So I was looking on craigslist like usual, and found a vintage Airline "Gold" guitar.
it's 66 apparently.
It's been used, it's in pretty rough shape
it's $70

I couldn't find a shred of info on it on the internet!
Anyone know anything? Should I check it out?


EDIT actually I found the model:

Airline 7250 - Bobkat one pickup probably made in 1966 distributed by Montgomery Wards
Okay thanks guys! But I've found a mim strat for 100 bucks on craigslist, and a line 6 flextone 2 amp which is at least 600 new. So I'll be willing to wait for something good at a steal. I'll keep an eye out and tell you what I see!
hey I just started recording songs and I realized I really need to add some lower end to my music, So I'm gonna keep an eye out on craigslist for a bass guitar. Could you tell me please what to look out for as well as what to look for? Now I really don't need anything too fantastic, just something to get me that low end without being too horrible haha

I've seen beginner peaveys and stuff? A peavey foundation for 150.
Will beginner bass amps work well enough?

Budget- $100 (on used equipment!)
Style- 80's rock, three days grace type stuff
other intruments listed below
I use melodyne and it works incredibly, I love it. Sounds natural and is way easy to use.
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Logic actually looks really good. But it's 500 bucks and i still need an interface. And it requires Mac OSX!?!? Out of the question. Anything else? A bundle with software and hardware in one might be good, to save money, IKD.

Hi! Reaper works very good for the whole mixing thing. Also there are thousands of effects you can get. It includes about 150 but you can download more that you can apply after it is already recorded. They are good effects too imo. Also the BEST part is it's free for download, It's an "evaluation" but you don't have but it right away (or ever). Just buy it if you are going to be sell your music mainstream. Also you can get EZdrummer which is an AWESOME program which is like 130 bucks for the basic. Or you can find it for download which is extremely difficult and illegal... that's all i'm saying. As for the usb thing, from what i hear m-audio fast track pro is good... but i'm also looking to figure out what usb preamp i should get.
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M-Audio Fast Track Pro, works great for me.

My computer doesn't actually have a disc drive, is there any discs i gotta install? also it works with reaper?
I'd like to get a more budget preamp to get me started. This'll be for recording guitar (miced) and vocals. I'd like a usb one. If it matters (I'm a total noob) I would be recording electric guitar distorted through my microphone Which is an audio acoustica atm61he/s (probably not THE BEST for guitar but I'm just startin). Also I'll be using Reaper for guitar and melodyne for vocals, then transfer the vocals to reaper after i'm done with em.

What do you suggest for preamps?? And for any other suggestions in my setup. (once again I'm a total noob.
so i just bought an audio technica atm61he/s and once I got it hooked up and all, but the output level is just really low. and there's no volume control on it as far as I know. Anyone know what to do? (Or what my noob problem is?)
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Again, just dropping in to say I was in that exact store a couple months ago. Their selection didn't seem that great in terms of what I like playing, just a lot of Gibson, Fender, Schecter and PRS. There were like 4 ESPs there, the best one being an EC-401.

And yeah, DO NOT get that MG. They are seriously some of the worst amps I've ever played.

so the selection is mediocre? I've never been there I just figured it'd be a LAS VEGAS style store with huge selection. If it's just another guitar store I'd rather just go with Craigslist and save myself 4 hours of driving
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jesus christ, no wonder the MG manages to sell, lures so many kids in.

schecter c-1 is nice.

Thank you it's trans blue got it for 300 , and I wasn't gonna buy the MG without running it past the guys here at UG. I'm not a stupid little kid haha. Didn't even look anything up about it yet
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Pick up a solid tube head and cab.

I was checking out this marshall on craigslist. Looks awesome. Having a marshall like that is my dream too haha the cabinet is apparently brand new
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If that's the music you like, I can't imagine better pickups than the Dunc Distortion. Screaming, compressed singing leads, crispy attack, warm with undistorted clean sound- gosh, don't change THAT pickup. If u try a JB or Custom , the woodier mids will trade away the power in your power chords. Just my opinion.., if you are positive you got the Sh6 Distortion. Does it have the logo or does it say dunc designed? Stock or you put it in? Very curious to know...

They're upgraded. I still have the originals which are duncan designed. The upgraded one's are Seymour Duncan (not Duncan designed) distortion humbuckers
My mom wants to take me to the Las Vegas Guitar Center for my birthday! And I don't know what to get but I'm pumped! So I'd like to hear some suggestions from UG. Anything at all... I'll list what I got...

Schecter Tempest Custom W/ upgrd pups
Schecter C-1 Classic
91 made in mexico strat
a cg-40 classical guitar
and a line 6 flextone 2 60 watt amp

I may want a acoustic guitar, but I was gonna trade one of my electrics for one for a while. just to try one.

I kinda want some recording stuff perhaps.

Anyone know anything good? Maybe I should just get something on craigslist and get more for my money

btw I play like 80's rock and stuff like that. Scorpions, Bon jovi, lynyrd skynyrd, deff leppard
My mom wants to take me to the Las Vegas Guitar Center for my birthday! And I don't know what to get but I'm pumped! So I'd like to hear some suggestions from the pit. Anything at all... I'll list what I got...

Schecter Tempest Custom W/ upgrd pups
Schecter C-1 Classic
91 made in mexico strat
a cg-40 classical guitar
and a line 6 flextone 2 60 watt amp

I may want a acoustic guitar, but I was gonna trade one of my electrics for one for a while. just to try one.

I kinda want some recording stuff perhaps.

Anyone know anything good? Maybe I should just get something on craigslist and get more for my money

btw I play like 80's rock and stuff like that. Scorpions, Bon jovi, lynyrd skynyrd, deff leppard
once I got into guitar, I really got into music. Jazz has really great musical value and I wanted to hear more of it. So know any really good emotional (instrumental!) jazz? Or any albums or anything.

Ran a search and it didn't turn up anything... so this is it. I got a new guitar and didn't know what to name her... And I'm curious what you guys have all been naming yours.

So lets do it!

1001 guitar names
I'm not a drummer... But I need some drums for my music and I don't want to buy a $700 set.

I've seen something about one on reaper? (which I have) but haven't found it and don't know how to use it...

Know of any that I could use, that are easy to use perhaps?

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Because he's being an ignorant self-righteous "amurican" douchebag.

At least he's not ripping on you about your morals and values like a real douchebag would.

By the way I say you get the amp and have some fun. But get it on craigslist! You can get something really nice and you'll get to see it first and save yourself a crapload of money.
been there, just tell her drug test me! And she'll probably back off and if not she'll do it and once it turns up negative she'll feel really bad and stupid and she'll treat ya nice
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That's called welfare not unemployment. When you work your paying your own taxes toward your unemployment.

The way you are judging it is as if someone who collects food stamps uses it to fund other habits or things.

What I'm talking about is this ^^^ Not your situation individually, but about unemployment in genereal. Personally I know you get the money and you've got extra. Who would ever turn down the money? So you're gonna spend it somehow. If you don't spend it on an amp what would you spend it on? Something elso probably more useless and less rewarding.
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Now you just confused me. I can't tell if your saying buying the amp is morally right or wrong. But i have a savings.

Nah you get the money, it doesn't matter to me what you want to do with it. But like said earlier, the taxes you yourself pay, go towards the unemployment checks you get. Wouldn't you rather just save that money and get ALL of it back? We have to pay the government to do what they do. Why would you want to pay someone to give them your money and then have them give less back to you? Say you pay 400 bucks in taxes you have to pay the government organizations to hire people, to organize the money, etc... then say you get 300 back. That's not fair to you! And if you get more that 400 back then you ARE taking someone elses tax money. It's not fair either way is all I'm saying.
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Did you mean to say you have a boner? How patriotic.

how can you make fun of this guy? You really think this is a bad attitude to have? You think collecting money from the goverment is good? You know what he meant.
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I'd rather the money stolen from my pay check by the government to go towards your amp than something useless as it most likely will

this guy's right. this is one of the best things I've seen my money go to. Still not quite fair to me. OR YOU! So whatever. Wouldn't you rather put your money in a savings account yourself and get it ALL back when you're unemployed? If you say no then you're taking someone elses money. Or you are incabable of the responsibility of saving money
If you want metal, and since you said metal before rock I'm guessing it's your main focus, I don't see why you would even want a strat? If you are going for versatility, then yes this guitar will do metal fine and rock great. And also blues and great cleans. The pickups wouldn't be the problem, you'd have fine pickups and wouldn't need to switch them out. But if you want metal to sound good and also play rock why not go for something other than a strat? Like schecter (you got to find the right one though) or Ibanez.

But if you must get a strat either one will work fine, but like said before go the the highway one
it's all about craigslist! I've found the best deals around there. Cool thing is you get to see it before you buy it too. But when you do, make sure you play it. Then check for cracks in the neck, make sure the neck isn't warped, make sure it's real!! Check out the serial numbers. And so on... Things you can't do unless you meet them in person, If you know what you're doing you can't lose really. and there are some crazy people out there who really need money. I got my Flextone II amp which was 899 new for only 100 bucks! And thats a heck of a lot better than anything you'll find new for even 500! Got a MIM strat for 100 bucks. It's definitely worth checking out. But I warn you it's addicting
well you never know! I've gotten stuff for a ninth of what it's worth on craigslist around here. legit stuff!
sadly real or fake I'm flat out broke, couldn't get it if I tried. Those nevadans like to post in utah and try to scam us. oh well I'll just pretend it's fake so I don't feel like I'm missing out hahah
I just seen this Gibson Ace Frehley Les Paul Guitar on craigslist and I thought it was way sexy. And I looked it up and it looks like it's worth a LOT more than that! what does UG think
So I went on a trip and left my guitar in its hard case on my bed, long story short someone may have messed with it or something and when i picked it up it rattled
I opened my C-1 Classic to take a look and where the knobs are, there was a washer just sitting in there. And now another one rattled loose. I don't know what these are or what I should do about it. I LOVE this guitar and don't wanna wreck it
should I take it to a shop or what?
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Well then you just answered your own question

unlesssss I find a cheap laptop but where oh where....... Checked best buy and stuff. amazon too
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You wouldn't notice any significant difference if all you're doing is word processing and internet. Like I said, you're the only one that knows what you want to do with it. If you were going to be doing more than that, say storing/playing music on it, guitar pro, watching movies etc. I'd recommend the laptop.

All you've said is you want it to do "online classes" so I don't see any point in spending 100 more bucks for things you won't use.

well heck if I had it I'd use it haha I probably would want music and stuff on it. I just really don't have the money. So unless I can find a cheap one or good used one I'd prolly just have to go with the netbook.
See I'd love a 1700 dollar asus, wouldn't we all? haha but I got stuff I gotta pay for
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You're the only person that knows what you want/need to get out of it. A 400 dollar laptop isn't going to be the cream of the crop either.

yeah but maybe better than a netbook no?
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Then the purpose of this thread is...?

because I want to know if the difference in price, versus the more I could get with a laptop, is worth it. I only need it for this, but if it's a hundred bucks more and I get a crapload more stuff, why would I pass it up??
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Depends what you'll be doing on it.

Like I said I only need it for typing and doing my online classes. No games or anything, no need for a CD drive
I gotta make up classes online, the only thing I want it for is to do that.

I really don't want to spend a lot of money. Unless I have to.

SOOO? Should I go with a netbook for like 2-300 USD or do they suck so bad that I might as well upgrade to a laptop...
I'd say it'd be worth it for maybe ten bucks. Just so I could go and tell everyone she sucked.

Edit: okay okay, she CAN sing. She chooses to sing stupidly and make dumb songs. I'll give her talent. nothing else
As a project I'm going to take apart my j reynolds electric, strat style guitar that I got for free. This is just going to be to learn my way around the guitar, and what it's like. But I want to try painting it too! What kind of things do I need to do a custom paint job? Different ways that aren't super expesive. And how do I do it. Thanks all!
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Guitars like that are great for learning repair techniques. Take it apart completely. I mean down to the last screw! Remove all the electronics down to the last component. Be sure to keep track of all the parts. I use zip lock bags for small parts. Now slowly reassemble the guitar making improvements where you can. Smooth out the sharp fret edges, maybe a custom paintjob,refinish the neck, smooth out the nut grooves, rewire the pickguard, etc. Anything you think you are capable of doing and especially the stuff you think you can't do! You'll be shocked at how much you can learn from that otherwise useless free guitar! What's the worst that can happen? You'll ruin a free guitar that's probably a wallhanger anyway? Oh, and take lots of photos of things that go right and wrong so you can post them here for everyone else to learn from...

taking it apart sounds like a great idea! I was only gonna hang it up anyways. If I gave it a cool paint job that'd be awesome! How do you do that?
NGD second one in like a week! So I was talking to my friend about how I play guitar and she was trying to get rid of hers! So she decided to give it to me, I said I can't just take it, so I'm gonna buy her lunch to thank her. Anyways... The Result?
A J. Reynolds (who?) cheap strat copy. My intent was to just hang it up or something, put it in the corner just to look cool I decided to play it and it left me speechless

Review- The cheapest guitar I've ever seen! haha I don't even think the body is made of wood. I think it's just plastic because it's suspiciously light. The strings are rusted and the frets feel like sandpaper when you bend. The tuners seem to hold up ok. The pickups look extremely cheap. and the wood on the fretboard could be scratched off haha the whammy bar rests only like an inch off the body? Never seen that before. It plays alright and doesn't sound as bad as it looks. However I don't know how this J Reynolds (once again who?) sleeps at night after calling this a guitar. Basically its a pretty bad guitar but it looks kinda neat and who turns down a free guitar? Not me! Thanks Kara ahaha I love it

By the way she also gave me a RMS practice amp which is alright I guess. I didn't have a practice amp so it's nice. I did think it said pms at first though

yeah I've checked the serial numbers they're MN 00------ it checked out fine. But it's only on the headstock. Is it printed on the body anywhere also? Everything about the neck checks out. The body is what makes me suspicious