It's good. It has a good flow and I like the way you tell the story from your own pov like "I can see without the light
I'm a ghost in the dark waiting for you to pick up where you left off". all in all good but maybe not the most deep lyrics.
When worlds collide:

A young protagonist in an old man’s dream
He starts a revolution but dies in the scene
where the story is told and the triggers are pulled endlessly.

But in the years that passed since the fall of the past
He even met the Devil and came round and asked:
“Is it really worth the trouble to try and be good?”

The Devil turned and looked him in the eye.
He said: “I don’t know but we’ll see in time.”
As they waited in the afterlife
for the worlds to collide.

Her face was known by few and her name by less.
She had a distant dreaming smile and a dirty old dress
She always thought about Jesus when she satisfied the needs of her friends.

Was she nothing at all or a pawn or a queen?
Was her life a quiet truth or an unusual dream?
She wondered to herself as she picked up the knife from the floor.

When the deed was done and she opened up her eyes
She found out and smiled in surprise
That she had only just been passing time
Watching the worlds collide.

He’s tired and he’s broken, a man of few words
He lives in isolation from himself and the world
Unaware of the existence of the things he used to praise so much.

He used to like to gamble and he used to like to sing.
Now he’s waiting to see what death will bring
in the evening of his already meaningless life.

And he’s waiting still and hoping too
That one day he will find out who
Knows the secret behind and the reason why
It only happens when worlds collide.

So I wrote this the other day.. and I would love to the opinions of someone who isn't me.. Anyway i'll crit yours if you crit mine
I sit here,
looking forward
to better times,
but I know that
the happy days are over
and the unknown is waiting
to tear my heart out
untill i realize
that there are far worse
ways to lose my life
than to die.

Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog
The world is locked inside a box
The light is out my mind is ****ed
Glowing trails of gasoline
marks the life I haven't seen
Another asphalt paradise
shouldn't take us by surprise

Remote control your mothers brain
Eat the kitchen floor again

Surfing on the urban sky
Watching all the preachers die
Stripping off your skin and bones
Stripping off your skin and bones
well.. what exactly is this?
It looks like some sort of fruit juice
Ahhhh... huh?!
It wasnt apple juice.. it was cyanide
End it now
Take her life
Slit her throat
with this knife
By myself but not alone.

Did you get this part from Metallicas Wherever I may roam?
Pretty good. Not amazing but allright. What kind of music is it?
History sucks!
Let's go buy socks
I need a new pair
Or I will die from despair..
you're stupid enough to eat
so much cake that you die
within seconds..
This is great! I dont know what to say because this is just great! Keep up the good work !!
Gibson les paul custom and.... i tried some vox amp in my local guitar shop once but i dont remember the name of it.. it was pretty cool though
Hmm.. I voted for christianity but I'm not sure about it. I do believe in evolution and I think most of the bible is guidelines to a better life rather than actual facts. I dont belive that God created earth in 7 days and so on
The Aswer - On and on
Check out Airbourne. They are pretty much just like Ac DC but still good
How can you make a cover album without being a cover band.. That doesn't really make sense. Also, nobody notices a cover band. If you want to get noticed you have to write your own songs.