Looper's good but not nearly on level with a lot of the movies that made it imo.

The only movie that doesn't deserve to be there is Les Mis but we could bet our testicles and labias that it would have been nominated anyways.
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It's Kill Bill, but with Jamie Foxx.

Well, no.

Do the queen one now!
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You forgot to add sixteen "true stories" and a made for reddit watermark and then also that stupid two panel face that's like coming thorough the darkness and looks surprised or some shit

Ah yes, youre right.

The "0_0" was supposed to be that dumb two panel one though
Is this the food store?
Or is this just walmart?
Caught in a plaza
No escape from the shopping cart.

Open your eyes
Look up to the sign and see
I'm just a poor boy, I can't get no slice of cheese
Because it's shoppers come, shoppers go
Little buys, little flow

Hit me when the price drops
Cuz high prices never mattered to meeeeee
to meeeeeeee

Just robbed a man
Put a gun against his head
Took his chips and his bread

Oh Mama
Dinner's just begun
I'm gonna bring it home and celebrate

Mama, oo-oo-e-oo
*when the oven's done*
I don't wanna starve
But sometimes I wish I was never even hungry at all

*microwave beeping solo*

I see the silhouette-o of a cook
Would you lead us to the right food?
Ratatouille, ratatouille, ratatouille ratatouille if you please!
OR WE CAN DINE OUT out out out
I'm just a hungry boy without some meat
Easy food, easy food, will you help me cook?

*second microwave beep solo*

SO you thought you could take away my cooking tools and rights?
SO you thought that my cooking could not be a delight?
Oh deli, give me the right meats to use deli
Just gotta get the, just gotta get the right cut of beeeeef


Nothing really matters, any one can see
Nothing really matters, oh nothing really matters, but cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese

*and maybe a side of carrots*
Don't you hate it when you're about to cum and you suddenly pull a muscle in your leg, and every time you squirt it gets worse and worse? Doesn't it feel like you're slowly amputating your own leg with your own muscles?

Yeah it sure does grind my gears.
panel one: Hello

panel two: What?

panel three: I have to work today?


Yep. Basically what they've become now.

That or:

Panel one: Hello ^_^

Panel two: Oh :O

Panel three: I'm going to poo in his shoes *trollface*

Panel four: WHO POOED IN MY SHOES 0_0

Sad thing is, I think you can all guess which faces go where.
Ai but it is not a contest my young electric mouse.

It is about telling the clerk that it is, indeed, a wonderful store, is it not?

In that case you have accomplished exactly what you sought to do, and to that I say bravo!
I see bread so good
red apples too
I see this food
for me and you

and I said to the clerk

what a wonderful storeeeeeeee

and I see cake so white
and fishes so bright
so many chickens
to last the night

and I said to the clerk

what a wonderful storrrrreeeee

I see bananas with the fruits
and carrots with the veggies
the clerk came over
"need any help?" said he

I see shoppers waving hands
saying "how do you do?"
I look and say
"I'm making fondu"

so I get what I need
for the recipe
and tonight I cook
a food symphony

and I said to the clerk

what a wonderful storrrrrreeeeeee
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and then i went to the store and i said to the clerk

what a wonderful store?
I open up my wallet and it's full of blood

and the one that says bad motherfucker
I said, "Kiss me, you're beautiful These are truly the last days"

You grabbed my hand and we fell into it like a daydream or a fever
The sun has fallen down and the billboards are all leering
and the flags are all dead at the top of their poles

It went like this:
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By a hilarious coincidence (?), I actually used those tests today to see if you are 'fertile' in the cycle, and today I am. So if you come over now, we can make this happen.

Oof! Damn you lack of internet in my classroom!

Is it too late to make this happen?
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v I am now pointing downwards 'cause I know you will be the next person to post.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but...

... =[ I'm here now?
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and the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides

and a dark wind blows

The government is corrupt, and we're on so many drugs with the radio on and the curtains drawn
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How about we don't make it public at all and stop trying to make these criminals look like heroes in the eyes of impressionable, angry children?

I agree with this 100%, but sadly this is hard to do when 1) we've already publicized the last school shooting and 2) it wasn't that long ago.

It's not like we're starting on a blank slate right? In that case, why don't we contrast the previous shooting with this one and marvel at those who survived it and be thankful, you know?

But I agree. Publicizing this kind of event in the first place was never a good idea, but it's a bit late for that.
^ hello!
Peter Sellers.

If none of you get this, I will be so upset
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Watch the movie We Need To Talk About Kevin. It is exactly that.

Also it's a brilliant movie in general. Everyone should see it.

Nonetheless, is it bad that this is almost like it is normal? I mean, it is terrible. but it's unbelievably worse when it's not nearly as big because no one actually died this time (so far). That's great and all, but isn't this why many of these shootings happen in the first place? To get attention? To be fueled by the notice of the world's population? Why isn't this story huge for the very reason that people were okay with this shooting? Why is it only big when many people die? Why is this so small like it's just your usual story in the news?

I really hate how tragedy and the worst of the worst are what drives news. I know you can't front page every old lady who wins the lottery, but still, perhaps try countering events like this by celebrating the failure of the shooter in this case and the lives of those that survived it.
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I remember those times. Those times were dark times....

Were they dark because we had our heads up our own asses?
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You can't concentrate on the road if you're orgasming everywhere.

Or when there's no driver at the wheel.
I loved the dream sequences
You found a picture on tumblr about metal music and want to share it?

Would you mind not sharing it?
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Amour was brutal stuff. Really upsetting, I liked how Haneke didn't try to have any death bed philosophy or try to say anything profound. Really beautiful and incredibly life affirming. Liked it a lot.

It's a very poetic movie without having to say a lot. I probably got more scared during that movie than most horror movies.
There's nothing scarier than clinging on to one close to death without having any idea of how to do it.
So quick predictions on my part?

These are who I think will win, not necessarily who I think SHOULD win. I haven't seen the shorts, so I cant vote on those.

Picture: Zero Dark Thirty or Argo

Director: Ang Lee

Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis

Actress: Jessica Chastain

Supporting Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway

Original Screenplay: Zero Dark Thirty

Adapted Screenplay: Silver Linings Playbook

Animated: Frankenweenie

Cinematography: Life of Pi

Costume Design: Les Miserables

Documentary: The Invisible War

Foreign Language: Amour

Editing: Zero Dark Thirty

Make Up: Les Miserables

Score: Lincoln

Original Song: Les Miserables

Production Design: Lincoln

Sound Editing: Zero Dark Thirty

Sound Mixing: Les Miserables

Visual Effects: Life of Pi
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Well, she was nominated for supporting actress in Les Miserables, but I doubt she is as ****able in that as she was in TDKR.

Seeing as she's a grungy prostitute, I beg to differ.
^Yeah I agree with that
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It's now "Between 5 and 10" films. Gives them leeway on good/bad years.

And this was a good year. We're missing films! The Master, Moonrise Kingdom. This is lame!
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You can have my babies for the experiment.

Oh baby

But only if I get to make them too! I assume "have" has more than one meaning, right?
oh I did too. I don't get this "9" film thing though. In the past, it was 10 films for best picture. 10 when they started up the old tradition again and stopped just nominating 5. What is up with 9 only? I don't get it.

If there was one more spot, it'd be The Master most likely.

I have no idea who the favorite this year is. It could be any of the best director's films because all of their films have been given massive amounts of love. Hell, even some that aren't nominated or that (argo, zero dark thirty). This year is nuts. The only likely wins for now are day-lewis and hathaway. Everything else is fair game.
For Supporting Actor, I'm for anyone winning. They were all great. It'd be wonderful if Hoffman won though.
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I don't think Beasts was ever shown at my local cinema. Has it even been released in the UK? I dunno, it completely slipped under my radar

Possibly not. It's an indie movie that only recently got huge here after its theatrical release. It got ten times as massive shortly before being released on home video. I have no idea but its fanbase came at a weird time haha. When it first came out, it was critically acclaimed but barely anyone talked about it. It's one of those word of mouth movies, so I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't show in manly places there, if at all.

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Honestly that sounds absolutely terrible to me. Like, that is almost how I would describe films I never want to watch.

Here's the full nominations.


Quote by Cadj
Pagan, you know me.

If I sat down to watch Beasts it'd be a waste of my, yours and everyones time.

... Ehhh fair enough.

The trailers make it look like some childish movie but it's absolutely riveting. It's almost like the Pan's Labyrinth of this year: This modern day fairy tale through the eyes of a kid based on really damaging, real events. It hits so much closer to home because many people were affected by hurricane katrina (it doesn't say it's that in the movie, but it's clearly that), and to see this completely different society living through it, to see this kid's overactive imagination bring life to why the storm happened and
where her mother is,
and to see so much more through the eyes of this strong, moving kid is earth shattering.

I cry like a child (what else is new) every time I see it. It's one of the most unique coming of age stories where you couldn't think people living at the bottom of a barrel could go any lower. The will power of everyone during it carries it. I dunno. I'll stop sucking its dick now.

Zeitlin for best director? Who knows, but a nomination is well deserved.

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I was surprised by Amour. I mean it was probably a shoo-in to win best foreign feature, but best film overall? Very impressive.

I haven't actually seen it though >.>

Also, as a Brit I'm fiercely proud of the nod Pirates! got. Excellent stuff.

Augh see it see it see it!

The best love story I've seen in years. It's depressing as hell, though. Extremely heavy. But it's simplistic, to the point, and very confrontational of the situations in the movie. Someone called it the A Separation of 2012, and if you go by that statement through feeling and not by story line, they aren't too far off.
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There's a nobel prize right there.

I know right?

Just give it to me now, I mean, I think I deserve it for saving the world, creating space, and starting up Atlantis.
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I think McGregor was better than Watts in The Impossible. I mean, she's great and everything, but she does spend the majority of the film lying half dead in a bed. McGregor gave it the emotional core, for me and the person I saw it with it was always his scenes bringing tears to the eyes, and in once case a full on tear-fest. If she was good enough for a nomination, he certainly was.

I dunno. I do think McGregor did a good job, but it's so much harder to act when being still and unable to have body language or space to roam around in. I mean, look at Amour. If Watts didn't deserve a nomination, neither does Riva. I think they both deserve it though.

I'm up for anyone winning best actress actually. If I had to pick I'd go with Jessica Chastain or Emmanuelle Riva, but really anyone is deserving.

Amour being nominated for best picture is such a surprise. I had no idea it had such a push. I mean, can you think of the last time a foreign movie was nominated for best picture (THE ARTIST DOESNT COUNT)?

Crazy. Good job, Amour.

Quote by Cadj
1 I loved, 1 I haven't seen yet as it's not out and 7 I haven't seen and don't give a shit about ever seeing, especially Beasts.

Great stuff.

You're missing out! Beasts is brilliant.
Also I'm glad Affleck wasn't being shoved in everywhere. Yes Argo was good and yes he did a good job, but did he deserve the directing nomination over some of the others this year? Nope. Certainly not best actor (the hell, BAFTAs?). But Argo got quite a bit of recognition anyways, and it got the right amount.

But still Bigelow being shafted sucks major ass. Here's hoping Chastain takes home the gold.
I couldn't write down the other nominees in time, but the acting ones/directing/picture I did:

supporting actor
Chistoph waltz
philip seymour hoffman
robert de niro
alan arkin
tommy lee jones

supporting actress
sally field
anne hathaway
jacki weaver
helen hunt
amy adams


daniel day lewis
denzel washington
hugh jackman
bradley cooper
joaquin phoenix

naomi watts
jessica chastain
jennifer lawrence
emmanuelle riva
quenzhane wallis

Best picture
beasts of the southern wild
silver linings playbook
zero dark thirty
les miserables
life of pi
django unchained

I find the lacking of bigelow for director and the master for best picture a bit silly. But thank CHRIST Hooper isn't nominated for best director. Apart from that, not bad. Not bad at all.

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The fact that The Master hasn't been nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars has made me unreasonably angry.

It didn't even have a screener, man. They didn't push it enough, which I think it is dumb that they even have to, but I'm surprised it got anything, really.

Hushpuppy being nominated for best actress is damn cool, though.
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lol. OR we genetically alter babies to thrive on other substances to breathe.


Hey, don't we have a fishing problem? Aren't we running out of fish?

Give babies gills! We have plenty of space in the water now. Problem solved.