention, there are probably 2 more really recent ones too. Go away and searchbar you fool, you'll be the end of us all!

No I didn't, If theres another one then I didnt realise is it possible for me to delete this then??

Sorry my bad...
Should Assisted Suicide be allowed??

Personally I reckon that it should be allowed because if your paralyzed or terminally ill and suffering a lot of pain then you should have the choice to end your own life or have someone end it for you with you permission.

Please be seriouse about this thread.
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Nope. Its more expensive then putting someone in prison for life. Also, once you kill them, youve sunken to their level.

It probably isnt if you hang them or overdrug them because life immprisionment means meals needed and extra cells being made for them......but I go against capital punishment.
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its fun to watch it dealt

How could you find it fun watching someone being killed??

Just because they killed doesnt mean we should
BTW I would like to donate this comment to kayaress one


Yes I realise that not all their songs are neciserily Punk style, but in general they are a punk band THEY EVEN SAID SO THEMSELVES ON TV!!

I know this must seem sad, but it just had to be said sorry...

But on a brighter note Green Day rule and I just got their new ALBUM and its AMAZING so to anybody who hasnt got 21st Century Breakdown go out and get it now TRUST ME!!

Sorry for wasting a comment, I dont think I did because I'm stating that Green Day rule, but then again so do Nirvana, Muse and My Chemical Romance!!

My fav Green Day song has to be 21 Guns, but Teenager by My Chemical Romance was also a very good song as well as Famouse Last Words!!

Fav Green Day songs:
::Know Your Enemy
::American Idiot
::21 Guns
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This thread hurts my mind.

If you do it too much, sex can actually give you a 6-pack.......believe it or not.
Mainly talking to boys.

Think about it, if your doing it your bassically doing sit ups.

Grow an afro then become Jimi Hendrix!

Sounds like a solid plan to me.
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!!LMAO!! yet true..................

I think he was experimenting........
I would say <<Uzi09>>
Would you say using pentatonic scales for solo's which no many punk band have, but still.
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most punk bands dont tend to use many improvs, it seems to be pretty much just powerchords (im not criticising the genre, im just saying, oh and i did say MOST, im not saying all just use pwerchords)

Oh thats cool I kinda guessed as much
Hopefully I'll be starting a punk band, but I was wondering what a good band name is for the genre and what sort of scales I should prctice and learn to help me with immprovisation.

Thanks guys and girls
GreenDay actually rocks so I agree with this site!!
Personally I would say that you should immprovise over your band playing...
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Castodium. Because it's my band name.

Yeh, but if your band quit then you'd b stuck wiv a false username!!!
BANANA BREAD ROCKS, but my usernaame would be GiBsOnLeSpAuL!!!!
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mine would be

but weed is a drug though

fair point!
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ooh wait.....
I really should put in a qoute b4 I answer these things :'(