First thing: Don't be so hard on yourself. The quality is actually pretty good, and much better than my first attempts.

It sounds great, musically. I'm not sure what kind of music you're trying to create, but it sounds spacey and proggy. Come back when you have the full song, I imagine it would be worth a listen.

Mind checking my song out Hangman For Hire? I'd like to know what you think in my thread (or on Soundcloud.)
You English pretty good. To balance that out, I'll try to use as few synonyms as possible.
Your song sounds like a good Britpop song. You hit some pretty good high notes at times. The opening guitar bit is pretty wacky for this kind of song, and that's... good. I'm not sure what the tights and skirt are about, but I've never been to England. Maybe everyone wears those there. I'm an American, where the only thing we wear is freedom.

Jokes aside, you have a unique style and a great voice. Thanks for checking out my song, and writing all of those words and stuff.
The song isn't bad, although grind isn't really my thing. It does get into a groove at some point though, and the playing is pretty tight. Also, Eraserhead is pretty ****ed up.

Care to check out my song Hangman For Hire? I'd love to know what you think in my thread (or on Soundcloud).
Everything about this song is sick! The riffs, the drums, the leads, it's all awesome. And that transition into the acoustic part was pretty smooth.

Two notes (unrelated to the song itself): This thread is in the wrong section. It should be in Original Recordings. Also, make sure to hyperlink in the future.

Care to check out my song Hangman For Hire? I'd love to know what you think in my thread (or on Soundcloud).
Gratuitous blast beating can be annoying. I try to use blast beats as part of a larger progression, instead of as the main rhythm of the song itself. My approach to music is that (almost) every genre, no matter how far away it is from the stuff you like, can be learned from. For example, jazz can be used in metal solos. Funk can be used in blues. Classical music can be used in death metal. I try to use that when I write songs.

Thanks for listening!
If anything, I thought there might be a slight pick scrape, maybe with some delay. But it's probably not.

If you want to learn guitar, I don't think Trey Songz can help you.
That's a really nice song. The leads fit perfectly, and the riffs are nice and tight. If this song is meant to only be an instrumental, I'd suggest you shake up the song a bit. Each individual part was great, but it was pretty formulaic in the way that it repeated a few times with no big changes. Try changing keys or meter at some point. But like I said, the music itself was very solid.

I also write instrumentals using EZdrummer2. Can you please check out my latest song Hangman For Hire? Let me know what you think in my thread (or on Soundcloud).
Thanks for the lengthy feedback! I'm still learning about mixing and mastering, so I'm constantly trying new things, and I'll have to consider some of the stuff you said.

As for that fading out "gated" sound - that wasn't a gate. I manually cut up that fading buzz. I also raised or lowered the pitch of some of those "stutters". The effect was very intentional. As I've explained above, I thought it gave it a disturbing horror movie effect. If it disturbed you, then I've done my job. But that's just my take on it.

I'm glad you enjoyed!
Ah, those songs take me back to when I was pushing nose candy to crooked cops on the streets of New York City. I really like Helium a lot. The song really comes to life at 1:00, when the guitar comes back with more layers and stuff, followed by that little bass breakdown. Champ is great too, but not as big sounding as Helium.

I write instrumental metal. Care to check out my latest song Hangman For Hire? Thanks.
The production is pretty solid. It sounds like an old school death metal mix, instead of a modern, over-compressed sound. The song in general sounds like it could be one of Dethklok's earlier songs. Two things I'd like to point out: I thought that the clean "Let it go..." part was a little too weird and random for this song. I also thought that the vocal delivery of some of the lyrics was a little awkward. The vocals themselves are really good though.

Care to check out my song? It's a metal instrumental, with hints of black metal, prog, and other stuff. Let me know what you think on my thread, if you don't mind. Hangman For Hire
The guitar is recorded pretty well, and it sounds great, even if it's very simple. It's not my kind of song, but it sounds like it has potential to be a nice, mellow song.

Like you said, the vocals aren't great. I assume you want to sing in English because that's who most of your audience is? That's fine, and there are some online courses that can help you to learn a different accent (if you want to).

Keep working on it, and good luck!

Want to check out my song? It's a metal instrumental (no vocals). Let me know what you think. Hangman For Hire
I don't know what the hell was going on, but it looked like a fun show.

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Yes, you do. I had the same issue as you. My friend could play a decent solo, but I'd tell him "No, try playing it in Em instead of Am, and he'd be like "Whaaa?"
I wasn't sure if you were serious with all of that, until I saw the tags on your songs. Well done.

If you want to check out my latest song, here it is: Hangman For Hire
Yeah, that's a really smooth tone. However, I was kinda expecting the guitar to build up a little at the end, instead of just throwing around unconnected licks. I could picture a whole spacey jam that culminates in an all out noise-fest of chorusy phaser stuff. The drum beat was pretty cool.

Mind checking out my stuff? It's instrumental metal. Let me know what you think. Hangman For Hire
Truly epic song! Her opening high note was mindblowing. I thought that the progression at 0:12 was a little cliched, but the riff with those precise pinch harmonics in the verse was awesome. When you play live, do you have a second guitarist, or do you use a harmonizer for that solo?

Mind checking out my song Hangman For Hire? It's a metal instrumental.
I'm glad you liked it!

About the vocals: So originally, my plan was to make specifically instrumental songs. I wanted to bring metal to all the people who say stuff like "I love the music, but I can't stand the growling and screaming and stuff." I felt like they were throwing away amazing music because of one detail. Obviously, I shouldn't write music to pander to the masses, but I've been to a few concerts of instrumental bands (Animals As Leaders was one of them), and I noticed that the crowd had metalheads, as well as people who probably can't name more than 2 Black Sabbath songs.

I have thought about adding vocals though. I'll have to do some test runs (as well as find a vocalist.) But I think I'm going to stick to instrumentals for now.

I don't know if you've heard of these guys from Montreal, but they're insanely talented, and their bassist plays a fretless six string. This is a death metal instrumental from their debut album. It was an inspiration to me:
Holy crap, I just listened to Awake For A Moment, and I got chills. I'm buying the album.
That's an amazing song, and now I'm definitely going to check out your other stuff on bandcamp. The piano fits in perfectly with the guitar and drums without overshadowing it. The only thing I would change, if possible, is to make the vocals slightly higher in the mix. There are times when the vocals come to a climax, but the music kind of buries it. Great voice though.

Mind checking my song out Hangman For Hire? I write instrumental metal, and I'd love to know what you think. You can comment on my thread or on Soundcloud.

Amazing song, guys!
I've remixed the song a bit, and reuploaded it. I added a lightly ambient string part in the outro (using Mellotoon, which is Toontrack's Mellotron plugin), among some slight mix edits.

Same link, but here it is again. Hangman For Hire
On my other 3 tracks, I've mic'd up my amp, but I could never capture the tone I wanted. I have a really great live sound, but I can't seem to get the mics perfect. I've tried forever. So for now, I'm using amp simulators. If I ever record in a professional studio, I'll make sure to have someone who knows what they're doing.

As for theory, I've never taken any lessons, but when I started learning guitar, I made sure to study as much theory as possible. Some people are too lazy, and they'll say something like "music is a feeling, not a science." However, studying theory at least gives you a vocabulary to express those "feelings." Otherwise, you're just stabbing in the dark, hoping you hit something that sounds nice.
HaydenHohns, thanks for that awesome feedback. I like to see detailed opinions, instead of just "more cowbell!"

I'll explain the transition around 1:20. The black metal riff throughout the beginning of the song starts to get a little repetitive and familiar. Suddenly, it stops, and all you're left with is a single fading guitar noise. Then, like a shaky lightbulb fixture in a horror movie, it stutters and then cuts out, leaving you alone in the dark. Although it's not really the same thing, I was inspired by the outro to Daath's song The Unbinding Truth. Check it out, it's creepy as hell, the way it jumps like a broken record. Anyway, that's my take on it.

Drum fills are very important to me. There are so many great songs that have a good riff turn into an awesome riff by using just the right type of fill. I can play the drums, but not as well as I'd like. I use EZdrummer 2 with the Metal Machine kit.

This mix isn't final, and I'll consider a solo over the outro. I was originally planning on using an EBow near the end. I might do that. I'll also try to beef up the cleans. I think the crash cymbals can be a little lower as well. You'll see when I update the song.

When composing, I usually fool around with the help of my Ditto Looper until I find a good theme to write a song around. If I have any complex riffs, I'll sometimes write it out in a small music notebook, in standard notation. Not trying to be pretentious, it's just a good way to practice reading music. Also, when you can read music, harmonies and chords make become a lot easier to visualize. Then I start making the drum track as I start to put the whole thing together. I then put it in the oven at 400 degrees for about an hour.

Thanks for your feedback man.
That's a solid song. It's a little poppy for my taste, but it's tight nonetheless, and the vocals are pretty dynamic. The video is also pretty clever with the whole theme of micro-expressions, and without distracting from the band itself rocking out. I particularly liked the way the solo transitioned into the breakdown.

For your own sake, make sure your links are clickable. You'd be surprised at how many people would be too lazy to copy and paste the link, and would rather just not hear your song.

Care to take a look at my latest song, Hangman For Hire? I write instrumental metal. No band yet, just me flying solo for the time being. Anyway, I'd appreciate your feedback, either in my thread or on Soundcloud.
It's an interesting song. The chords really set a dark mood. The lead guitar is fine, but you should really lower the volume. A solo should sound like it's part of the band, not like it's playing over a backing track. Also, the notes of the solo sound great over the music, but the pauses in the solo that starts at 1:02 make the separate licks sound a little awkward. Bits of silence are good, but you should try to make them connect, either by using a sustained note, or by writing a more fluid solo. I don't know if I'm explaining myself well, but you probably understand what I mean. But overall, the song is great.

Speaking about songs with some black metal influence, please check out my latest song, Hangman For Hire. I write and record my own instrumentals. I'd love to hear what you think (in my thread, or on Soundcloud.) Thanks!
Great song, but it could be a little longer. I felt like it was an overture to something bigger. Maybe it'll sound bigger as part of your EP. The sound quality was amazing. The best part is that it was constantly changing and moving, but without sounding too "out there" and unlistenable. Sometimes, prog music gets too complex to the point where it's not even fun anymore.

I write instrumental metal too. I don't have a band yet, because I'm working on my material first. If you can, please check out my latest song, Hangman For Hire, and tell me what you think (in my thread, or on Soundcloud.)
Yeah, the kick sound isn't rich, but it serves a purpose for music with very strict rhythms. Thanks for checking out my Youtube stuff. I can play a few COB solos, but most of the solos from their earlier albums are really tough.
It's a pretty cool track. The riff at about 1:07 sounds like a Lamb Of God type riff. The drums sound kinda lo-fi, but not bad. I also checked out a few other songs on that album. Horus is a great song. The only thing I'd change is the drum beat, but not just because it's too simple. The thing is (in my opinion), you can get away with a simple repetitive riff, or a simple drum beat, but not both at the same time. When the distortion kicks in, try using the drums to make the simple riff pop out. Otherwise, it's a decent song. The album in general has some pretty interesting moments.

I write and record instrumental metal as well. I don't have a band yet, but I've been putting my stuff online. I consider these demos, so the mix isn't perfect, but I try. Check it out, and let me know what you think in my thread or Soundcloud page. Hangman For Hire
Cool. You can comment on the thread or Soundcloud page.
First things first: I'm buying Of Death And Vengeance. It really has a great classic Swedish sound, and it belongs in my library.

About Gravity: I think the snare needs to be a little louder, or tighter, or something, but it seems kinda lost in the mix. Listen to the snare on Dark Tranquility's Fiction album. I think that's a great sound. Not too loud and reverby, but it stands out.

I feel like the guitars should be pushed a little closer to the center (or double tracked with the 2nd pair of tracks being a little more centered). They're panned a little too far, and my ears aren't really making them "gel" together. They just sound like two people playing at opposite ends of a room. Other than that, it's a solid song.

I write and record instrumental metal. I don't have a band yet, but I've been putting my stuff online. I consider these demos, so the mix isn't perfect, but I try. Check it out, and let me know what you think. Hangman For Hire
Awesome song! Very tight production all over. The vocalist does a good job switching between growling and shouting. I think the best part is the switch in rhythm before the chorus. I kinda agree with the guy above though, about the length of the song. Long songs are fine, but there should be more dynamics in the songwriting, instead of just more verses and choruses. But the song doesn't get boring though, because it still has a groove.

Please check out my latest song. I write instrumental metal. No band yet, not until I have more material. Hangman For Hire
M_16A, the bass guitar is (embarrassingly) my regular guitar with a Slammi pedal into a bass modeling amp plugin. Considering that, I think it's not bad, but I agree I can work on the tone. There must be a certain combination of stuff I can try to make it thicker, but not muddy.

Aardvark, because I write these as instrumentals, I aim for a "wall-of-sound" mix, similar to what Devin Townsend does. But I will lower the crashes a bit, they are a little too cutting in the mix. Thanks for pointing that out. I reviewed your stuff on your thread.
Thanks for checking my stuff out. Now yours: I like In My Mind better than Need Cooperation, but that's just me. The music sounds very NIN-like, and the vocals sound kind of like Damon Albarn. Overall, it's a solid song. Need Cooperation is a little too weird for me. I thought the drum beat sounded a little too cliched to be used on electronic drums. Also, I think the bassline, which is great, would sound better if you didn't play it staccato, but rather with more of a groove. I don't know if you recorded and sampled it, or if you played the whole thing.

Do you record about two songs a week? It seems like every time I turn around, you've got new stuff. You must work pretty hard.
That's a really solid take on the haunting classic.
I actually found this song on my stream this morning. It's recorded so tightly. I think the best riff in the song is that groove at 3:20. I can't wait to hear your final stuff.

Here's my latest song (it's an instrumental) Hangman For Hire . My signature has a link to my other songs as well. I'd love to hear your opinion in my thread.
It's a great sound, but the guitar could use a boost. I thought the opening tremolo picking riff was awesome. I checked out your other stuff also, and it's all good. Yes, even teh br00tz.

Here's my latest song (it's an instrumental) Hangman For Hire . My signature has a link to my other songs as well. I'd love to hear your opinion in my thread.
It's a pretty epic track. That shred at the beginning was insane. Feel free to cross the pond and drop by New York City.

Here's my latest song (it's an instrumental) Hangman For Hire . My signature has a link to my other songs as well. I'd love to hear your opinion in my thread.
Thanks! I plugged into a CI2 interface, and used some amp models. I dialed back the bass of the clean a bit, because I wanted the actual bass guitar to come through, but I could tweak it a little.
Hahahahaha, that was awesome! On the music side though, it could use a little more low end. The notes were low, but I wasn't really feeling the Djeff Djent. But still groovy.

Here's my latest song (it's an instrumental) Hangman For Hire . My signature has a link to my other songs as well. I'd love to hear your opinion in my thread.
I'm back! I've recorded what I believe is my best song yet. It's a 7 minute instrumental with all sorts of influences from black metal to Tool to Iron Maiden. Give it a full listen and tell me what you think. Check out my Soundcloud for more stuff (link in my signature). Subscribe to hear my stuff as it comes out. Please comment here and/or on Soundcloud, and I'll definitely check your stuff out.

Hangman For Hire