i don't really know what model it is and i kind of messed up i ment to say that i might get the jackson
I want a bass that has a good kind of umm how am i supposed to say this i guess full (sound) would be the word and i want it to have a good heavy metal sound to it plus i already have a p-bass now i want somethin that will give me a better sound.
I am starting a band and we still need a lead guitarist ages 13-16 MetalMilitia101
I am looking for a new bass i have seen a couple of Fender models that look good but i've also seen a pretty nice Jackson can someone help with this decision
lookin for a lead guitarist in las cruces new mexico ages 13-16 + i am the lead singer right now but i want to find some one with a golden voice for heavy metal we also need a band name
i am starting a band in the las cruce new mexico area we are still looking for a lead guitarist 14-15 years of age we are playing heavy metal contatact me at my Metal Militia101 page for now i am the lead singer i guess but i want to find someone with golden heavy metal pipes around the same age group.
you have some pretty good gear how much did the wah cost you?