you mean i can do that in UG? i would love to if i know how
Email is a wonderful tool that, if used properly, will help any guitarist significantly whether in sales, marketing or even getting students. Try these methods to
get the most out of email communications:

*I have personally applied these methods on my guitar website and it is helpful, hope this can be a blessing to other guitarists

Part 1 - 10

1. Use permission mailing lists only.

2. If you buy a list, make sure it is qualified – that is, those email
addresses are valid and they belong to people who have opted in to
receive emails on products like yours.

3. Ideally, build your own list.

4. Include an opt-in page on your web site, so people can sign up to
receive email communications from you.

5. As an incentive, offer customers something free in exchange for
signing up – a free guitar method ebook, online lessons or MP3

6. Make it easy to opt out or update an email address.

7. Only ask for the information you need – too many questions puts
people off.

8. Adopt a formal policy about how the data will be used, and make
sure each subscriber has to read those terms before opting in.

9. Honor those terms, no matter what.

10. Put a cap on the number of emails you send each subscriber –
once a week is likely to be welcomed, but three times a week may
cause people to opt out.
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erm, if she goes viral, you should probably get yourself checked up

On a different note, I'd like to say that you seem like a cool dude, and actually a good guitarist. I like your playing, and the way you impart your knowledge with us. So thank you. I apologise for the immaturity before, that was highly disrespectful to you and on behalf of the pit we are sincerely sorry.

It's cool to have you here, I'll definitely check out your album

a BIG thank you...your reply is really a big support...God bless you
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It's okay, my last name is pronounced similar to "phallus." is a great invention intention is to share an article but u guys end up on something else...i cant change the fact my family name is similar sound with some sensitive word...but i'm ok with it
well...big or small is not a problem...i have 2 kids...they are the 'little kok' haha...and my dad is active in the he is the big one...haha i am representing FAITH guitar in Malaysia, if i can get my album with sony or my online guitar lessons go viral...maybe she will

yup...KOK is my family name...the last time when i posted here...suddenly 40 over members rushed to my website just to see who am i...haha...well a brief history about my KOK family name, it is actually awarded by a china emperor many years to a general who won the was something great in those day until u guys make fun of it...haha...what to do...just enjoy the show
coming there are people actually like it...TQ
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willie kok

that is ok...KOK is my family name, i have been getting the same joke ever since i started my online music actually help foreigner like u guys to remember me better...
i wish i know then i can do more on my guitar website

i have arranged the song SAFE AND SOUND with video and GuitarPRO tab...can I share it on the forum? Better ask first before getting into trouble
God Bless Chris Medina & Juliana Ramos - beautiful couple
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Is your last name really kok?

I'd like to check out one of his workshops. was a big issue once in UG forum...haha

tommy signed my guitar...bring along your guitar if you want his signature...
Attended Tommy Emmanuel's workshop and took photo with him...he is a nice guy

dear all

do you think it is possible to make guitar tabs or lessons into iphone app? or there is such product in the market?
tq...glad to you enjoy it
thank you ...i did it with some simple gadget
Hi-5 can be a good show too for childrens
my son like the wiggles...
will watch world cup with my guitar
i have a lot of guitar solo video on my channel...about 400+
watch barney, wiggles and banana in pajamas...
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Haha, sorry man im just playing around

no problem...everyone happy, everyone win
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Play with another guys kok.


ok...the joke was on me...
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I have no spouse so anything she does would be a figment of my imagination and therefore ridiculous

you are lucky...enjoy that
argue in the public for small matter...
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Are you serious? Baked beans are like, the best.

well...most people love least...especially for breakfast
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Probably feces, but not many people have tried it.

not for way
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I die every time I think of them, and I have no idea what they're called in English. If you see them in real life, RUN!!

could it be chinese food?
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I accidentally tasted a stinkbug once.....the horror

i had the same experience too...bitter and stink
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I would say my own digestive systems defense mechanisms spewting out liquids and/or solids out of my mouth producing vomit.

Worst taste ever.

totally agree...worse is, it flow back to ur throat