Well when i first started to sing and play at the same time i also found it impossible so what i did to just practise it first was to play a song that i could do really easily and then sang to that and then het harder over time, but it has 2 be a song u no verrry well

- Slashguitar_god
Quote by emad
^We have enough tabs for these songs.Try another one.

thnks emad
been dying 2 know y 4ages
but there are only 2 versions f the sweet child om mine chords
Here are the Tabs 4 emad
can Someone help me
i have posted 5 tabs
most of them got a few aprrovals in the TPA page but i the end all got denied from the archive
i have done
2 versions os sunshine of your love
paranoid by black sabbath
slow ride intro by foghat
sweet child o mine chi=ords
can some1 help me please
yea same thing happened to me .. which really pissed me off cuz all the other versions of that tab suck soo bad and I know mine was the most accurate

i did sunshine of your love
and paranoid
both of them got denied even though they were good