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chewing up vicodin tastes pretty bad, plus it stays in your teeth and doesn't go away

oh no...just like garlic...
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Durian. Tastes like banana and onion mixed together

durian ...Asian's favorite
how about DURIAN?
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^^No. Me and my friend were mixing random shit together and daring each other to drink it. I had no idea nutmeg could get you high then.

i really can't imagine that
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William every thread you make, you going have jokes made. Sorry dude.

But on Topic. Middle School Mac and Cheese, its beens six odds years. I still can remember the taste of that vial food.

no problem long as everyone is happy...i have to accept that my name can be a great joke, but my music can be a blessing...enjoy
blended banana mix with soya bean...what about you?
can't wait for the actual day arrive about u?
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No vs. threads


sorry...didn't know this site doesn't allow this
Lady GAGA or Beyonce...which one better?
Better Man - Robbie Williams (Guitar Cover)
can i post the youtube link here?
tq for all the sincere problem solved.
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Look stop trolling. I must say you are genius at it. You tricked us for about five minutes. If you want people watch your videos, put a link on your profile and be done with it.

dear friend, i'm in great depression because of this incident and i hope seek some answer and solution. i join UG because i trust that right here i can get help...and friends
i use the old URL for 5 years, all my 400 guitar video on youtube are labelled with the old address and i can't even have enough time to do a redirection. even my guitar lessons, tabs, books and my albums are labelled with that...a big lost
and enough for teasing my name, i'm just a guitar player and i wish to get a solution

yes...the story is long, it was williamkok dot inc dot md. a free domain. after 2 years they start charging me a fee for the service. i have no choice because my name already established on the internet with that URL. and they have promised to maintain this for me. until last week, they just switch off the old CP. now i have to pay for my new URL WILLIAMKOK and ended up paying and creating a big joke because i have a unique family name.
dear all

it's me again WILLIAMKOK. my web hosting provider just change the control panel without notifying me and result a lot of inconveniences. i lost my search engine ranking and now i have to rebuild it. what can i do?
people just like to make fun of my name WILLIAM KOK.

KOK is a direct sound of this chinese character 郭, you can trace a great history behind this surname in china history
well...personal choice...i also enjoy tuning my guitar into EGDGBE... just trying to be a little bit unique and travel far without much streching

just want to share ... this is my current favorite tuning for most of my guitar solo video. it gives more open bass and allow me to travel to further fret without holding the bass. some guitarist dislike this setting because the 6th string will vibrate too much and start knocking on the guitar board, but with a bit of control, the problem can be solved...try it's fun

ps - i start to enjoy playing songs in CGDGBE

may i know where to download THE SHADOW's guitar tab?
welcome...i hope this ebook is useful to beginner
dear all

by the grace of God, this is my 10th years serving as a guitar instructor and i dedicate this ebook to all the guitarist and i pray that the info will be a blessing to everyone.

Ebook - Praise & Worship For Acoustic Guitar Players

Free download part 1 -
Free download part 2 -

*this is a simple strumming guide for new guitarist...i hope this can be good help

God Bless

Michael Jackson - I Just Can't Stop Loving You (CGDGBE)

anyone know this song...i'm trying to create a complete guitar cover...maybe you can help
i'm a big fan of pokemon...are you?
will it cause a freeze or suspend on my account? i dare not even try the demo
dear gurus,

someone approached me and introduce me TUBE TOOLBOX to increase my youtube channel view. is it legal to use it? will it cause trouble to my account? pls help. tq

may i know where to get more info about this event?

anyone remember this song - WE ARE THE WORLD?

Blue Moon - tommy emmanuel is my favorite song...any tips for me to learn this song?

anyone have super mario guitar tab?
dear all,

i wonder if anyone in the forum knows how to contact sungha
Dear all,

Anyone interested to play a song with this tuning, CGDGBE?

anyone can play this song?

come on and celebrate - gospel song

anyone interested to share this gospel song? GIVE THANKS

Christmas is coming...wish to have some guitar tab for Christmas hymn, any suggestion?
dear guru

what is your opinion on YAMAHA silent guitar. is there any other better brand?
dear gurus

have anyone heard of this guitar maker from malaysia - jeffrey yong?

last week i have the privilege to visit a guitar maker in kuala lumpur, malaysia and he is jeffrey yong. i truly respect his work. anyone heard of him before?