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ouuurrr deeeaaarrrr llleeeeeaaaaadeeerrrrr
oouuuurrr grrreeaaatttt lleeeaaadddderrrr

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Can we get something straight pls. This is the public poll, it has literally no impact on the editor's final decision. None at all.

Shun the non believer!
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I'm gunna outline a movie idea that I had over the summer, but didn't ever write cuz I couldn't come up with a motivation.

Then I thought of one, but forgot it.

So I'll write it out if I remember or come up with something better.

I just type it into my phone as soon as I think of it. I actually stopped doing an essay when I was almost done it so I could get this idea down. My best ideas come at the worst times.

I'm wanting to submit this for competition at festivals. This one's the best idea I've had yet.
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It'd be so cool to work as a projectionist before running several projectors at the same time was commonplace.

Although it seems that if you want to do something big in film, you have to start as a busboy.


Being a busboy actually makes it really hard to be big in the industry.
It's why I'm staying in film studies and not trying to get into production.
The amount of people in production that are legitimately stuck as assistants is very large.
Once you are a bus boy or an errand boy, when friends of the filmmaker or whatever need errand boys, you'll be referred because you did such a good job. And then it happens again. And again. And again. You may make a bit of progress but nothing major. You'll be stuck because this isn't really a job where you get promoted. You get chosen for what you're known for.
To do something big in film, you have to take risks and hope they work. Most of the greatest modern day directors did this. As someone else said, they struck gold at festivals. It's pretty much like winning the lottery but much harder because you aren't just buying a measly ticket and scratching it with a coin.

EDIT: Oh well screw you then >:C

After this week when my take home exams are done, I'm beginning to write my movie that I want to shoot next summer. I wanted to make a movie this year but shit got in the way. I've come up with an easier movie to shoot, an easier concept to grasp, and something I feel is entirely original. You can PM me if you're interested.
Catch the bus at Veeblock instead.
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I heard this at the start of Nicolas Jaar's essential mix

And also British telly has the worst themes.

Thanks for that. That was awesome to watch!

Yes I love that freaking song. When Lynch, apparently, said "that's Twin Peaks", I can't agree more. Of course many things to do with the show made Twin Peaks what it is, but that song was huge. It lingered with me after every episode along with every image attached to it, whether it be Laura's coldly smiling face or Mädchen Amick getting the shit kicked out of her with a bar of soap in a sock.
Okay. Since my Seinfeld marathon is done, I think it's time to revisit Twin Peaks yet again.
auuuugh don't remind me of that part. Using the baths and shit was awesome. The pitch black part before, however, wasn't. Very very nerve wracking.
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And deleting all negative comments, too? That's a reportin'.

Unsubscribing? Oh you better believe that's a reportin'.
Yeah working in a dark room is pretty awesome. The smell of the chemicals is both unnerving and so damn addicting.
I miss those red lights.
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He'll be back for New Year

He better be!
Kim Jong Il would be so proud.
I bet he's looking at Un from heaven right now.
Damn communist horses
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MC Lars

That would be my guess.

Edit: Incubus might be in there too.

You got rid of the triceratops.

I can't even describe how depressed I am.
1. The Birthday Massacre
2. Children of Bodom
3. Slipknot
4. Skinny Puppy
5. Korn

Still love The Birthday Massacre, and I still like Skinny Puppy.
I just got a huge boner

... until I opened this thread. Thanks, TS. Your web series sucks.
Why are the chords G and d in everyone?
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That's the point.

Bartender didn't notice that part of the post because he listened to TS's username.
^ Damn. Good way to open this thread.

Read into it and give it another watch if you're willing to. Once everything falls into place, that movie's mind fornication.
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Yeah, I said that.

Ah oops. Missed that.

I don't know how I can be trusted with books now.
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One thing I really enjoy (and this pertains to any kind of storytelling) is having a villain you can be sympathetic towards. Torn loyalties make great drama. None of that 'take over the world!' bullshit.

This applies to movies too.
Best way to learn the alphabet.

Oh yeah Raising Arizona is good fun too.
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No Country For Old Men was amazing, and ive been meaning to get my hands on a copy of Ulysses

Do it do it do it.
It's so fucking long but you'll really feel like you've found something special just as soon as you start reading.
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Obviously someone hasn't seen Deadfall. Or Matchstick Men on a more serious note

But to each their own of course, he doesn't write the type of thing I enjoy is basically what it all comes down too.

I have seen Deadfall. I piss myself laughing at that movie!

Actually he was great in Matchstick Men... until that pharmacy scene.

That one part sticks out so god damn much. He's even great in the scene until he starts screaming. It's not even for long, but it killed it for me. I started laughing instead of being legitimately concerned for him like I was the entire time. But it is one of his better roles too.
For me Adaptation. wins, and Leaving Las Vegas is second.
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Complete opposite for me

The only Kaufman I didn't dislike was Adaptation and even then it's at the low end of my favourite Nic Cage films.

I can't even understand this, because for me it's Cage's best performance and an absolutely incredible movie.
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I think author has a lot to do with it. I love everything i have read by Steinbeck, Hemingway, and Hinton because the style of the individuals portrayed in their writing.

Don't forget McCarthy. His style is just so unorthodox at times. Love it.
And Joyce. Joyce was a truly masterful writer.
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I absolutely hate hate hate that film.

I watched it a few years ago (with a DVD rental of all things!) and hated it, tried to watch it again last year and still hated it.

That's one of my favorite movies of the past decade. The amount of emotions I get from that movie...

I am a huge Kaufman fanboy though.

Actually, yes, both Kaufmans work with that statement. Charlie and Andy.
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(and also sorta Eternal Sunshine)

Seven Psychopaths was pretty cool. Could have been immensely better though. Should have been, even.
^ What? 1984 was brilliant. Back when I hated reading, it got me back into reading in high school. Absolutely gripping.

Pacing makes a book good. If a book calls for an in depth, 4 page description of an area, then so be it. If it doesn't, it will kill the book.
If a book calls for that kind of description and it isn't offered, same thing. Book will suck.
Of course many other things affect if a book is good or not, but, just like movies, if a book is aware of how it should be paced, then it is well made.
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Oh shit, I've just looked at like 5 different critic early viewing reviews of the Hobbit, and they pretty much say the same thing: "meh, it's cool at parts, entertaining for sure, but its really not anywhere as good as LOTR"

****ing Peter Jackson, I knew he couldn't replicate the greatness. I wanna cry

I sound like a virgin and I don't care

Oh no. Oh no. I had a bad feeling about this.

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But reading.

Don't pussy out!
Reading is good!
Just ask Macaulay Culkin in The Pagemaster

^ You should not be glad.
Have you at least read the books?
Everyone should at least try one or the other once in their lives. It's much more than just fantasy and shit. Absolutely fantastic story.
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The picture on that site makes me want to kick faces.

Exactly my reaction.

They could use a good surprise pigeon shit attack right on their faces.
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If you don't wanna watch it, then don't watch it. Works for me.

No! Fuck you! I don't want to watch it, so I'm going to watch it and then complain about how much I hate it.

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For you geeks who care about this stuff, the Hobbit embargo is up and the reaction to the 48fps isn't pretty.

Shit.... I had a feeling about this.
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Hey, I only know him from the little bit of the BBC I've watched, Little Big Planet, and the Harry Potter audiobooks

If you don't know Fry and Laurie, do check that out. Pure awesome.
So, if Jersey Shore had "Gym, Tan, Laundry", what's their motto going to be?

Country, Moonshine, Incest?
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Was that the one where he jumped off a cruise ship to swim down to Bikini Bottom?

God, I remember there being huge fights about that at lunch.

Something like that! Ahahahaha

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wait that wasn't true?

Sadly I don't think so.
^ That reminds me of that rumor that some kid accidentally drowned himself by trying to look for Spongebob in the ocean and that his parents were making a petition to get the show off the air.