Great show, terrible movie.
my band (middle, bass)

and chillin' in sweden (by chillin' I mean cubin'. Badass.)
EDIT: changed the photo

right, back
English, Sinhalese and French
Might pick up a bit of Swedish in Sweden...I already know hej and hej da! So pro.

EDIT: Fun fact! I know enough OZLAN (Australian sign language) to sing happy birthday to a deaf person, as long as their name begins with M or N.

And I learnt German for a few years, but I can't remember much at all...
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*runs* Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

Why hello there
Pics or it doesn't exist :P
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Bah, this is why I prefer making steaks.

I couldn't agree more, nothing is more easy,satisfying and delicious to cook than steak.

EDIT: Am I the only one who thinks this would work better if you used a regular cake recipe with smaller quantities?
So I checked the kitchen; I've got various hot chocolate mixes, Milo, the chocolate/sugar powder for sprinkling on cappuccino, nutella, and about 5 different blocks of eating chocolate. No cooking chocolate or cocoa powder...

Any advice on what to use? Also got no butter, just margerine and olive oil spread, and the vanilla essence I have looks like it's been sitting in the cupboard for 5 years...
no, but I came here because your username is like my username *high five* for ducks!
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Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

Nowhere near his best.

This + a million
random sketch to which i added a retarded dragon/bird/dinosaur that ruined the whole picture
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Looking for MILFs or advice on breastfeeding.

Most likely the latter.
...what the hell was TS doing on "today mom"?
*strolls through thread*

The following shows are still on TV where I am (reruns):

ren & stimpy, yep, still on (australian) nickelodeon...
invader zim, yep, still got that
fresh prince...can than pay tv for that one still being on
futurama, check
dbz is still on cartoon network here
that 70's show, check, reruns on channel 111 hits
saw samurai jack on cartoon network the other day
angry beavers was on nick in the summer, haven't checked recently to see if it's still on
king of the hill, check
malcolm in the middle, check
friends, check, i watched it for 2 hours yesterday

On sunday night, my little cousins came over, and I was channel flipping. Ren and stimpy was on. My brother was like "wow, this show is old school". My little cousins wanted to watch City Homicide Kids these days.

To add to the list, they need to bring back Avatar: The Last Airbender. I don't care if it's a bloody spin-off set in the next millenium, that show was the best of it's time.

EDIT: and on the other hand, there are some shows that have jumped the shark and just need to stop NOW. Pokemon for example, has had way too many seasons which are all mostly the same, and each series is less creative than the previous. They need to stop making new pokemon episodes.
So I tried out Blackbird by Alter Bridge - the song is >7 minutes long, but about 4 minutes into it, the chart kind of ended; the song continued playing, but no more notes appeared on the chart. I dunno if this is a problem with any other songs.

The major flaw of this game is that the charts just don't match up well with the songs.
English - first language
Sinhala (Sri Lankan) - I speak fluently, but don't know the alphabet, so it just looks like squiggles to me.
French - learnt since primary school, I'm doing French as a VCE subject. (fyi. VCE is equivalent to A levels)
German - learnt for 2 years when I was a bit younger, because in at my school it's mandatory for kids in years 7 and 8 to learn 2 LOTEs. I can understand and construct really basic sentences.


And I want to learn Japanese when I'm in uni, and keep learning French.
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my belt holds up my pants, but my belt loops hold up my belt. Who is the real hero?

Your belt loops attatch the pants to the belt, the belt would stay up without loops.

So yeah, your belt deserves an award. What a hero.
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I believe in the quality of some products, so yeah. Like Levis and Wranglers for pants, Merell for boots, Nike for running shoes, etc.

i'll pay for quality jeans, cardigans/jumpers/coats and shoes, cos i know they need to last

EDIT: on the other hand, i will grab any good bargain. bought 3 tops for $@ each last week
I once drank a litre of milk in under twenty minutes, but that's way less than a gallon.
I had an exam this morning, so my Mum picked up 2 gold reserve seated tickets for me and my brother, Melbourne show. I'm just thankful she managed to follow the pre-sale instructions I emailed her Best mum ever.
Row P...I hope the view is decent. Maybe I should bring binoculars LOL
my computer chair - it's a swivel/wheelie chair, but has no armrests
otherwise, just wherever's comfortable, like on the edge of my bed or any chair with no arms
stupid kid, but I think the Principal is the one being belligerent here. Don't use words you don't know the meaning of.
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I do like The Cranberries, Smashing Pumpkins, and Blind Melon though you basically like bands whose names contain fruit/vegetables?
That BMTH song that goes "we're not gonna sleep, cos sleep is for the weak".
The number of times I've been forced to listen to that on someone's iPod on full blast...and they always insist on singing (screaming?) along loudly. In public.

Also, Nothing Else Matters. Had to learn that for school ensemble...****, it's boring to play.

EDIT: google says the BMTH song is called Diamonds Aren't Forever
I don't think it knows Owl City exists...
pretty much any of the really recent kids shows on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney etc., except Avatar: The Last Airbender. That show was awesome
wait...your school has surveillance cameras in the parking lot?! WTF?
What a bullshit law enforcement system :S
One of my brothers has autism...he would be so helpless in this kind of situation.
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The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, Sunshine

THIS. Both movies I really liked (especially Sunshine) that no-one else has seen.
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Lasers.....they have finally found a use for them....other than being awesome.

yeah, apart from being able to burn and read CDs, DVDs, blurays etc., being extremely useful precision cutting tools in medicine and industry, and lots of other awesome things.
practicing guitar for my band's talent show audition on tuesday
revising french for my oral exam, also on tuesday
studying for mid-year exams which are in one week
finish reading French magazine because I have to return it to the school library tomorrow
unfreeze my calculator
catch up on about 3 weeks worth of maths homework.
...yep, that's all.

book a driving lesson for this thursday or friday
get another pair of keys cut cos I lost mine
RED (slightly darker than the shade here)
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family > parties

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Yes you do. You do if you are British.

It is an American grammatical thing to use a singular verb for a group noun. Everywhere else in the world we say 'are'.

Actually, the French treat collective nouns as singular entities, grammatically.
"Everywhere else in the world" =/= the UK

As for me...
I would say "Coldplay IS a shit band", but "Coldplay are shit".
Come to think of it, "Coldplay is shit" works too. I just don't know anymore.

All I'm sure of is "Coldplay are a shit band" doesn't really work.

EDIT: I think I've got it - It depends on if you refer to them as people, or as a thing.
Coldplay is shit = it is shit
Coldplay are shit = they are shit
So I reckon either is acceptable, there's just a subtle change in meaning.

DOUBLE EDIT: That time when Justin Beiber didn't know what 'German' meant. After he'd been to Germany. Idiot.
My friend's cousin is getting married to someone he's talked to on the interwebz, but never in real life. He doesn't care about meeting her first - he's just desperate to get married (he's probably got no other chance in hell). Weird shit.
advice, guys:

on air
on thin air
infernal youth
state evacuation
in progress

Which one should we pick? The rest of my band like "on air", we used to be in progress, but people got a bit confused by it, and we decided state evacuation isn't right (though the other guitarist likes it a lot).
I haven't yet suggested 'on thin air' or 'infernal youth' to them, but right now the concensus is 'on air'
(note: band full of girls, and we don't really want a name that sounds too pop-punk or too hardcore br0otal metal. )
When I wsa little I had a magic kit cup-and-ball trick in it. I was pretty crap at it compared to this guy, still managed to trick my parents though...unless they were just humouring me )
those are DISGUSTING.
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As well as Hawks fans who won't stop yammering about their team

But seriously, I could care less. Macs and PCs are good for different reasons. Plenty of protagonists use PCs. Weird Science? Hackers? Grandma's Boy?

Okay, not great examples, but whatever

couldn't care less. COULDN'T.


EDIT: but anyway, there's plenty of product placement in i, robot. the robots look like macs...
Sorry, I don't feel like helping; I have a soft spot for PCs (though Macs are great for certain applications)