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Araya's catholic, not sure about the others... Who cares what they are saying anyways? They're playing heavy riffs at a breakneck pace and even faster and wilder solos.

I kind of established that I wasn't really being serious, but ok.

Also that does not equate to good music. Also Deathspell Omega are much faster and much better musically and lyrically. Also I don't know why I'm expanding on this.

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Yay! I want to cash those points in and get a stuffed toy version of Liam Gallagher.
I love UG midway.
Hmm, so if I annoyed the wrong person but I still annoyed someone, do I still get experience points?
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Pagans suck at poetry.

Yep. Slayer is proof of this.
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What do you do immediately after it happens? Should you tell someone or does it go away of it's own?

Mine went away on its own but it took a bit of time. It was when I was wearing tight jeans and sat down badly. Oh my christ it felt terrible. Thankfully I was with a friend and I just said "Dude, is it... is it possible to twist your balls around?" and he said yeah and I said I'm pretty sure it happened to me. I dunno. It felt like a bitch to move after for a few hours but it seemed to work itself out after going to "the bathroom" a few times. Maybe it wasn't nearly as severe as it could have been. I mean, shit, thankfully I didn't have to go to the hospital for that shit.

TMI time

I dunno. I've had a cyst on my one testicle before so I was used to really freaking uncomfortable testicle pain.
Yep! It is nooooooot fun.
Sounds like Slayer.
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You're not the law either, Joey Belladonna is the law.

Get Belladonna to beat them up.

No he isn't.

Did you learn that from a heavy metal ecard?
Shame's a hidden gem for me. Brilliant movie. One of the best of recent years for me.
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You look like John Frusciante suffering from a peanut allergy.

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Well I'm biased since I know you're in college, but trying to go purely off appearance? I'd say 25.

Real guess is 20.5

I look 25 though? Yeah that's the usual answer I get. That and above.

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22 or 23 I'd guess.

23's correct. I never get told I look that old though haha.
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no one gives a shit.

He says after so many posts of laughs, applaud, and fanboyism.

Are you dense, sir? Actually I shouldn't ask in case you can't answer the question.
^ Only one great foreshadowing of what is to come with his work
Can you imagine the first interview?

Reporter: Andrew W.K., being a representative of the United States, what's it like conversing with other ambassadors?
Andrew W.K.: Oh, you know, I get met.
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I myself would beat them up

Well, no, I doubt that for many reasons.

the first being you're NOT THE LAW,

I wanna be aged! How old do I look, Pit?

inb4 3 bcz of requiem 4 dremz LOL

Sorry to hear man. That's rough. =[
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Pagan's avatar fits this thread very well.

World's smallest violin?
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I'd just like to say that I still don't like Black Swan

Nein. I am not a fan of his at all.
I mean, getting a good performance out of Mark Wahlberg, sure, may be a bit hard, but Scorsese did it. Amy Adams and Christian Bale are terrific actors. It's not like he works with shit actors.

Getting Mila Kunis and Marlon Wayans to be good, I mean god damn, that's tough. Getting Natalie Portman to go from being an ok actress to being a pretty damn good one, never mind her incredible performance in Black Swan (I dunno, I've noticed an increase in talent in her other films. I don't mean mind blowing performances, but a significant change. She's no longer just "Natalie acting as so and so" for me), and being the guy to restart Mickey Rourke's career with such a powerful performance are both such achievements.

I really wouldn't say O'Russell is good with actors. Getting them to do good jobs, sure. His methods are VERY poor at times, and many of us have probably seen how he treats them. Hitchcock was a bit of a pissant as well, but what he did was to get his actors to react the right way. It wasn't out of anger. It wasn't through having tantrums. What O'Russell's done during Three Kings and has virally proven to do during Huckabees is just shameful.
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if you're going to sound like a twat, you may as well look like one as well, you know?

Oh I understand! That's why I have a hairy face.
Ummm.... Yes and no.
Making more out of questionable material-Danny Boyle does it better.
Fixing hackneyed stories by bad directors made annoyingly-Wes Anderson does it better.
Pulls better performances out of mediocre stars-Darren Aronofsky does this way better.

David O'Russel does to the above, but others do it much better imo.
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That's the spirit! Keep them lips wide open.
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firstly, you sound like a twat

What's so bad about sounding like a twat?
I love sounding like a twat. I only get ashamed when people can smell the queefing that's been going on, but apart from that, the world should sound like a vagina if they so wish.
Oh yeah no question. It was a performance driven movie especially on his part. The story was very familiar but still kind of enjoyable, again because of the acting. I haven't watched movies because O'Russell's name was attached to it, though. I was excited for Prometheus partially because of Ridley Scott, I am excited for Django Unchained partially because of Quentin Tarantino, and I was definitely excited for The Master partially because of Paul Thomas Anderson.

What am I excited to see in regards to Silver Linings Playbook? Robert De Niro, Jackie Weaver, Jennifer Lawrence, and I want to honestly see Bradley Cooper in a good role. He's not an actor I love or even like, but I do think he has potential because he has a bit of charm and he does try. This could be his biggest ticket yet. The story again seems familiar but the cast is hard to ignore for the most part.

Do I want to see it because of David O'Russell's name? Not really. I mean, I don't see it as a downfall. I'm just neutral about it. Kind of like Tom Hooper directing Les Miserables. Now, I do think he is a good director and parts that really stood out in The Kings Speech prove this for me. But I'm not excited because he made it. I'm not bummed that he made it either. Some directors I'm just really neutral about even if they've done work I've liked in the past.
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Only if you lick my bawlz

Ahh the common response of a guy who can't think of a better one.

Also, not directed at you, but just something on topic now!
May see Silver Linings Playbook tomorrow.

Kind of have a love/hate relationship with David O'Russell. I love some aspects of him as a person and a filmmaker, and hate other aspects of him as a person and a filmmaker.

For every childish fight he's had with throwing shit, and every added effect that doesn't really add to the entire movie, he'll have such passion and some fantastic film choices.
I do really like some of his movies, especially The Fighter, but was it because of him or was it the acting? Was it the cinematography? I'm guessing it's the two latter options.
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when you inject post-rock, ambient and shoegaze into your veins daily, one cannot simply pick just one song. I feel I could probably give an entire page worth of songs.. not to mention some have already posted songs I would have.

So true.
All that

daily is just the best.
La Haine. Shit's great.

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Watched Synendoche, New York last night. That might just need another watch to apreciate. I have no idea what I watched at all

If you have questions ask away and I shall try and explain.
Beat on the brat.
Beat on the brat.
Beat on the brat with a baseball bat.
Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.
Oh oh.
Yeah I mean people who call him shit and horrible, I dunno if I can agree with that. Yeah he's made some terrible movies, but I've honestly had some fun with a few of his movies, enough to buy them. I mean, at least he tries. There are much worse, by far.
I wouldn't say he's trying too hard, but rather, yeah, he doesn't dig deep enough. It's as you said. It's surface level. It works for his earlier films, but for films like Revolver that try to tap into peoples psyche, and Sherlock that tries to create mind games, it can't just be surface level, you know?

To me it's like if someone came up to me and said "The world is just a perception and nothing really exists", and that was just it. They didn't expand on it. They just kept repeating it. It's like, he'll start on ideas and not use them to expand his films and expand his characters. Once you dig into someone's mind or an ambitious question, you have to keep it alive. Otherwise it's like you're smacking a dead fish around.

With Sherlock I can look past it because the plot will answer the questions when Sherlock's psyche isn't really tapped into, and Downey Jr. does a good job with what he's given and makes it as compelling as he can. But just showing shit he notices doesn't work. It's like, how did he come up with the conclusion apart from him describing it? BBC's Sherlock does a brilliant job with this. It really digs into Sherlock as a person with mental capabilities and instabilities. But yeah Sherlock is fun and is very connect-the-dots, so it's enjoyable. I usually hate "colour by numbers" kinds of movies, but Sherlock is meant to be a big puzzle, and with the charm of the actors and the fun editing, it's great surface level fun. With Revolver, it's just really difficult to look past it.

The plot to Sherlock 2 is kind of a great metaphor in itself. There's a big build up, and then it just ends. It's like the depth he tries to add. It's there, and he does include it, but it's not taken advantage of and it's not fully realized. I dunno.
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Opinions on Guy Ritchie films?

I'm iffy with him.

He thinks his films have thought but they don't. It's surface level.
I do appreciate his efforts, though, and I do find some of his films fun (Sherlock 1&2, Shaft, Lock Stock).
I like the choreography of action scenes in his films and some of the shots, but apart from that, that's it. He has yet to make a film as compelling and as philosophical/psychological as he tries to make them out to be.

Revolver was a movie I watched so much as a teen. I watched it when I was older, and I don't even know why I was obsessed with it. It's fluff. It's like, yes, you get how chess works, but can you go past that to make it a truly full metaphor apart from someone being a move ahead of you? Not so much.

I mean, kudos for him for trying. I can't say he's shit because he does try very hard most of the time. I will say I'm not really fond of him, though, even if I do have fun with a few movies of his.
You should give it a watch!

I have my own kind of weird opinion about that film, really.

I do think it's great. I do think it's a brilliant movie. But I don't know how rewatchable it is for me. It's terrific on the first watch, but it just didn't have the drive other movies I've seen on multiple viewings have had. Maybe I should watch it again?

But first time, yeah, it's great.
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Facebook telling me when my friends get engaged is depressing.

Yeah eh?
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Certainly, good points. I don't really disagree with you (my opinions aren't all that set in stone). It was worth watching and was most likely one of the better movies that have come out in a while, or will come out for a while.

Thanks. You had good points at your end, too.

And the people complain about the pit now? I mean jesus we couldn't have conversations like this in 08/09. I love this. The amount of civil agreements/disagreements/both I've had recently in the pit has been most refreshing.
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Contains spoilers on Lincoln

Did anyone else see Lincoln and not like it at all that much? There were indeed a lot of good things about it, but several things left me with overall disappointment. To be specific I thought the wrestling battle-fest at the beginning was kind of cheesy. I wasn't in the civil war but I read one historian saying that they didn't really fight that way. Even if they did, it felt very Hollywood and unauthentic. The soldiers reciting the Gettysburg address was cringe worthy. I also thought the whole thing with Lincoln's older son wanting to enlist probably should have been left out. It just didn't really add anything crucial. I saw one guy who said this movie should have been called "The Thirteenth Amendment". (When I first heard the title I was expecting more of a biography on Lincoln.) I thought the music was so incredibly bad. The scene where they vote on the amendment gets so ridiculous with that emotional score. I did think Spielberg handled the assassination decently. That had a lot of potential to be gayed up but it went alright. Although use of Lincoln's younger son and the slow motion zoom on him in the theater was downright annoying. IMO the film should have ended after he left his gloves and walked out. I give it 3 stars.

Just my opinion.

My two cents. Of course people can like/dislike movies but how I felt about the film somewhat polarizes what you didn't like about it, but some points I don't necessarily agree with but I can see where you're coming from.

The beginning battle was so short, it was just to basically put you in the mood. If it wasn't as big of a stand out, which could borderline as cheesy but to me didn't so much, the impact wouldn't have been made. I think the Gettysburg part was a bit corny but at the same time could have been much cornier. It did show the impact Lincoln already had as a person, and it was well established, so I thought it was necessary. Also the fact that they didn't recite the entire thing (although they did recite a lot, which doesn't help it from being cheesy) and the fact that Lincoln was humble and didn't even urge them to continue was nice. It was cheesy but at the same time it spoke volumes for me.

I thought the part with his son was so essential. It showed Lincoln struggling to be a dad because he was busy trying to father a country that couldn't get along. We saw how people got bothered with Lincoln's easy going approach to things, and his son was proof that it actually pushed people away. Lincoln was relaxed but he was still very stern with his opinions, and it was interpreted as easy to overlook or even condescending at times. His son was a clear indication that a life of this pushed him away. You saw how much he wanted to not be like his dad. In fact he even said it. It added so much depth to Lincoln as a person, for me, and it continued on the struggles at home he had to face that he was strong enough to leave home (the issue with his wife and the dead son as well). That's one of two things I completely disagree with, but of course I'm not saying you're wrong and I am right. It's just an opinion.

The second is the music. I really enjoyed the music. The music in the trailer, which was used post credits, was far cheesier, and that worried me, but their selection used in the final film was excellent for me. I felt the music always added to the scenes every time, and this is Spielberg, someone I've been open about with his Hollywood approach to filmmaking and his stories full of schmaltz, especially his newer films.

Now, the one thing I don't agree with but really do see where you are coming from is the "thirteenth amendment" thing. The thing is the movie started off being about Lincoln's entire life and was going to be this mini series epic or even much longer than the final result in movie form. However that got changed as years went by and it became about Lincoln's contribution to the civil war and abolishing slavery. If it were to be changed to the title you suggested, I'd fully be on board of that and would see it as just as suitable of a name. Lincoln still works because it's not about his life, but it's about one of his biggest contributions, and it's about him being the most courageous of anyone in the story, and it's about him fulfilling the dreams and hopes people struggled for years to fulfill. In the end, it isn't solely about him, but it is about him.

Anyways, just my thoughts. I'm glad you spoke up against the movie and weren't afraid to say why. I feel that people often get timid about disliking movies many liked or liking movies many disliked, so kudos, man.
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Saw Trainspotting.

I don't know if I can laugh at a dead baby joke again for some while.

Brilliant movie.
So quotable too.
Unsubscribe to Papa Roach.
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Kit Kats killed his family.


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He's a caramel Rocky fan. Don't blame him.


I think we should have given him a break then.