I haven't masturbated in days. Willingly. Is something wrong with me?
I bet that harpsichord has been the reason for many pieces.
Oh. He was naked in the Sigur Ros video and is fooling around with some girl in it, so I thought you meant that

Shia's getting a bit crazy lately isn't he? Have you seen his comics?

I dunno. It's cool to see him finally breaking out of his usual typecast bs though. He's trying to do shit his way now.
^ The Sigur Ros video?
Some parts do say that.
A lot of Die Antwoord is afrikaans though.
Piss on that. Converge is always relevant.
Mine's a psychological thriller/neo noir.
So so so stoked!
It'll be my first film that I will be submitting to competitions and festivals.
Good. That's a start!
I've begun working on an outline. I have some really good ideas for this. I'm excited as hell!
I'm just not sure if I should make it a short (well, a 40 minute short) or a full length.
Well it fits Jane Doe more than the other albums.
Each album has its own style and entity.
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The amount of time I have spent watching news anchors losing their shit either after a cut or even live is incredible.
I think the work environment adds to this, though.
Jane Doe vocals are best.

They still connect with me every time I hear them.
Yeah Bannon's vocals got much easier to understand after You Fail Me.
I like both styles, though. The easier to understand ones, and the absolutely abrasive animalistic one.
Converge tend to separate music and meaning. You are able to follow with a lyric sheet once you get used to it (and even without a sheet once you know the album well), and the lyrics pack as much emotion as the music itself. For me Converge's music is one entity and their lyrics are another.
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Okay Mom. Jeez.


I hope to finish mine this winter.
I kind of like this new layout. I don't, but I do. It's weird.
I've heard Ellen Degeneres is. I dunno. I saw her in person and she seemed pretty cool. Then again it was while she was shooting a segment in a New York museum.

I have a feeling Letterman would be a dick off camera. Maybe not as bad as some of the other examples listed, but yeah.

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I think it was in the 70s he was caught with 1.4 pounds of cocaine at an airport and snitched on every dealer he knew to reduce his sentence.

Now that's what I call Tool Time
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It's my Tourette's syndrome

There there.
I feel like I have Tourette's syndrome as well. I just sneeze at the weirdest times. It's like I can't even control it.
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Is Rust and Bone good then? The trailer made it seem boring. But it's got that dude from Bullhead and that dude is cool.

Rust and Bone is brilliant. Cotillard's performance is one of the best of the year.
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Serge Gainsbourg ?

This and Francoise Hardy are the two best examples
Augh so many good French films this year!
If a French film doesn't win all of the foreign film awards, whether it be Amour, Cafe de Flore or Rust and Bone, something is not right.
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I don't get what is so funny
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Hey, who told you about that?
I was really drunk ok.

Ronald Reagan told me when he was stuck in my own ass.
He said "I never thought I'd have deja vu with something like this."
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Can we pretend Canada is the same as South Africa?

Convenient enough for me!
It's like I never left then.
LoTR aged just fine with me! ^_^

And yeah here's that one review
He mostly bitches about the frame rate and visuals, but the frame rate is only optional I guess that option has to be graded on as well, right? I dunno if it warrants an entire review based on it though.
The Hobbit maybe?
It's getting pretttttttty bad reviews though. I know I should watch it and see it for myself, which I am, but the reviews are confirming what many of us have worried about.
One even called it the Phantom Menace of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Shit, it can't be THAT bad.
^Weird I thought more hated it. Ah wells!

Okay so the only two movies I have to wait to see are Zero Dark Thirty and Django Unchained. Otherwise I've set up my best of list. But damnit why do those have to come out so long from now?
You only have gone too far if you wind up in jail with a decapitated head of an emu, a ripped off arm, your dick stapled to a midget who is stuck and has to walk with you, and Ronald Reagan's fist up your asshole as he is covered in bubble bath.
I feel like I'm one of the few that really liked Inglourious Basterds in this thread.
Script is more important!
I will be most upset if you don't have one done or at least well worked on by the start of next year.
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It feels like I'm on break but I have one more final Monday. Should be easy though.

Then I can work on my script or do nothing.

It'll probably be the second one.

Work on a script damnit!
Beginning to work on my best-of list for the end of the year. Going for a top 20 since there were quite a few fantastic films.

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Any love for David Lean? I watched Great expectations the other day to excorsise the latest one from me. Such a brilliant director. Most of my favourite directors are either English, or highly influenced by those English directors.

Much love for David Lean here.

Also Bergman's a genius. One of my all time favorite directors.
Semester 1 of my final year is done


Time to work on my thesis, my site, my script, and my end-of-the-year lists.

I usually don't end this early in winter. This feels very refreshing.
I'm from Joburg, SA.

Not a female, though, so yeah.

"Sure I'll send your pedal!"
"Sure ok hang on I'll send the pedal that wasn't sent!"
"Yes I'll send it!"

Piss off.
Get caterpillars for eyebrows. It'll make you play like him.
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Pagan, you can send that idea my way. I can't remember if I sent you that screenplay a couple of months ago.

I don't think so. I think we talked about it but never got around to it.
That moment when you realize that Kroner became fascinated with earning money off of the death of others because he didn't handle the death of Laura Palmer very well because of how Bobby got affected by it.

I often forget that this.... no named guy... appears in two of my all time favorite shows.
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5 trolls in 30 seconds.

We're not trolls. You're the trollop willing to sell his body for money.
Get out of the 90's.