I am trying to learn guitar theory. I find it quite hard to remember. Also it is very confusing. I was understaning for awhile, and than I got off track. How do you guys remember every note, names, and everything. Do you just read it over and over. Or did you have a guitar teacher. They don't have a guitar teacher here in town, and the people who play guitar don't know what music theory is. I have a great website that explains everything. and it covers everything I think. Is there any tips I can get to remember it??
you saw the one in Vancouver?? was it with lamb of god also?
Yes, awesome! uhmm another thing is though, she doesn't have a guitar at home. She lives like 4 mins walk from my house. Hmm.. think I should lend her mine? (Nova beginner G)
Yeah kool, this is extremely good help!!.. I really needed it. yeah so like i'm not the greatest guitarist or w.e so im not going to charge it expensive .. so say like $20 a day for 2 hours?? or is that too low? and should I teach her everyday? or 3 times a week. or something.. also, she won't be learning on acoustic. like everyone usually does, I dont have a small acoustic, but I do have a beginners nova, which is electric. Should be good enough though. anywayz thanks guy
are you serious.. thats crazy!!! did you go there too??
Thanks Alot Guys, Your very helpful
thats sounds like a great idea. So start by teaching her the strings, and than move to chords, and exercise somewhat.. just so she can get the feel of the guitar for the first couple of days. and than start to move into theory?
Okay, well I have been asked to teach a young girl that is at the age of 10. He offered to pay me, and I have accepted. All I need to know is what price to charge. I've been told $15 for half an hour. But i'm not sure. and also where to start.
I was thinking of learning about the guitar, and than move on strumming patterns, and chords. such as G,C,D,E,F, and others. but those for start. I have a view on what I will do. But I' was wondering if anyone else have any other great ideas, and a reasonable price. alright, thanks alot!
Well, Bless The Fall are on tour rite now. Apparently they are playing Today. At poughkeepsi or w.e in N.Y, they will be touring until May 3. and of course they are in the U.S. I find that B.C should recommend more metal bands to perform around here. Most likely Vancouver, but it would be great to get sum norway bands over here.
Thanks alot guys!! you Rock
you guys should check out Dissection .. great band
Metallica is a great band, I like them. I don't listen to them all the time, but I liked there older albums very much, including st.anger. and I know alot of people that don't like that album. I liked most of their albums up until this new one. The only song i'd say i like is " the day that never comes: i think its called. other than the other ones suck!.. well in my opinion. Thats all.
Children Of Bodom!! Well, one of my favorite bands. They've been my favorite band for about 3 years now. I always seem to enjoy listening to them. Alexi Laiho is amazing on the guitar i'd have to say. Also another favorite. His vocals are amazing and yeah the whole band is great. I used to listen to them in school and people would ask what kind of metal and **** like that lol. Most of them found them different. but thats because they weren't use to listening to that. aside from their peice of **** rap. Hate breeder is one of my favorite albums, it was the first album I heard and I just fell in love with it. This band is just great. I can listen to them alot, now the only goal I want to master is to be able to play some COB on guitar. Anywayz, BODOM!!!!
Well, I checked out " To Hell and Back" Not bad I guess, To be honest I liked Craig's vocals a little better though. They still got the same style, and still successfull though. They'll always still be a great band I'd imagine. It is ashame that Craig left though. He had a craspy yet melodic voice. It was incredible, I'll still listen to em though.. new and old. \M/
Thanks alot!! Great help ..
well, like.. Children of Bodom - Children Of bodom, Free bird - lynyrd skynyrd, and sum thrash such as darkest hour, as i lay dying and such..
I have a Line 6 spider lll 30 watt.. I dont mind it, its pretty good.
I have a Line 6 spider lll , its good for yeah bed room practice.. mine is a 30 watt.. its pretty loud, just touching the knob its like whoah blasted!! crazzi..I like it its good to use. but what its more like a practice amp? If so, than what is a great amp to own like.. public, practiced.. pretty much anything? I've been eyeing up a marshall amp for awhile,, but not sure if its what i want..
I have a Line 6 Spider lll 30 watt amp, and I was wondering what are good tone settings and any good songs to learn on this great amp?
or know any good settings on the tones (bass, middle ect)
i've been playing for a few years now, but I want to get extremely good, and I want to build speed and timing. any good songs to suggest? I really want to learn Free bird - lynyrd skynyrd, but I dont know if i'm ready yet, I'm actually farely fast, I just haven't really played a long song without any delays.. the solo is my main one i want to learn,
I see, they have a new singer? wow I didn't know that. I dont really know much about them, I just really liked the band, I haven't heard their new stuff, but i'll be sure to check em out. Thanx for the heads up..!!
I dont mind the beatles, they are the greatest i have to say, their lyrics are amazingly beautiful. I'd have to say my favorite song is : a day in life:
Sultans of the swing is awesome!!.. i luv that song, the guitaring is so pure and sounds soo clean.. i luv it!!
well, If i was a guy, Definately Kurt Cobain, but because I'm a chick i'd pic, Brody Dalle. she has a pretty graspy voice.
Anyone Listen to this band? The screaming than melody is pretty sweet.

-Black Rose Dying
-Take Me Now

are pretty cool music, I didn't know if they were either hardcore or pop punk rock, i checked pop punk rock and yeah those bands in there I didn't really like, I didn't think this band would fit in there.. I guess its screamo or w.e but its pretty sweet, you should check em out!
Eric Clapton is an amazing guitarist.

"I had no care for the consequences; the idea of dying didn't bother me. Dying from drugs didn't seem to be a terrible thing. When Jimi Hendrix died, I cried all day because he'd left me behind. But as I grow older, as I live more, death becomes more of a reality, something I don't choose to step toward too soon"
Burzum, Emperor, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Bathory, Immortal, Dark throne, Dissection.. Great bands!! I actually really enjoy Black Metal. My friends find me different because I'm a chick and all, and they are into all that bull**** music such as rap and some what retards. But I find Black Metal revealing and .... hmm.. can't find the word .. anywayz, yeah..
Thanks ALOT!!!! I found a ****load of great bands here.. Thanks again, that was perfect.. no one could have done it better.. \M/