By then man will have discovered how to live on Mars properly.

So we can send all of the babies there to learn how to live alone, evolve, and create a new species.

We can then declare war on this species thousands of years from now, win, and take over Mars.

Now we will have two planets to live on!

Oh wait...
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I'm going to see Zero Dark Thirty on Friday, when it opens here. Hopefully I can find like a ten a.m. showing, or something. I don't mind old people, in the theater so much. When I saw Django, the seats were packed with jackasses, whooping and hollering, and whistling, whistling in a f*cking theater.

Oh it's such a good movie. You don't even know what you're going into.
I'm dying to see it again and probably will opening night.

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Nolans next flick.

Oscar nominations are done sometime in the next few hours so you all can get angry at those.

Uh oh. Most likely will.
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Ovary is spelled with an "a".

Oops. Good catch
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I would say something like Goodfellas over any of those. Also I know a few people who were downright confused by Magnolia.

Some what but it's a good beginning movie for opening people's minds, because it flat out explains what you are thinking about. It's a good gateway to getting into films like that, I feel.

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awesome thanks for all of the suggestions guys!

I have seen Citizen Kane (film class.)
Donnie Darko

I was a fan of Requiem for a Dream.. (dunno if its a "great movie" or anything. but I loved it.)


I think it's good. Some people praise the hell out of it, and others hate it. It's a pretty split movie.
Oh I got this story!
This woman the other day said "stick your finger in my pussy!" so I did.
She then said "Now put both hands in!" so I did.
She then said "Go deeper! Go up to your wrists!" so I did.
She then said "go up to your lower arms!" so I did.
She then said "go up to your elbows!" so I did.
She then said "go up to your shoulders!" so I did.
She finally said "Okay! Clap!"
I tried and I tried, but I just couldn't separate my hands. I gave up and said "I can't clap."

She looked at me and said "Tight, isn't it?"
To Jay ^ A lot of those are excellent but are more like "once you've gotten into film, expand on it with these" you know?
For me, anyways
But Jurassic Park and Trainspotting are good examples as well! Watch those as well.
Actually Donnie Darko is a great starting point for many because it's the first "different" movie a lot of us were exposed to.
Because we don't know any better.

How do vaginas like their eggs cooked?


Sorry, I know that joke was a bit of a stretch.
Actually, add Rear Window to that list. That's pretty essential, I'd say.

EDIT: ^ Yeah Scorsese is also a good idea. Probably Taxi Driver as a starting point, then Raging Bull.
I never get shocked if people haven't seen movies. I mean, is it the end of the world? No.

What movies do I think people SHOULD see though? I mean, ones I wouldn't kill myself over if they haven't, but if they asked "Hey, what's essential?" and I had to reply with examples? Okay.

-The Good The Bad and The Ugly
-Godfather I and II
-Pulp Fiction
-Dr. Strangelove
-Citizen Kane
-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

These are quite beloved films by many, easy to grasp, extremely well made in many senses, if not all, and are just really great films to introduce people to cinema with. They're huge for a reason.
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Come, Uncouth kNave. Try Suing!

Cannot Understand Nuanced Tasks, Simpleton?
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Censored Under Naming Tenets Studios.

I'm suing you for infringement!

Nobody is running CUNTS but me!
Mammaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Life Has Just Beguuuuuunnnnnnn And I'm On My Wayyyyyyyyyyy Home Sweet Hoooooooooooooome Alabama Womannnnnnn
Aretha Franklin-Respect
WOAH I can't wait to see my own passport face in HD!
Also, don't forget that she's probably using your image as a part of her wank bank now.
SOS: Shaquille O'Neil Studios
Well they will both analyze the movie but in different ways.
By text, it will be more of a an insightful look for those wanting to know if they should see it or not.
By video, it's more reactionary and raw, and is more of a "did you guys notice this and that?" approach.
Oh and the video will have a few clips if I can find them. I think it's legal to use them if it's for reviewing, right? I mean, if the clips are on youtube already (like trailers, clips provided by the studio, etc).
Tell her that you have a secret thing in your pants that no one can see (not even Squidward's house).
It'll boost her curiosity.
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I'd post some of the pictures but I'm fairly sure it'd count as gore or some shit.

Nah that's ok.

I'm sure they're representing Beib's country of origin proudly: White and red.
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ah the pit

You say that like you know the ways of the pit.

Yet you just joined within the past seven days.


Or someone who snoops, and nobody likes a snooper.
Justin Beiber smokes weed?
I think with an annoying fanbase like that, I guess he'd have to.

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i got about a third outlined. But I got sidetracked by a lot of other things.

That's a start. Ok that's good enough for now!

My outline is basically finished. I'm going to be writing it with a friend. It's freaking awesome so far!
I will warn before each a thousand times. The text reviews won't have spoilers and will be more insightful. The video ones are more of a post-viewing look on the movie and it'll be more casual, crazy, and fun.
For some reason my teeth only go insane with certain foods. Sour gummies? They seem to be ok. Milk chocolate? Oh they go nuts.

you better have
I've started a youtube channel that will have video reviews.
My first actual review will be of Les Mis. If you guys want, I can post them here whenever I do them?
If not, you can tell me to piss off. I hate actually telling people "oh look at this!" whenever I do something, so I wouldn't blame you.
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thats pretty brilliant Jack White. Who the hell doesn't like jam?

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can we henceforth start a petition to allocate sexy ladies to units of measurement
if so then i vote Christina Hendricks = 2 tonnes

this is now a hot chicks thread

I wish I could be killed by Christina Hendricks falling on me.
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my 5 month old was screaming and a lightbulb appeared

So why is Shitty Diaper Sound Studios not up there? Or Teething Misery Sound Studios? Or Diarrhea Vomit Combo Sound Studios?
Creative Unification of Natural Timbre Studios
Jealousy makes a man turn green.

... not of envy but of sickness, apparently. Who knew?
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Never mind, now there is a mess.
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It was actually some natural blueberry preserves or some shit. Peanut butter is tasty, I love me some Thai food.


In that case, I'm really curious about how this tastes now.
Peanut butter is made by gods. The most delicious edible companion.

Jam however tastes like a trollop's mangled, dripping cunt. Then again I probably have the worst taste in.... well, tastes, ever.
He is?

Well shit on my dick and call me labia face, whatever happened?
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Pagan has returned!
I showed my mum the first episode of BB last night, think we're going to watch a few episodes a week.

I just realised that GTAV isn't too far away, might preorder it.

'allo! =]

Hope everyone had a good holidays and new years! I missed everyone here.

Even DJ Safari.

Except you. Yes you reading this.
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I want a hamster too, but I can't have pets until I'm out of the dorms

If you sign up the hamster as if it were a roommate, they can't kick it out. Who is to say a domestic animal within your space of living is a pet? Say you treat it with equal rights and it is a citizen just like yourself. Only furrier.
You find someone with a live hole open and you jam yourself live in there.
Make sure to do this over a collective of modems so it's "over the internets" as you say.
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oh hey, you're back!

Hello! =]

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I think that means your dick is gonna fall off.

Sorry I had to be the one to tell you