I have a saxophone and used to play ahahaha.
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Oh, but he watches so sadly
How can he tell her he loves her?
Yes, he would give his heart gladly
But instead when she walks to the sea,
She looks straight ahead, not at he

Now sing it, Pagan!

Seriously. If you do, I will buy an alto sax and learn to play this song.

It's late maybe tomorrow.
He is an electric mouse from Iceland.
Keep it burg.
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You got some just in time. The last time I checked she was becoming a he.

Albert Fassabender?
Best pussy I've ever had.
D'awww ^_^

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>be me, 2 hours ago
>invite girl over for movie
>she says yes and she'll head over
>get a restricted call
>text her if she's coming
>"please don't talk to me, you just stood me up"
>was sitting in bed the whole time
>who was logic and reason?

Ah jesus christ, really?
Thanks for the love in the thread about me! ^_^
Can't say it there because it's locked. Also I had no idea it existed. On a Seinfeld marathon. Started tonight and I'm already halfway through season 2.
Well, season 1's only five episodes but oh well!
I'll do this tomorrow. Too late/people are sleeping/Seinfeld marathon.
Saw Moonrise Kingdom for the second time. Yep. It's behind The Master as best of the year for me. I don't get how it is so much funnier the second time when it was so funny the first time.
Watching the special features now. There aren't many, but touring the set with Bill Murray is pure awesome.
That is amazing

Thanks man!
We only have a few pictures here.

One of them is mine.

I'm next to Pollock in this thread.

I feel so accomplished. I can die knowing I was one of the few in the 39878492374293rd art thread on UG. *sniff* My life is complete.
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The best part is, that doesn't even look remotely like me lol.

Oh I bet it does!
Running late. Can't be assed for image sizes. I'll fix when I get back if I have to.
Anyways, eGraham.

EDIT: I rotated it on shitbucket but it didn't work. I'll fix when I get back. Bye!

Drawing "eGraham" now
Well I sure have!

I mean... I thought I did...

So did I only go to base 1 1/2? Is that even a base? Did I miss a base on the way to home run? Was it really a home run then?

Oh my god philosophical baseball sex.
What the hell am I looking at?
Her one tit isn't even on her body. It's a floating tit!
Of course it was special!
I'm just trying to make this an open contest although you stand a good chance.
I'll make up how you look or something.
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I will get another last thing in if you don't stop posting.

Profile pics?

If not, I'll make up how I think you look.
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I think that both of them staying in their own territory would solve the problem a bit.

Well mostly because this is a typical case of trying to get the last word in.
The person with the best reasons to have me draw them will have me draw them.
One person only.

And yes the drawing will be shit. It'll be like a minute long job.

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I think Israel should back off now. This is just getting ridiculous. The palestanian people have human rights too.

Oh no they do not!

They don't deserve rights because!...

... because...

...because they are Palestinian!

But yeah they need to piss off just a bit.
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Anyone seen Safety Not Gauranteed?

Yup! I liked it. It was fun.
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I just watched The Passion of Joan of Arc. Monumental performance by the actress playing Joan. Just incredible.

Shit's mindblowing.
Why does post count matter?
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The only thing I see around here that's pissant is your future with your friendgirl.

Yep. Thanks.
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Ummmm, pass.

Exactly, you pissant.
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Don't be embarrassed man, it was her loss.

I'm not embarrassed, and I agree. It's just stupid.

But thanks man.
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Your hopes have been crushed.

How pathetic... What a scum bag.

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Pagan is not hope, and the only thing about him that's crushed is his self-esteem after he got friendzoned hardcore by his...well, friend.

How cute... I mean really? What relevance is there? Lol
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He faked it and turned out to be a ****.

I hope that isn't real.
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Pagan, the best present would be you singing Girl From Ipanema in Portugese.

I need to learn it!
Happy birthday!
I got you O

That national anthem on guitar is horrendous.

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Jesus 8 posts in? What happened to the pitsters that I used to know...

Most of us do two things now. They're called "thinking" and "trying".
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I cum blood?

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I don't know how to do that.

Go to the christmas avatar thread. Someone will surely make one for you. They made many of ours.
Make Patrick wear a leprechaun hat because he's silly and got the wrong holiday hat.