Whoa... do I know you?
I'm thinking of Cardiff or Aberystwyth. Just going into yr13 though...
Don't worry too much, you'll be fine
Everything happens for a reason and all that!
I'm unemployed too... just keep trying!
MeltingBananas = WIN.
I am 27 - 10 years of age
and I am a good girl.

A friend of mine has the theme tune... I was amazed by how many of us were singing along with it today when she played it!
But I always pick squirtle to start - Blastoise is THE MAN.

Pokemon > Digimon.
Coheed and Cambria, fo sho.

But that might be because Claudio Sanchez is God.
I pwn you,
you pwn me,
we're a pwning family.

EDIT: That was meant for pwninator123... in case you didn't guess.
they have teeth in their vaginas
No, but last night I had one of those terrible dreams where you dream that you're dreaming, then you dream that you've woken up... But you haven't.
*insert eerie music*

EDIT: actually, I think I have...
yeh, i b off to geh some new cigs lyke. Don't mess.

(I'm going to bed now, I seriously need some beauty sleep! And I like the fact that my "I love you" is orange - big thumbs up!)

EDIT: btw, yes my speech in brackets is normal speech - and that's not a donkey in my avatar, it's me and my guitar... *blushes* *runs away to sob*
Naaaaughty, lyke! Buh whers mi cigs? WHO TOOK MI CIGS?? If yoo took mi cigs I'll bang u out gud n propa!

(aww I feel so hononoured, seriously! )
Almost finished my AS exams! Just history left to go... I took english lat & ling (it's combined, and it's the best thing ever), history, French and physics (odd one out!)

Good luck to everyone!
nah, i aint wastin no gud spliff on a lil s*** lyke dat!

(aw, I feel so mean being a chav :/ and Rory, you may own this thread but 10_inch_clock owns the jokes!)
Quote by 10_inch_clock
What do you called a chav in a box? Innit
What do you call a chav in a box with a lock on it? Safe
What do you call a chav in a filing cabinet? Sorted
What do you call an eskimo chav? Innu-innit
Why is it a shame seeing three chavs go off a cliff in a nova? Nova's have four seats
Why is it a shame seeing four chavs go off a cliff in a nove? Room in the boot
What do slinkies and chavs have in common? They're both pointless and fun to watch fall down a flight of stair!
What do chavs use for safe sex? A bus shelter
That's all I can remember for now... innit?
I love you.
Quote by rorypearce
mothas wid 8 kids from 9 fathas
ah i get u. 9 fathas, it was mor dan dat... or maybee it was lyke less, i cant do maths stuff.
Seriiusly, y dont babys stop cryin? i gave it a drag of my last *** n some of my wkd. lyke wtf !
Quote by rorypearce
lyke wa?
Quote by rorypearce

only 8!!!!
yeah mi boyfs in prison lyke, so i aint had da tyme to make anutha for a while... not wiv him neway
me n mi 8 kids r in mi council howse, luvin dis thread init (Y)
Everyone is amazing.

YOU are amazing.
Endlessly - Muse

Why can't you see air?
Quote by imdeth
I give both Everlong and She Moves In Her Own Way +1.
Thanks imdeth, that means alot
Ha, I have +1.
I bet you all wish you had +1.
The Kooks FTW.

But anything played at Monica & Chandler's wedding has to be great, Friends is legendary. Everlong is nice
Quote by Grindar

By far, the best suggestion (pretty sure someone else said it too, but whatever). I'll just quit talking to her completely and see how she reacts.
Aw... I feel like I've been useful! Thanks Grindar, that made me smile... lol
Good luck with the girl trouble, but I'm very sure you could find someone infinitely better.
It might not be the best song choice for the pit...
but how about "She moves in her own way" by the Kooks?
It's the only thing I can come up with atm, but it seems fitting...

I hope she has a lovely ceremony, best wishes
It seems you're proud.

Let's never mention this again.
Omg, I feel bad for you. That's beyond PMS.
Being female, I know girls can be the worst.
I had this sort of thing with a guy once, he told me he loved me etc etc then would tell me he hated me.

I think you should just give her EXACTLY what she wants - don't speak to her.
Tthe one thing that p***es a girl off more than anything is when you listen to her too much :P take it literally, avoid her, and she WILL ask why you haven't spoken to her.
When she asks that, you've won.
Geez, girls are horrible :/

EDIT: LOL at the Nair idea... but to do it, you'd have to break into her house, and that WOULD be stalking.
Quote by webbtje
Tea and cake or death!

I love that bit!
Hahaa, you said death!
No, but I meant to say cake!
...Oh, alright.

Eddie Izzard rocks my socks.
FOTC rocks my socks.

I think the ad is similar but I like it, I wouldn't call it a rip-off.
Quote by Argonaut
IMO you should STFU.
IMO, Argonaut is da bomb.
...But you didn't dig a pond.

Lol, no that's really good, I'm glad you had a nice day
Quote by hamsta_hobo
well i never said "fellow" in my original post, therefore you LOSE!
Sorry... have you not seen Kevin and Perry Go Large?
You're a DJ... watch it.
You are NOT my fellow Dee-JAY!

sorry, I had an urge to say it.
I am of no help here.
I dug a pond.
Hey, Centorium, this is my truth -
I was walking along by a drainage system once, when I saw a mauve seal fisting a peach by a lamp, with a huge growth on its scrotum.
Erm... coca cola cumshot.
What do you call Fireman Sam when he's retired?


Oh, I cried at that!
LOL at the fun nun!
I was watching Fightstar, Madina Lake and Coheed and Cambria in Cardiff, but first of all there was a support band called Circa Survive...
The singer danced like an octopus and shook his hair like a wet dog.
But they thought they were amazing, so the drummer threw his drumsticks into the crowd...
and someone threw them back at him.
Maybe he is alive.
Maybe Elvis and Jesus are there too, raving it up.
Of course!

Bliss - Muse
Quote by JackalUK
How long did the planning take to murder Diana?

LOLOLOL! Epic Victory.
I can't top that, JackalUK.
Not too sure... most of the time, I don't like a song the first time.
So I turn off my ipod and forget about it. Then one day, I hear it again, and I love it.

But, saying that, A Favor House Atlantic by Coheed and Cambria grabbed me straight away, because it was so different.
I don't understand it...
It's like someone gave Julius Caesar a keyboard and told him to go wild.

Is that what it is? That roman dude knows the meaning of life?!