What do you mean twang?
Like to trebley?
Pretty anything you can find at that price range will work..
There isnt really much difference in the amp's around that range.
Its either really crappy, extremely crappy, or just pure sh*t.
About 5.
One being another amp.
And my pedals.
And the T.V is plugged into the same outlet... not the same adapter though. Not sure if that could affect it.
Can having things like a bunch of wires or a T.V next to my amp cause noise?
I noticed when I record stuff that there is alot of hiss when im not playing.
It sounds like electrical interference..
Should I move my amp to a different spot (away from this stuff?)
Quote by Seref
I'd say Bugera V5. Small, quiet, and tube. He might not notice the difference between a tube amp and a SS amp, but if he's going to be playing for a long time/as he gets older, it would be a good idea to start him off with something less fail than a modelling amp. That way when he's older and better and wanting to upgrade, he won't make the mistake of spending all his money going from a Spider 15 to a Spider 60.

Giving a 9 year old a tube amp is like giving a baby a gun...
'Daddy! What are these glass things in the back?!'
Pulls it out....
amp blows.
Just cover the bases first.
Make sure your input volume is turned up.
Make sure your computer volume is turned up.
Make sure your guitar volume is all the way up.
How do the cleans sound?
Never heard a epi amp before.
Looks like a knock off of a twin reverb.
Sweet buy though!
Well dude if you want bass and treble but not just one or the other then get the Hardwire TL-2.
It can easily do Pantera and pretty much anything in that range you could possibly want.
Quote by moominman2

I don't want to buy a reverb pedal but it looks essential

EDIT: I have a laney AOR 50

Its not really essential...
Only if you are recording or you just hate the sound of your amp in your room.
In a band/gig setting you will almost always never need any reverb at all.
Guitar> RP100> FX boxes> amp.
Its that easy.
Quote by JesusCrisp
IDK, but Groove Tubes are the most expensive you can buy at a shop around here, maybe they just want your friend's cash.

That's kinda what I was thinking.
The guy said they have a better guarantee to them or something because they are tested so I just wanted to know if this was truth or just a commission lie?
I would definetly get a reverb.
If you do, keep it turned very very low though if used with distortion.
It definetly add's more sparkle to my cleans and distortion.
But then again... I do have a Twin Reverb. =p
Is there really a difference in groove tubes 6L6's as opposed to say... Sovteks? Or anything else really.
Because a LGS in Salem, Oregon recommended my friend Groove Tubes over any other 6L6.
I always thought it was Fender just putting their name on Sovtek's?
Both the pedal and the amp are really noisy... So of course its going to make noise when your not playing.
Use the amp's distortion until you can get a new amp.
FYI a blown fuse is no major problem...
Did you replace the fuse when you replace the valves?
If not I would try that.
They are like 5 dollars at radioshack..
Quote by JacksonDinky!
And you guys might be forgetting that I don't really want to deal with tube maintenance! is it hard to do stuff to make sure it works, because I've never done anything with a tube amp besides turning it on, and even that required a little instruction ("standby? what the ****?").

There really is no maintenance if you buy it new and turn it on/off properly.
ie: Let the tubes warm up.
Hell im 14 years old and I have a Fender Twin. Not that difficult because I know how to take care of it properly.
Quote by link no1
i just saw this and though "duhhhhhhh"

just use the amps you have now. if you go to a practise room they should have a PA there, and most good venues i played at had a PA at least

besides, dont worry too much if youve only just started your band...first bands normally go tits up...

Yea it most likely wont last.
So dont put money into it like I did with my band...
Just use what you have.
Quote by justinb904
all other things equal, 55 watts tube will produce the same volume level as 55 watts ss

answer the question of loudness, to put it into some perspective it will take 250watts to produce twice the volume as a 25watt amp though the 120 watts found in most of the Bugeras and the Peavey can still reach unholy sound levels though that's what the master volume knob is fobut tor

No. 55 watts SS is definetly NOT as loud as 55 watts Tube
^ Lulz are being had.
Well for some reason my amp sounded really weird (different then normal) at like 2 today so I turned it up to about 4 and a half and whenever I played an E chord on clean it made this really weird rumbling sound.
It sounded like a blown speaker.
So I looked at the speaker for just a second and everything looked the same.
The tubes are brand new.
like a month or so old.
I did transport it a bit this weekend and at one point had to run it inside in a little bit of snow. But I wiped everything off after I got in like right away.

So whats going on?
I hope I didnt hurt it cus I really dont have money for tubes right now....

EDIT: It didnt make this sound before so im not just being over careful...
I heard about these..
The only good thing about them is that they are lighter.
Barely though.
Apparently they sound just as good as a wood guitar.
Not sure though....
Dont quote me on it.
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I looked at a fender frontman i think it was today, i liked it... opinions??

Horrible amp.
The overdrive is just ear peircing IMO
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beat me to it. You should look at mesa and orange. My experience with the marshall 1960 is that it is pretty bright. I love that cab and its great, but if you want something that sounds darker get a mesa/orange/vader.

Quote by XSweetFreedomX
Line 6 Spider Valve 412VS 240W 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

If you don't mind bumping up an extra hundred this is a great cab when it comes to tone , although it's not super light, the speakers (Not actual vintage Celestions btw) have an awesome warm tone once you break them in a little. They aren't too bad out of the box either, they'll eliminate you painful brights no problem. Have you tried maybe picking up a good tone pedal to dial in your sound? A lot of the time you can fix your problem by picking up sound modifying pedals to create your own sound, it's a much cheaper alternative. However, my vote goes to line6 for this cab, no pedal could get the sound this amp delivers.

SO many fails...
There is no such thing as a 'tone' pedal.
Just an EQ.
And 'my vote goes to line6 for this cab, no pedal could get the sound this amp delivers'...
Just fail.
Quote by slash_rocks2005
anyone who thinks i stated that you can ONLY get metal tones out of a valve amp needs to re-read my post, i stated nothing of the like. and i also said that TUBESCREAMER (a.k.a. 'TS') on the clean channel of an amp won't get those metal/thrash tones.

now i'm just waiting for the 3rd person to come in and tell me i said what i didn't...these things always happen in 3s..

^I side with him.
Quote by schtick_bomb
AxeFX.... thats all im going to say

and to the slashrocks kid, you really do need to do a bit more research before you start giving advice like that. You can get metal tones out of a line6 spider, or the clean channel of a tube amp with a distortion pedal. Your opinions are all fine and whatnot but you could really feed someone bad information. Just be careful with what you say 'round these parts .

'Round these part's,
no one like's spiders.
Quote by slash_rocks2005
^i assumed so, which is why i didn't go as far to bash anyway, no harm done, i got respect for people who can admit when they misread things and get a lil carried away, cuz i've done it a couple times quite recently.

why hasn't the TS posted what amp he/she's talking about? this thread is starting to eat itself from the insides out.

Posted and ran. No point in trying to continue this thread.
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For anyone with any sense of tone, yes, valve amps are the only way to go.


^This is going to start a whole world of arguements.
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You just keep riding that majestic horse, son. We'll just admire from below with envy in our hearts, oh wise one.

Im not riding a horse?
Ugh.. You guy's dont get it...
All just wanted some advice cus another musician was being a total dick.
This isnt about me!
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I'm sorry I just saw this

Why do you think you know more than other guitarists? Because you have more "experience" and smoked weed at 14 and got clean in half a year? WTF?

Weed isn't even addictive and doesn't really ruin your life unless you're a moron..

Weed is addictive.
And I got clean cus of meth not weed.
Guess I came to the wrong place for this.
Look's like you guys find something about every thread to make someone feel like shit about.
Thats cool I guess.
I was never trying to be cocky. But in order to explain that im not what your implying I was just saying that?
But whatever if your gonna be so single minded about everything im saying then thats not my problem.
Guess this is what they mean by one addict helping another is without parallel.
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Woah, woah, woah, woah....Woah

you did heroine?

Im not a troll?
and no, dope in my town=meth. Crank. Speed. Crystal. Whatever the **** you wanna call it.
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Since people like Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten and Cliff Burton were born

Dont forget Les Claypool!
And I still havent been more shocked by a bass then a guitar. There's just more...
But I gotta admit, slide basses are amazing!
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Play Only Ash Remains by Necrophagist or a victor wooten solo and come tell me bass is easy.
I'm no guitar expert, but from the way you're talking (well, writing) it's pretty obvious you're another 14 year old ignorant douchebag that thinks he'sa guitar god, but in reality you suck..

Well, I didnt come here to show off. I never show off. I just came to get some advice. I didnt ask to be critisized about my age or what you guys assume im saying about myself. I dont know I guess this is all I can get from the internet. None of you will understand unless your here listening to me. Then you will realize im not showing off. I just know more about what im doing then most guitarists I know. But whatever... Im just wasting my time trying to please people on UG. I just wanted advice thats all...
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You really don't know shit then, do you?

Well sorry I didnt know bass was more versatile and had more opportunity for music then a guitar? Since when did this happen?
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Holy shit! If that's the standard for a 14 year old, I was years ahead back then!

Umm... well most of the 14 year old's I know are still laughing at random object's that look like penises.

And I dont know one single person my age that has got their shit together and stayed sober for this long with all the ****in pressures of high school.
You gotta give me credit for that atleast..
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**** you

But hey, without it, a band never sound's good.