*fap fap fap*
All he wanted was some jam for his sandwich, you inconsiderate dildo. What's so hard about giving him the jam he came around for?

EDIT: Okay that actually is pretty sweet.
More Annie gifs!

I mean...

Nope, that's exactly what I meant actually. More Annie gifs, please.
Bill Clinton's going to attack Kelly with his Justin Guarini later.
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You Ough Lou Ooze?
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lol the YLYL thread was average at best

That's being generous.
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Ever eat so much food that you're in pain? Oh gawd. ><

Niggeritis kicking in in 3,2,1...
You Make A Multi Over A YLYL Thread You Lose
That spider is cute, actually.
Come on guys it looks like he's begging for food. The poor little fuck.
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my mom just told me that she's getting back together with my dad

Sweet! Congrats on the wonderful news!
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I'll just let him go until St. Patrick's Day

When Patrick will put on a pilgrim's hat, right?
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So im watching boardwalk empire. this show is pretty great. I started watching it because of the Untouchables and it just made it an even better movie by seeing this show.

Amazing show.

So my poster of The Master came in the mail, I got the posters for Jaws and Django Unchained at this poster sale at my school, and I come home to another delivery; Every remastered My Bloody Valentine release.

I'm going to jizz to death, just wait.
I still have mine. I'll change it soon because, yeah, as leony03 said ^.
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Lil Wayne is rock too, right?

No you ignorant pleb.

Lil Wayne is metal.
^ You better not miss it! Some of the best 4 hours of cinematic history, that.
It's a close up of her face in the Girl, Interrupted poster (guilty pleasure of mine growing up, what can I say).

She's quite gorgeous in person too, and really short.
Shit sandwich:


-2 pieces of bread
-a GG Allin art piece
-Jersey Shore seasons on dvd

Step 1: Put everything between the 2 pieces of bread
Step 2: Eat it
Step 3: Nobody profits
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I have a The Dark Knight Rises poster, The Avengers (although it has the shitty UK title, Avengers Assemble on it), a poster of Gollum, and a big map of Middle Earth. Also an Iron Maiden poster. When I wake up, depending on which way I'm facing, I'll ever see Scarlett Johansson in leather in the background of The Avengers poster, or the Iron Maiden zombie mascot

omg scarlett in leather *drools*

For me I have too many full sized and printed out posters to have any sort of average calculation, but it's usually Winona Ryder or Natalie Portman. Many of my posters have "cameos" in my dreams because of how busy they are (I guess they infiltrate my mind or something?). I'll wake up thinking "why the hell did that picture of George Carlin on my wall become a coaster in my dream?" or "... did johnny greenwood really become my floorboard in my shack?". It's freaking awesome sometimes and just downright weird most of the time.
The Germans were ahead of their time. That wasn't porn: That was a group of individuals wanting to cure themselves of diarrhea and making sure it goes in with their dicks.

I personally would rather have diarrhea. I love feeling like a living MS Paint spray can.
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In the lower part of this background are there 3 mexican looking dudes? And does it credit Lee Van Cleef and other people who don't show up till For a Few Dollars More and Good Bad Ugly?


We have the same poster man. It's on my ceiling along with many others.
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I have a massive Mulholland Dr. poster, quite nice waking up to Naomi Watts. A massive Manhattan poster, a small Crimes and Misdemeanors, Taxi Driver, Days of Heaven, Persona (also nice waking up to Bibi Anderson), Enter The Void, Le Mepris and Week-End.

I wanted to get a Mulholland Dr. poster but jesus they're expensive now!
I have Taxi Driver as well.

I have posters on the front of my door that I've printed out of my all time favorite movies though, and both Mulholland Dr. and Persona are on it. =] So I see them when I get home. Isn't the same as waking up to that, but for me waking up to Natalie Portman in black swan and Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander is great (well, most likely freaky for most normal people ).

Quote by andyscoot
I have a Raging Bull poster, a Godfather poster and my newest addition is;

Been in London for the weekend. Got about 10 new films and watched Beasts Of The Southern Wild in a ridiculously small screen in Leicester Square. Got a pretty busy week ahead of me so it looks like Django Unchained will only get a watch at the end of the week.

Nice poster! I have the one of Daniel and a Raging Bull poster on the front of my door as well.
I've told mine a number of times on here, but I guess this can be the source of a be-all-end-all telling of it.

I used to be a pot head (wow good for me) and was dry on weed. A friend and I went to go get pipes at a 420 store, and I just asked the teller "Hey man I'm dry, any idea of who can hook me up? Who hooks you up?" and he said "No one. I smoke legal herb. We sell it here."

I didn't do any research so I said "ok, sold!" and got a nice packet that was about 2 or 3 dimes worth for twenty bucks. This was shit that marines smoked apparently, and you didn't need much to get high. The teller's words were "just a pinch and you're soaring".

The shit was called Amazonas; similar to Spice.

I smoke some and it's a weird high. I feel stoned but not dizzy or weird. It was weird at first but then it grew on me. Three days later of smoking this stuff, it was a Friday and I just had class. It was my combined arts class and we were learning about the Bauhaus movement. I will remember every moment of this day vividly.

I smoked a bit before coming home in a shack that many of us potheads at my uni smoked at. I didn't feel a lot. I got home and went up to my room. I figured "hey, my tolerance with weed is high, so maybe my body's adjusting to this legal herb shit rather quickly". So I load up my bong with a ton (remember, a pinch was apparently all that's needed. I filled up an entire bowl, after smoking some not even an hour before at university) and smoked away.

To describe the spark of the situation, I was talking with a pot buddy on MSN and I have posters virtually everywhere in my room, even on my ceiling.

So I smoke that bowl, and I've never felt a rush that quickly. I mean, in seconds I was giggling like a moron. I type on MSN "LOLOL I think I done goofed" and my friend pisses herself laughing... Thirty seconds later I was not laughing. Suddenly everything got scary, and I began to not be able to move my body.

I began freaking out. I can't even see straight. The pixels on the screen were mixing around and the posters on my ceiling looked like they were melting slowly like chocolate in the sun. I begin freaking out and trying to type as well as I could, given the fact that I couldn't see anything I was typing. My friend doesn't know I smoked this legal herb stuff so she goes "oh you're just having a bad trip. Don't worry. It's cool". She spent the entire time trying to relax me with music and shows. Nope. I couldn't stand to hear or see anything. Everything was absolutely terrifying.

I also had a cold, and every time I coughed, I felt like my head was a whistle. That's when I realized something wasn't right. All I could hear was like a Brian Eno ambient soundtrack, or one of the Disintegration Loops by William Basinski (I actually almost cried the first time I heard the second loop of his because of how much it sounded like the scariest experience of my life. Look it up and you'll know what I was hearing without any literal sound going on).

My heart is racing, by the way. I don't mean in a fun way (like this movie' a rush or this girl's hot). This was frightening. I felt paralyzed even though I wasn't. Eventually I tell my friend that this was legal herb and suddenly her reaction changed. She said "Shit. Ok let me look this up for you". She did some research and said "Um, you need rest or anything to try and get this out of your system". I don't know why, but I thought throwing up would have been a good idea since people do that with OD's. I somehow managed to sneak past my sister's room with my mom and sister in there watching a movie and got into the bathroom which is virtually next door to them, and I gagged myself until I threw up a few times. I won't lie, it seemed to help a bit but it may have been a placebo effect and me just hoping for the best.

I manage to sneak past their room again and get back to my room. I feel a bit of sensation in my body now, but I guess this was because I was moving around and not because I made myself puke. I get back to my room and try to lie down. I'm staring at my posters shifting, and my heart starts beating the heaviest it ever has. I was crying and freaking out because I wasn't sure if I needed the hospital and if so, I was so scared that my parents would be furious about knowing I did drugs.

The one thing I haven't mentioned this entire time is the one thing that kept me going though. The entire time I thought "Hey, it's like weed, and weed can't kill you". I was strong because I thought it was just a really bad trip. I have greened out before though and it wasn't this scary though. I figured just because it was a different drug it felt different, and of course puking when you green out helps you feel better, hence why I did that with this.

The weirdest stuff begins to happen as I lay in bed. I began hallucinating somehow. I was on the back of a bus that was empty, driving towards the sun or something. I wake out of it thinking my door slammed and I freak out. Nope. No one was there. Seconds later I'm on a beach full of paper and garbage flowing in the wind and seagulls flying. I come back to reality to the sound of whistles and an Avenged Sevenfold song playing that never was playing (I know laugh away, it's what I loved at the time). It was the song So Far Away, and it was the guitar solo in the middle just repeating.

I finally go to sleep, ensured that I will be ok because hey, it's just like weed, and I should be fine. My eyes are the reddest they've ever been so it felt hard to sleep because of how dry and swollen they felt. My door opens, and this time it actually does. It's my sister telling me that dinner is ready. I tell her that I'm having a fever and needed some rest. She said ok and all was ok.

I finally somehow doze off, which is so hard when you're shaking in fear and you can't feel your body and your heart is pulsating your entire body like a vibrating phone and your head is a freaking whistle.

I wake up hours later and I'm drenched in sweat. Imagine your worst hang over times ten. I felt so short of breath and so low on energy. I felt so weak, like I really did have a fever. I go downstairs like I was in a dream state and have a quick snack. My parents asked if I felt ok and I said " a little bit". There was some show on tv, I think my dad was watching Justified.

I go back on MSN and ask this one girl I really wanted to ask out for the longest time and she said no ahahaha, but I was in one of those "yay for being alive!" states, despite "knowing" that I was ok because it's just like weed.

Time for the twist:

I did research the day after, when I was sober and cooled down. My friend and I looked into it. Yep. People who had the exact same symptoms as me have died from this drug. They were described as feeling the same shit when they were freaking out to their friends. Yep. This legal drug that marines use can kill people so easily, and weed isn't. I threw that stuff out instantly, and every time I've smoked or drank since it's felt so scary because I keep being reminded of how I felt back during that day.

My heart's never been the same btw. I've had it checked and it's apparently fine, but it works differently now. It beats more quickly more often now. Again, I've had a few tests and they were all fine, but it's got a whole new personalty now. I zone out so much more now and feel like I'm in a dream state very often. In fact, just thinking about it makes me feel like that. I am like that right now. I attribute that to bad sleep schedules as well, though. But yeah, that's my story.
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We can be Jaws posters buddies! I'm running out of space for posters in my room actually. The Rolling stones one may have to go. I'd take down the one for Fistful of Dollars because it's tacky, but it was a gift and I'm not an ass.


Wait... I have a fistful poster too....

Close up of a painted Eastwood with a red background?

Yeah I'm replacing some posters. My The Master poster replaced my old A7X one because... I don't think I have to explain that one.
These two are replacing some old smiley face posters I had (the Have a Day series, if that rings a bell to anyone). They're cute but it's time for a change.
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His feet finally gained some friction :/


I don't accept this answer.

^Where is Sonic, speaking of coloured hair?

because they have guitars

They have to be rock
Branagh's the shit.

I got my The Master poster in the mail. It looks so fresh. The damn deliverer of the poster nicked the tube that held it, though, and the poster has some dents in it now. Ah well. Better than nothing! My Zero Dark Thirty poster should be coming any day now. Yay!

My school has a poster sale every once in a while, and they have one now, so I got Django Unchained and Jaws posters. I did well today!
It's actually only a few minutes shy of being the actual length of the real mission. You can assume this is from time shaved off during
the checking of the files at one point and the like You could sense more and more dread when more noises happened and more people woke up and suddenly now we have more problems arising.

Also, "I just shot the third floor man" was genius. Her not celebrating and cheering but instead sitting there with a "what do I do now?" look is genius. How it was treated like it was just any other mission was genius. This movie was genius to me. This and The Master were the best of last year.
Quote by WCPhils
Yea, that was perfect. The first time I watched it I was like, "That's it? Why is she crying?"

Then the second time I got it. So good.

I got it right away, but other moments I thought were good but didn't tie in too well. The more I watched it, the more everything fell into place.

After four times now, I barely even see it as a movie about hunting bin Laden. There is just so much more going on here.

Chastain's acting is freaking phenomenal and works the same way and I really did put her low on my list for 2012. The first time I saw it I thought she did a good job. I watched it again and her little nuances and attention to detail are ridiculous. You can actually pin point each time she matures, as she starts off as this young adult starting work and easily squeamish to this driving force that slowly goes up the ladder. You can see she has such personality too until
her friend dies, and at that point you never see her fully the same again. Even when she's "happy", seconds later she'll just stare off into the distance and be gone. She becomes this void emptiness without, as was said, friends or love or anything.

It's a mind blowing performance and I could only kick myself enough for not having noticed all of these finer details on my first watch.

Also the climax... I don't even have to go into how brilliant it is.
Yeah. My friend and I have called the post-movie anxiety and rush we get from those two movies the "Good Bigelow Movie Syndrome". Where was THIS Bigelow all of these years? What the hell was K:19 and Point Break? I love how this movie proved that The Hurt Locker wasn't a fluke either. She's just discovered her style, and a great partner in crime (Mark Boal).
Quote by element4433
The last scene kind of sums everything up nicely

With the "You're the only one on here" and earlier when that woman who dies asks her "Do you even have friends?"

She cries cuz she's realizing that now that bin Laden is dead, she is too. She's got no more purpose and doesn't know "where she's going."

And to me, that's a more stirring ending than simply "We got him! Woo!

Yep exactly this.

I've seen Zero Dark Thirty 4 times already and won't even go into how much I love it. The first time I saw it I thought it was really good. I ranked that movie and Chastain's performance too low. The more I watch it, the more I love it. I could go on for hours about it but I shall not.

I ordered a Zero Dark Thirty poster, as well as one for The Master. I cant wait!
Shit. I was going to make a joke, but that's actually pretty cool of you. Good on you axelfox.
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At a church event once a person bugged me for listening to heavy metal, telling me to listen to some music. The person said he knows i listen to music. I should have told him to go **** himself.

What was the church event? A dance?
Go to hell, dentist
I think The Lost World is as boring as porcupine dick.

^ I have no idea which is worse. II or III. They're both bad imo.
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That's not how I learned it...

Every Good Boy Deserves Fornicationintheassholebyalargehairymanwiththebiggestugliestdickinallofshangaifullofwartsanddiseaseandyoudprobablygetleporasyinyourassholeifheweretoeversexitupandyouwouldbesexedupifyouwereagoodboy?
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I liked how The Master is like a metronome. It works because it hazy a very droney hazey like atmosphere plus the switching between Dodd and Quell, Greenwood's score is brilliant as well. It's the sort of film you'd watch before sleeping and you just lose yourself in, like a Tarkovsky or Bergman film.

Yes yes yes

The more I think about it, the more it irks me that it got barely anything in the academy awards.

Oh well. This will be a movie that stands the test of time. Watch.
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That doesn't change the fact that we kind of glorify the killers. Not saying we do it in a positive light, but their faces are plastered everywhere. We all know their names.

Easiest quiz ever:

Who killed John Lennon? What school had the highest amount of deaths in a shooting? What huge school shooting got a documentary based around it and what were the names of the murderers?

I bet most of you can answer most of these. That's the point of what we're trying to get at when it comes to making killers celebrities.