They're good amps for the price, definitely.
As for them not lasting long, I'd have to disagree from my experience. My previous school had the smaller version of the one you posted for a few years and it was always fine. I have an EB-150, which I got second hand nearly a year ago, and I know the person who had it before had it for a few years with no problems.
If there is a cage, it's probably just a sex thing. Don't worry.
I require an opinion or three from you people, if you would be so kind.
I like to smoke occasionally, at parties and such with friends and I want a smoke I can enjoy. I don't smoke often so I don't really know much about brands, etc. Could anyone recommend me something good?
I've heard a lot of good things about Marlboro Reds. How strong are they and such?
I got a black eye one of the times I saw The Blackout. Pretty fun.
I like it. But I still don't know what the fuck it is.
If you were staring at them, why ask if they had any?

Edit: DAMN
No, I'm a dick.
Age?: 16

Country?: England

What instruments do you play?: Bass, a bit of guitar sometimes.

for how long you have been playing?: About 2 years.

What inspired you to pickup the instrument?: My friend had just got a guitar and he was enjoying it, so I thought I'd give it a go. It wasn't really for me so I tried bass instead and loved it. But now occasionally I play a bit of guitar.

how did you learn those instruments?: Mostly self taught. I've had 5 lessons in total, but other than that all on my own.

Did those methods worked for you?: I'd say so, yeah. But had I had lessons for longer I think they would've helped me progress a lot quicker.
Is That What She Said - Alvarez Kings
Loose change
Bus tickets
Actually, her getting drunk all the time probably isn't a lie..
It's Barnsley.
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Finland has some amazing bands... but so does every country. Except Canada (F U simple plan)

And TC, you need to get a clue. All musicians have been copying each other since music started. They take other peoples ideas and give it their own twist..

Rush would like a word..
Yes, do try and avoid Behringer. Most of anarkee's posts I've seen recently having been warning people against them, and rightly so.
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Sherlock Holmes is going to be awesome.


Definitely look for something used I'd say.
I got an Ashdown Electric BLue 150 for what would be equivalent to around 135 USD. It sounds pretty good and holds up just fine with 2 guitarists and a drummer.
I'm a bassist.. and it was Take The Power Back - RATM
Pack of spoons. I'm running low.
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^ I was wondering how long it'd take till someone mentioned the "G string"...

Exactly how does a string on bass break? Does it snap just like a guitar string? I can't see an E string or something just snapping in half...

Wasn't a joke. But now reading what I wrote I realise how I worded it wasn't exactly great.
I broke a G string once. Can't remember exactly how though, but I think it'd been on there a lot longer than it should have.
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A blu-ray dvd player isn't that much but the DVDs are like 50 each.

50 what?
They're usually £15-£20 here.
Don't blink they won't even miss you at all
And don't think that I'll always be gone
You know I've got you like a puppet in the palm of my hand
Don't you let me down
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3. The Hangover
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when you get a text from someone you were just thinking about

And sometimes just little things that people say. Could be something tiny, but when it happens it makes my day.
No bassists or guitarists that I can see for mine. Just that girl from N-Dubz
You're not dead. That's cool because everythingdies.
Steak and cheese, toasted with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and peppers. With ranch.
1. Improve theory and scales, etc.
2. Try and write better basslines, which hopefully will follow from number 1.
3. Practice slap.
4. Get a new bass. Not sure on what yet though
I don't hate it. Too many people here pretend to hate it to seem cool.
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Twilight isn't that bad. I have seen faaar worse movies.

Go see it.

My band's drummer uses DDrum, and to be honest I think they're pretty good. I don't know loads about drums, but from what I hear they're cheaper, but still good. If you're on a tight budget then I'd say they're a good option.
I bought it at half 11
Well, would he even have a boner? You can't assume these things just because he's naked.
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I farted.....while having sex.......yep

In public?
How he's not angry after that, I have no idea. I have the utmost respect for this man.
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Maybe your "mate" should go join some support groups. haha

(please tell me someone gets that!)

Yeah but we're not supposed to talk about it.

And, I don't suffer from insomnia, just to stay on topic :P
I hope I would've done the same thing in his situation.

Edit: Although maybe not as hard as to break a cricket bat in three places.