Haha, that was actually more helpful than annoying, I can assure you

Never really thought of that, but thanks for the support!
Hi there UG-team

I was wondering if you'd add a little piece of information to the list of tabs one has submitted. It's actually pretty annoying that it's not there.
Okay, let explain where I'm at: In the "User menu" I click "My Contributions" and click the tab called "Tabs". Then all my submitted tabs appear on a list. Each song has indicated the artist: title and the little number in brackets counting the total number hits on the tab.

What I need here is an indication of whether the tab is a guitar tab, a bass tab, chords, guitar pro tab or power tab. 'Cause you can't see that unless you open it first. It could just be indicated in brackets with small letters next to the number.
It's a problem it's missing when one has two submitted tabs for the same song, for instance a guitar tab and a guitar pro tab. Then they're listed similarly, and one would have to open both of them to see which one is which.

That's all, a little thing that took a lot of explanation

Best regards,
Jon Sebastian Frederiksen
Hi there all UG transcribers!

Yesterday I rediscovered this old blog of mine, and I realized I might have to differentiate the theme a bit.

The headline asked the question: Can you "steal" someone else’s tab?
The answer back then was: No, tabs cannot be stolen. Tabs are pieces of free knowledge, and these should be shared altruistically with the entire internet-connected world. If anyone regarded your tab as something worth "stealing", you should just be proud of that and appreciate your work being shared.

Today, honestly, I think this sounds naively self-effacing. As since knowledge always has a subjective source, knowledge is never objective. Thus, the source is always relevant. You must always ask the question: “But who wrote that thing?” So never forget: There is always a source.

Therefore, today my answer to the question is: Of course you can "steal" someone else’s tab! If you use someone else’s work and sign it with your own (profile)name, you’re unmorally alleging your "new" ownership of the work. And Ladies and gentlemen, that is stealing!

Crediting the source:
But hold on to the concept of sharing free knowledge, because this is basically what tab sites like this is all about. (And this is why the publishers have massively sued the entire tab community. In this case, my sympathy lies with the tab sites.)
So if someone made a great tab, and it is unfortunately only available at one of the many tab sites, I see no problem in anyone submitting it the other places – IF that anyone remembers to credit the original source. That is proper sharing. ("Here is a piece of candy. It is not me who brought it, but that person over there.") In my tabs I always write a signature line in the very bottom, so if anyone would like to copy my tab, just let that signature line be.

A problem arises here though: If a tab is submitted on another site by someone else, it is out of the source’s reach, and if the source updates the tab on the original site, it won’t be updated on the other sites. Hence the source is credited for something, which is now wrong and should have been corrected. I don’t know how to solve this.

Rating a "stolen" tab:
The initial thought for discussion actually emerged from this dilemma:
A person had stolen someone else’s tab (that is to say: Submitting without crediting the source). Although the tab was perfect, a third person rated it 1 star (lowest rating) and arguing that is was stolen goods.
There can be many other views on how to solve this, and I am only trying to present a solution I think is rational:
True, the tab was stolen goods. But does that make it a lousy tab? I think not. The rating systems of these tab sites are designed to deal with the quality of the tab. Whether it is stolen goods or not is the job of the [report]-button. So I think this guy should have rated it 5 stars and reported the tab for being "uncredited goods".

I hope this little philosophizing blog has been informative to you! Remember that these are only my opinions and approaches, and there are of course many others.

Best regards,
Jon Sebastian Frederiksen
Quote by jj1565
it was in the First POST of the FIRST PAGE.

there's a link to the shop and it mentions radio shack and the type of switch, and gives a diagram, and practically delivers the part to your house!

well, not that last part.

but yeah, it's pretty clear.

Well, then you should just turn your volume knob down to zero, simple as that is
Killswitch is more designed for killing the signal rhythmically.
Quote by colohue
Speaking from personal experience LemonInfluence is correct. There isn't one way to play things. Transposing can be difficult for people just starting, but it can make things much easier. Not only that but if you take a look at the tabs for Exo Politics by Muse some people say the intro riff contains slides and others believe it is legato.

Nope, that's absolutely true, I think no one disagrees with that, so that didn't really lead us any further in the discussion
Quote by Lemoninfluence
keeping several copies up justifies our continued existence

I totally agree in that point, we still want the site to exist!
But again, what's an interpretation rated 1 star worth? We're not talking about having one single version of the song, which would also be absolutely discriminating against any kind of creativity whatsoever.

I think it's a balancing between:
- having many versions that allow interpretation and creativity, but a the same time disturbs the overview and
- having few versions that makes the picture very sharp, but at the same time threatens this website's future existence.

Right now this site is way over to the site of having too many versions, and I think it should balance more little towards the middle.
Quote by SlappyMcLardfat
so does the sound come out when you release the button?

Yep, that's basically the point in killswitch. It's very simple: the outgoing signal of the guitar is simply cut off the moment you push down the button, and when you release the button, it jumps back up and the signal is reestablished.
I recently decided that I wanted killswitch installed in my guitar, yeah baby!
My guitar is a Blade Stratocaster, so I was then wondering: Do I want a toggle switch or a button switch? And what electronics should I buy? And where should I buy it?
With this thread, I just want to share what I've learned so far

- Toggle switch or button switch?
Button switch! Toggle switch is what Tom Morello uses, button is what guitarists like Buckethead use. And who play fastest of those two: Buckethead
No seriously, a button switch is definitely the best and simplest solution for guitar. It allows you to play faster than a toggle switch does and it's definitely easiest to install.

- What electronics should I buy and where?
I suggest you buy this momentary button switch, which is perfect for guitar:

I found a video on youtube with this guy explaining how he has installed this very button on his guitar. This is a great video, check it out:

Hope you can use this

Hi there UG Team and Users

Let me start saying that I think the mission of this site is to spread as much correct knowledge of music as possible - and as simple and clearly as it’s possible!
Now, as an example, I was wondering why there are 38 versions of Enter Sandman; that includes 10 guitar text tabs and 9 guitar pro version!
- Who needs all these tabs? If I was to look for this song, I'd find it absolutely confusing with so many tabs to choose from. Of course I could just pick a tab rated 5 stars, but the general overview is still completely messed up. Who needs version 3-6 when they are only rated 3 stars? They'll just be standing there on the list gathering dust forever! (No personal offense to the ones that did version 3-6! )

Wouldn't it make everything more dynamic if, let's say, tabs rated 1, 2 or 3 stars could be suggested discarded? Just as well as you can participate in approving tabs, you could also participate in discarding tabs. – How about a page similar to the approval page, where users could vote for or against a suggestion for discarding a tab? That'd be pertinent users, obviously, like users that are subscribed for Metallica-tabs, in this case, or users that have submitted Metallica-tabs for other songs.
I know this system could easily be abused and exacerbate the competition that many submitters unfortunately feel, and that's why it needs to be thought thoroughly through! (Hah, try to repeat those three words ten times )

My vision is definitely not that each song has to have only 3 version of it, but I just want to avoid 9 similar and superfluous versions that do nothing but confusing everyone.
I think this would also have a great positive effect of creating more communication between the users that are interested in how a song is played. I think that is often missing on this site. Communication and committed discussion is the most educative thing in the world!

I know this idea generally sounds a bit controversial, so I'd really like some response to it!

Jon Sebastian Frederiksen, aka Maitinin
Hi there UG-staff

My profile is called Maitinin and, according to your high scores, I have the 16th most active profile here and have been dedicated to your site for several years now, so please take this serious.

Okay here's the deal, I submitted a guitar pro tab for the song Vicarious by Tool a week ago. There are already 5 guitar pro versions of the song, but I submitted mine since none of them were very accurate, a shame for such a great song. Anyway, my tab had 6 approval votes during the week in the approval queue, but it was still denied by your system.
What I don't understand is why many other songs can have 18 versions of it, while my tab, which was the first absolutely accurate one for this song, got denied even though it had 6 votes and great response from other experienced Tool transcribers.

Sorry, but there's simply something unreasonable with your approval system! I'm a huge fan of the idea of it; it's probably the greatest idea of this site. But it's simply against all reason that, for instance, my Vicarious tab here wasn't approved.
And of course I'm not only disappointed about my single tab in this single case, but this has happened a lot of times for my tabs, which I usually use about 30 hours of work to finish, as well as it often happens to many other very experienced transcribers.

Hope you'll take this case into consideration!

Sincerely with the greatest respect and dedication to your website!
Jon Sebastian Frederiksen aka Maitinin
Hi there brilliant UG-team

I just want to say that the Tab Request concept is just wonderful, it'll really help thousands of people who's not able to transcribe! (yeah dude, that's sorta the idea )

Anyways, but you HAVE to make it more clear. My suggestion is simply to design so that you can choose which requests you want to have displayed - just like it works in the Tab Update section. So if you've added Extreme as a favorite artist, then you can see if there are any requests for an Extreme song, simple

I really want to help newcomer out with some tabs, but right now I simply can't see through what anyone wants!
I found this insane link on youtube:

...we're talking about a crazy japanese (of course) guy, who has learned the original Super Mario Bros. theme and the background music, very 'ptrogressive'
that's impossible and I think you've read it wrong or it was tabbed wrong, yes that's impossible to normal guitarists, impossible to Metallica as well!

Tender Surrender with Steve Vai is the best guitar-instrumental song ever - Arpeggios From Hell with Yngwie Malmsteen is the hardest!
check out some Steve Vai!
all system of a down!
the only thing that can solve that is practice
i'd suggest you to find chords for a song you know very well, then practice by playing what's written, just try again and again, 'cause that's what it takes!
and know that it never gets easier to play new chords! if you see someone that changes chords just on his reflexes, he's done it 100 times before!
when i started, I made a scheme for myself like this: D to E, D to F, D to G and so on
good luck
No one has answered yet, really so I'll do:
On a classic strat you can bend the whammy bar down to the body without ruining anything, and you can bend it up 'till your strings break, it's the same with Ibanezes, don't be over-causious, it's build for bending!

Check out how Steve Vai here uses his whammy bar, hehe:
burn them in their own urin twice for me as well
I'm very sorry for your concern! I have a strat that gives me weird dreams as well so you're not alone with your problem... my dreams are often something about naked girls lying around in my room trying to pull me out of bed and down on the floor, where they're all lying... very creapy... sometimes I feel some sort of eruption too, but I suppose that's just me.
By the way, then I'd have no problem with giving you a little lesson for Eruption (I mean on guitar!), it's not that hard at all.
a link to the scales would be to search for "scales" here at ultimate guitar under lessons. There's tons of small posts about scales in general and basic theory! try iy out