Well... Fuck you and the sheep you trotted in on!

But why? I need reasons!
I love both movies. Hell, I have an American History X poster on my ceiling. I dunno. I had more of an impact with 21 Grams. I find some parts of AHX cheesy.
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It's pretty great. It has its mediocre moments and it has its incredible moments, but it usually stays consistent.

I heard season 1 was slow but then it picks up.
I wish I had the time though. Winter break is almost here. I'll watch it then.
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Twin Peaks



I thought they meant shows on now.

Twin Peaks is the bestest.

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The only 'detective' show I watch is Fringe

I want to watch this. Badly.

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Oh jesus.

I mean did they not think when they wrote this? When they filmed this? When they acted this? When they edited this? Did not one person say "hey, you know, this is not only implausible, it simply wouldn't work at all"?

When something really insults its audience's intelligence like that, with something so lazily written and so god damn stupid to even comprehend merely because "durr, they bought everything else they'll buy this", that's just downright pathetic.

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It's almost like you guys haven't seen Sherlock or something.

This is my pick.
... Cinema Paradiso you twat!

Out of those two, I'd go with 21 Grams. AHX has great performances, but I prefer 21 Grams as a whole film. Also full of great performances.
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I only had to watch one half of an episode of Bones to determine that it was terrible. I wonder why it's played so much though, and I know a good amount of people who actually really like that show. ill never understand our race

I hate hate HATE HATE HATE IT when tv shows use that "quirky" music when someone does something awkard like

Mom: Hey son, did you remember to do it?
Son: Do what?
Mom: ... Take out the trash?
*cue in stupid bloody oboes and clarinets*
Son with a stupid look on his face: ....rrrrrrright. I did
Mom: You didn't did you?
Son: No not at all
Mom with a stupid angry smile: Well I guess you better
Son: I'm going to... right now.. Ok off I go... There I go... to take out the trash...
*cutesy FUCKING SHITTY music still playing to make this seem funny"

Yeah, Bones has this most of the show. Imagine the mom in this is Bones herself and the son is played by the curly haired guy. I don't care about the age, just imagine it. It fits perfectly.

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Bones is on right now.

they're solving a video game murder while the lab geeks camp out for tickets to see Avatar.

why are the writers of 90% of TV shows seemingly completely out of touch with pop culture? especially when they try to do a video game themed episode on ANY crime show.

Remember "double hacking" in NCIS?

That will never ever be topped, and sadly I say this but I'm probably wrong.
Well this may add to feels:

Five words.

Ennio Morricone, and...... Andrea Morricone.

It's a film him and his son worked on the score for. It's such an emotional score, too. But aren't all of Ennio's?
Expect feels, man, and don't be surprised if you cry like a bitch. The ending is freaking brilliant. The entire movie leads up to the significance of the ending. It'll stick with you.
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The two worst detective shows on TV: Bones and Psych.

Soooo much suck there.

Don't get me started on Bones.

I've literally yelled "Oh come on!" during an episode or two. I only see it because my family watches it during dinner.
Some parts of that show are so god damn ridiculous. At least the artist woman is quite cute. But good god. It's labeled as a comedy/drama, but the dramatic parts are mostly weak
that one lab specialist being sniped was pretty intense, though, but one moment out of how many seasons? Not worth it.

and the "funny" moments are either cliched, pointless, awkward, horribly over the top (in a bad away), or all of those at once. Just.... URGH.
^If Carrey's out, I hope Daniels will be out too. They worked because of their connection. Both are talented in their own rights, and incredibly so, but that movie worked because of them together and how they fed off each other. Good for Daniels for only doing it if Carrey is involved. Lloyd wasn't stronger than Harry, and Harry wasn't stronger than Lloyd. They were both brilliant, especially together when you could almost literally see the gears in their heads working and how they both thought stupid shit but on different wavelengths. The best part is the ending with
where one of them is dumb enough to have initially brushed off the bus of girls, and the other one is even stupider for being mad that they went the wrong way. It's just awesome.

I mean it's not like my favorite movie or even close to being a favorite comedy, but it's one of the few comedies I liked as a kid that still makes me laugh a lot. The story itself is weak as shit. It was about the two leads, and missing Carrey or missing Daniels will make it suck, so I think neither should even be involved because it'll suck inevitably.


Watched Cinema Paradiso on the big screen...

After a second viewing, and watching it how it was meant to be seen, it's going on my favorites list. Nothing like crying in class, eh?
Everyone was teary eyed, though.

If you haven't seen Cinema Paradiso, it is pretty traditional feeling, but oh my god is it brilliant. Everyone who frequents this thread should see it because it is one of the best movies about movies. It's just a beautiful movie.
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Why should they if it works?

Apple's made a pretty similar business model. Throw the same shit if people are willing to catch it in the face.

Also, regarding your title, I don't recall you ever carolling about ****ing.


Business models no not equate to being jokes

Unless it's Microsoft LOLOLOL I kid, I kid

If something sells, you keep at it and expand on it. They still expand on it. New models of same products, new features on same products, upgrades, etc. Does Samsung release the exact same phone but two years later, and all it is is a different colour with a different name? No.

Jokes get stale. Jokes are based on first impressions, longevity, and creativity. Not comparable at all, even as a joke.
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What I truly hate is when people force swear words into their comedy. It only makes it look like they were desperately trying to be offensive. Swears should only be used as emphasis, not garnish.

I'm looking at you, Seth MacFarlane.

Mhmm. Ever since the dvd releases, and the bringing back of the show, they thought "oh, we can have these released uncensored... Why not go all out?"

South Park did this with the movie, but it worked because it made fun of that fact. South Park now sucks, but I won't go into that.

With Family Guy, it's the same shit they always pull. "This joke worked? I'm going to do it again and again". I don't just mean characters that were "funny" or situations (greased up deaf guy, chicken fight), but I mean styles of jokes too. It's more than just "remember that time I got an enema from a dinosaur with peanut butter on his mother's potpourri?", or the random humor in general. They just re use so many styles of jokes over and over and it's so tiresome.

The swearing bit is one of those jokes. Oooooh, baby is swearing, LOL. Oh no! A sheep swore! AHAHAHA. Look how much this guy is swearing! Ohhhh noooo! I bet that sounds like a mess on tv!

The clip I posted of Buster Bluth was one of the rare instances of words being censored, and pretty much one of the few times, if not the only time, they used that joke.

Family Guy has no idea how to progress and how to move on.
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who is Tessio?

Do it Jay! Do it or whywefight will do to you what he did to Tessio.

Anyways time for Velvet Underground and sleep. Bye everyone
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not really, because the fat pads around the edges kinda pushed me back in.
like some kind of weird birth bumpers.

Ahh gotcha.

I'm surprised you remember this all.
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well, y'know what ITS HER JOB.
its not my fault the economy sucks right now.

you know who else sucks? my mom!

So was giving birth to you really easy then?
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my best friends is the kind of guy who is always railing other bitches. i know he messed around with a few Kelsey's (i have met them) and his current slut is a girl named Hayley Swick.

Don't call your mother a slut.
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There should be a porn star called, Kel-sey Meenaykid.


"Oh take off my shirt"
"Nope. It stays on but unbuttoned"
"What? Really?"
"Yes, the fuck are you asking for?"
"Oh, sorry"
"God damnit, retake"


"Oh baby put it in me mmmmmm WHAT OW NO! NO THAT'S MY ASS! STOP!"
"Sorry, darling, it's hard to see which hole is which with these sunnies on."
^People aren't going to rate that joke too Haley.
You know, I know many girls named Chelsea, and I was running through the folders in my mind going "I swear I know a Kelsey. I know I do... But who was Kelsey and who was Chelsea?"

I finally remembered who the one Kelsey I know is, and she wasn't a full blown slut but I think she qualifies. This theory... you could be onto something, TS. Start a porn site starring women just named Kelsey.
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Did Andrew WK really get big in the usa?

Yeah it's bizarre.
Avenged Sevenfold are the same. I mean, yes, people do like them here, but I'll be online and see this onslaught , and yeah, we don't have that here. We have fans but not nearly as many.
Same thing with Andrew W.K. I guess he's huge in the U.S.? I'm not sure. Up here he's kind of just known.
If one fit, I dunno. Are you sure your bolts aren't misaligned and are being tougher to screw in? Are they in perfectly straight?

Also, do it yourself furniture/home utility shit does come with the wrong smaller pieces a lot of the time. It's not really uncommon to find wrong screws. It's happened to me a few times.

If the screws were too lose, then yeah you could experiment with shit to get them to fit. But they're too big apparently, and you really don't want to risk either breaking the board or even messing up the inside of the hole so it's tougher to screw anything in.
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I bought a bookshelf and I just tried to assemble it but the cam bolts that came with it only kindof fit into the holes that they're supposed to. Like, i'm afraid i'm gonna break the board if I tighten it to where it's supposed to be. So I stopped after five minutes. WHAT DO I DO?!

Ask Kensai.


But in all seriousness:

So they're too big? Do you have smaller? If not, you'll have to go shopping for smaller ones. Don't risk cracking the wood/board.

You COULD try making the holes larger yourself, but I really don't recommend this unless you know what you're doing.
^ I know! Let's gossip!

That George Costanza's a jerk.
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somehow i managed to connect myself to a blogspot honouring "his excellence" the president of Uganda. shits crazy man

What on earth ahaha

I dunno I somehow manage to land up with some of the weirdest shit. There's that guy who stole my Deathspell Omega review, there are the multi(s) (or one guy anyways) that keep making accounts to make fun of me, there's the hatemail, and now there's this.

I think I need to take everything down a notch.

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i found this from when lulzcifer was getting hella mad just before he got banned

Um... You guys what the hell?

Try google searching your username. Seriously. Give it a shot.*albums*v493*slipknot888*Gogo4977182285_7a260a0268_z.jpg/

Apparently one of my numerous hot women blogs has its own... god damn section on a tattoo site LOL
The others aren't showing up because the site's having difficulties, but for now, I'm so confused ahaha.
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fuck this thread

i'm going to be deathly afraid for my balls until i forget about this

So you're saying you don't have any balls when it comes to your balls?
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Well, tonight I got into a bar and a club without ID for the first time ever.

Everbody seems to think it's due to the stubble that I'm currently rockin'.

Usually, I look quite "boyish".

Since having a beard/facial hair, I've been carded maybe four times in 5 years.
The one time I shaved, I got carded everywhere. =/
Name it "LateintheGame"
Oh man, I loved the moment when the arrow clicked on "send" in "Ultimate Guitar 8: Revenge of the Searchbar".
I hope you seriously didn't join when you were 10.
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You think that's controversial? Wait for this one:

Cabin in the Woods is overrated.

Ehh I liked Cabin in the Woods, yes, but I love Black Swan. ^_^
They'll never be good enough to be Olivia Wilde, though.

Screw it. It's a shit pun and whatever, but I'm making this thread better with her presence!

It's for dipping them inside of a girl's asshole.

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Their solos aren't so wild. Fast yes, but they could be wilder.

Could they be...

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Did you get a check up or anything? I can't fathom how anyone could suffer through pain in the balls for 2 weeks? shit, I'd start thinking I had cancer or some shit.

When I had a cyst (screw it I spoiler tagged it before but whatever) on one of my balls, I did get that checked to see if I had cancer.

I cannot tell you what the scan was like. Having that huge freaking plastic contraption crushing a cyst on my god damn testicle for almost an hour.

After all that it wasn't cancer. But case in point, any prolonged pain in ones balls should probably get checked immediately, even if it ends up being a stupid cyst. Yes, even after that painful procedure.