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Then we'd call you an Aussie.

sounds like a good deal
Aussies Say I wanted to live and work in Aus. How's your immigration policy?
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That is a silly argument. The idea is to reduce US military spending, not remove us from the top.

BTW, if you don't want another nation raping other nations, you should probably destroy the US, we are really the only ones with that power at this point.


Fucking winner right here.

Oh no I fully agree about the silly military spendings. What was it, 400$ for a pack of ice? That needs to be taken care of. However I'd rather not have Russia as global power on this side of the pond. I very much want the US to be top dog. Hope to be studying there some time soon actually.
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^^^Exactly, and obviously a balanced approach is key. Clearly our military spending is out of control and needs to be cut back substantially. That alone could easily balance the budget.

Edit: ok then rob, we agree. I'm not saying anyone should be taxed at 90%, but when guys like Mitt Romney are paying less (percentage wise) than me that is a huge problem.

Danny, as far as a 2%er goes, you're still not nearly in the league of the 1%ers the divide is huge, but you are better informed than I and you know this. When CEOs now make 300-400 times the median worker in their company compared to 30-40 times 30 years ago there is a problem.

As stupid as the US foreign politics are with agencies destabilizing other nations, they don't want another Germany; where it's one nation pounding five other nations and winning. If the US were to lower budget and stop poking its nose into every nation in the world you can sure as hell bet that Russia will attempt to rise up as a superpower.
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I buy Suntory whiskey for some relatives who liked it when I brought some from Japan.

That's the one I heard good things about. It's the first thing I'm getting if my mom can find a bottle of it.
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Ah, being in Turkey changes everything. For $50 in the US, you're way better off buying bourbon, but I doubt that's true there.

I think I'd be an alcoholic if I lived somewhere where alcohol was cheap.

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Glenlivet 12 is a good choice for around 40 bucks.

I have one of those actually. I'm saving it for a special occasion.

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ive always been a bourbon guy personally, but I had a buddy pick me up a bottle of glenfiddich scotch when he passed through London a couple weeks ago, and I do have to admit I'm liking it

In other news, finally sold the tiny terror. I played an OR15 yesterday, that things a beast

I'll have a look at Glenfiddich. I think I've seen a couple of those at some of the stores here.

Is it only me, or do you guys also love the smell of an empty whiskey glass? Some whiskey (Jack and Jim) leave an amazing smell behind, that I couldn't get with scotch.
To be fair, I'm still trying to figure out if I prefer Bourbon or Scotch. I don't drink much, and it's usually when I have some of my close friends over since alcohol is really expensive here. Just checking out my budget and I got a nasty email from the bank. So anything under $50. I live in Turkey by the way, so Euro prices. I've heard good things about Japanese Whiskey. We have the usual Jack/Jim/Jameson/Chivas so there's no real reason to get one of those.
What are some good Whiskeys? Mom is going to be picking some up when she returns from France. Not too expensive, as I'm thinking I can get her to buy me 3 bottles (limit at Dutyfree shops).
Everyone is out doing stuff, and I'm still where I was 5 years ago. Studying and broke. Cute dog tho!
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I lean my guitars up in the corner of the room...


My guitar and I swap places between my bed and my chair. Sometimes I put it on the table so I can grab it. Well, back when I had it that is.
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No, bacon isn't related to the method.

With a thick steak, if you just sear it on the stove top at a high temperature, the outsides are going to cook a lot faster than the middle. By the time a 1/2" steak is medium rare in the middle, you're going to have a relatively thick band of gray, well done (ruined) meat along the outside of the steak.

Reverse searing is putting the steak in the oven at a low temperature and slow cooking it up to close to the doneness you want. This much slower cook gives you a more consistent temperature throughout the steak. Then you have a searing hot skillet ready to go on the stove and you drop the steak in and sear the outside to maintain everything that's good about that.

You end up with a nice char on the outside, but a uniform temperature on the inside. You can have edge to edge medium rare. This works particularly well with cuts like T bone or porterhouse that are really two very different cuts of meat that want to cook at different rates.

Very interesting. I'll give that a try next time. Now that you mentioned it (a couple days ago), I need a nice chef knife...
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Every damn chef I know has a slightly different steak technique.

Mine is just ->Hot pan = slap the meat on. Only thing I like on my steak is salt . Although I might have to try that touch of garlic. Do you need bacon to reverse sear? They don't sell bacon here
Problem is both my pans have low walls, and the oil flies everywhere. I need to give this video a try really.
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What are you looking to spend? I am a general fan of korg, from my microkorg to the big buck Kronos that they have at church.

Microkorg seems good. I'm looking for something dirt cheap because I'm knee deep in debts. And I'm out of a job. And a student.

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There are a few, but the cheapest way to get into midi guitar that I know of is to find a Squier Rock Band 3 Strat. It was designed for the game but is a complete, playable guitar that also has a midi out. I don't think they make them any more, so you'll have to look used. They weren't that expensive new, but I've seen them for some pretty stupid prices used, so caveat emptor.

I heard about 'em Rock Band guitars. I'll keep an eye out.

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The key I think to cleaning cast iron is to not use soap. Just heat it up, add some oil, and go to town with a steel brush or 'greenie'. Rinse with hot clean water and then put back on the heat, add a small amount of oil and then rub that oil into the pan so it can soak in. Cool. Dry. Store. Repeat.

The cast iron pans I bought both said not to use soap for cleaning on the box
Trick is to eat the food, then clean the pan when it's cooling down. You don't want to instantly cool off the pan while it's blistering hot. Do you add oil when you cook meat? I just throw the meat on the pan when it's super hot. No oils/non stick sprays.
So who here uses midi? Is there even a midi guitar? Thinking of picking up a midi keyboard...
For 6k I'd expect my bike to be made of vanadium steel or aircraft grade aluminium. So Aus is super inflated or do you guys just have shit shipping rates?
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I'm thinking of buying some new knives soon. I keep seeing that Victorinox Fibrox are great budget options. Any thoughts?

Ka-Bar combat knife. Or go with something damascus for the extra conversation points. Or get a boring ******* knife and be that boring guy

The name of the room where one cooks food is censored. Interesting.
And here I am, thinking that the 300$ bike that I like is expensive.
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Holy fuck. I just sold my bike for $1950. I paid $1850 for it new. Now I'm about to order a $4500 bike for $2100. Working at a bike shop is the fucking best.

The heck is that price range? Zimbabwe dollars?
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I had a beer bread recipe a while back that was bitchin'
I'll try and find it for you

Yo send me that stuff. Fucking love baking bread.
Since we're on the topic of reviving dead topics; The Hateful Eight. Was good about half way through, then it just got awkward.

Oh, and about the M82. I was thinking about some people going for long range kills on their cheating wives or whatever. Still silly if you ask me, then again the ATF is pretty much run by ******s.
Someone please tell my why semi automatic antimaterials rifle (Barrett M82) are easily obtainable with money. Yet you have to be the brother of the president to buy a weapon with a stock, that's select fire.
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Part of the trick to weight control when you're time pressured is preparing healthy meals at home...that you can make in large enough amounts to have significant leftovers.

I gained weight in law school, going from 193lbs to 220. Almost all you do is sleep, eat, and read. All that sedentary lifestyle plus time pressure can make it easy to gain weight, especially if you don't already have an active lifestyle, historically speaking.

But probably I would have gained more if I hadn't been making huge pots of red beans, big salads, baking several catfish filets at a time, etc. Cooking for four while eating for one saved me calories (from fast food), time (by having to cook & clean up my ******* 1-2 times/week), and money (home cooked is usually cheaper than eating out).

What I found is that you need to count calories very strict. My current diet is at around 1500 calories (I sit at home and play video games these days) But once finals are over I can go back to the gym and eat more calories a day. I lost 10 kilos since September after eating like shit all summer. Down to 95 from 105 by the way.

Yo Matt. Is that cooking book any good? I need to up my cooking game.
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Greeny is Tim. He means forsakenzreal, I'd guess... He still posts from time to time.

Aye. Forsakenzreal is the guy. Super cool guy. Makes badass pedals. I guess Tim also makes badass pedals.
I used to send John some cool stuff from TGP to send back to me. He still posts here right? I still have his badass pedal he made. Too bad I can't even play through it
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Found out BYOC doesn't ship to Canada so I'm a little miffed. Gonna either have to go cheap with Ampmaker or splurge and go trinity for my 18 watter.

Just send it to someone in the US to reship it to Canada?
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Am I allowed here if I no longer pedlulz?

I don't even guitar anymore. Maybe towards summer I can pick up a new guitar. Currently using my two 1x12s a footrest and the other as an armrest.
Cheapest way to connect guitars to the pc for software emulation and stuff?
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You got a vintage TS9? That's cute

You're still alive apparently. How's your vintage collection looking?
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Dude from Pensacola who insisted he had magic ears that made his $400 Rat, Tubescreamer and SHO clones, plus his $6000 Plexi and Tweed Deluxe clones 100% worth the money. Then he'd take several years to deliver and scrawl all sorts of Jesus shit all over the inside. Honestly, I really don't like talking ill about someone who just died, but Landgraff is one builder I really did not care for in any way whatsoever.

So, an average TGPer.
Have you ever tried Salvador with two Nukems? It's like trying to not be inside the explosion
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i got the PS4 bundle so that came with every DLC ever. the only rel BL2 DLC you need is the Gaige cause shes a ****ing boss.

have Gaige. But i disagree. Anything with Torgue is good DLC.
Sounds fun. I'll wait for summer sales. And snag those last two headhunter dlcs for BL2
hey tim your mojo stompboxes link is broken. 'your connection is not private' something
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That's the thing, there isn't a single person I have met here who isn't ****ing lovely. Well except maybe one guy who's a little strange but he's harmless.

hey. i'm still here.