So my friend is looking for a new tele to replace his MIM tele. We play in an indie band. I saw this on Craigslist, and figured it's a pretty good deal for a '78 tele. Probably have to go play it before I buy, but what do you think is a fair deal for the guitar. I've heard that '78 teles have thick finish and are much heavier than ones made today. It also has a humbucker in the bridge which I'm not crazy about. Opinions????
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would adding a distortion pedal like a ibby ts would tighten distortion? i wanna get rid of my muddyness too

I use a TS9 on my Rebel 20. It works well for tightening things up if you have it set right, but the biggest help for you would probably be flicking up the tight switch.
Just my opinion, I play some post-rock, and i borrow my friends volume pedal sometimes, it is probably one of the most useful tools for getting some crazy effects in conjunction with some other pedals. Imo its worth much more than a compressor.
+1 to an Ac15, seems to fit your needs perfectly
8/10 I like AC30s, but they get hot really fast and need a good fan installed.

I have-

Egnater Rebel 20
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If you work with your setup right now, i think you could get a pretty decent sound. I'm assuming you have a Spidervalve combo? Also, active pickups do not make a tube amp good, nor do they only sound good while using a tube amp.
In terms of what brand, just buy a new brand every time you need a change. After a year you'll have a good enough opinion yourself. Strings are cheap anyways.
imo mids are needed to cut through the mix. I can't count how many threads in GGnA have been- "My other guitarist overpowers me and I have a huge tube amp... WHY? btw my settings are bass-10 mids-0 treb-10" Even for metal i usually prefer a mid hump.
My suggestion to this thread is to add a section about different types of wood. I have been researching Seagull guitars for a long time and couldn't tell the difference between the spruce top S6 and the cedar one for $30 more. It took actually playing them side by side for a long time to notice the subtle difference-

Cedar is a softer wood, and will scratch more easily than spruce
Spruce is harmonically more fundamental than Cedar
Cedar is more harmonically complex, with deeper overtones
Spruce stands up a bit better to flat-picking as Cedar can distort when picked hard, while Cedar has more depth for finger-picking because of the harmonic complexity.
If you want a warm delay sound stay away from the DD20. I'm going to throw in the Caebon Copy and Ekko616 as options if you don't need all the special features and want a stripped down good sounding delay. The Tech 21 Boost DLA that just came out is also a good choice, it has tempo and is a very efficient solo boost. As the Lieutenant said, the Time machine is also a great option. Go to a local store and try them all out!
I'll Erving the Blackstar HT5. I can't see you finding any other suitable amp in you price range other than the HT5, although you could try out the Spider Valve. It's great with the SVpre mod.
It's a great amp and a decent deal.
What sounds are you after?
Phone the guy up and see if you can meet him to try it.
Congrats on not researching at all before buying.
At least it's better than a Spider III
I hope you have fun and never tour to Vancouver...... Ever.......

+1 to a Rebel or ANYTHING gregs posted. Because he's cool like that.
The two I'd look into are the Ibanez Artcore and PRS SE semihollow. Both top-quality guitars for the price.
Isn't it a 5150, not a 6505?
A 5150 would be fine for Van Halen

anyways, an overdrive would do wonders, but adding mids and cutting highs on an eq pedal would work too. Maybe turn down he presence too.
I'd go guitar-ds1-chorus-whammy-delay-amp
or with an fx loop

but really, the best thing to improve your tone right now would be a new amp.
ENGl Screamer really impressed me, but is really loud and expensive.
Artisan I found to be very similar to the HT5. I wasn't a big fan of it, sounded a bit brittle.
Dual terror isn't a metal amp at all, more of a Classic rock amp.
Rocker 30 could be good for classic metal, but may not do kdern metal without an OD

You may want to also look into a used Mesa Mark combo

the amps you mentioned are somewhat different so you may want to go and play them to get a better idea.
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Think of it like this-

x10 watts=x2 volume
This is a good rule, not necessarily true though, as there are other factors to loudness.
5 watts tube is really loud.

For me to crank a tube amp in my house, 1 watt would be too loud for me, realistically.


Its trippy, but true
This is a good option.

Not a fan of the Vyper myself, but if you like it.........
Getting a new pickup won't help much with the amp you have. You're pickups aren't your working against you, the amp is.

Get a new amp.
You can get a good tone from a tube 100 tube amp at low volumes easily.
You can't get a good power-tube breakup tone from a 100 watt tube amp at low volumes.

Theres nothing wrong with preamp distortion at bedroom volumes. Its not like it sounds bad, because it doesnt. Unless you REALLY need power tube breakup (ACDC sound), you shouldn't need to crank the amp at home.
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I think the nailbomb would be a great match if the stock pups aren't hot enough for you.
You're selling it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New amp first if you want to sound better.
New guitar if you want to look cooler.

It's all up to you.
I do believe on some amps you can pull the two inner power tubes to run the amp at half power (50 watts). Do some research because I'm not quite sure if it would work with yor Marshall.
Fender VibroChamps are great little amps. They have great models for rock.
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Egnater ftw
Post #2 for me!
I'm going to have to hurt Mesa. I'm not really a fan of the solo heads and some combos leave alot to be desired. Still a great company though.
I'm going to have to heal Egnater. I am not being biased, I just believe that the MOD50 has potential to be a revered amp one day, up with Diezel and Splawn.

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The general rule that I go by is 15 watts if you just want distortion, 30 watts if you need cleans. This isn't always correct though, I_am_metalhead is right with his post. It depends on the circuitry, speakers, etc.
Whoa that's a huge pedalboard!
Congrats on the addition!

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Laney VC30
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and the Bugera V22
Love the username!

Nice pedals! How's the Chorus? I've been looking into a chorus lately and am considering BOSS.

HNAD man!
That's a sweet deal!

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I love the new Dragonfly shape over the Fly shape.

+1 I'm GASing for a Dragonfly sooooo bad right now. I played one and it was a dream. Looks beautiful too.
Like Skysc said, get pedals depending on which ones you will use enough for them to be worth it. I would also go for a Pitchblack and a MXR EQ instead of BOSS. I personally think that the ZW overdrive is great.

You just need to tell us what amp models.
What I would do-

short term-
buy a $20 soldering kit and mod that DS1

long term-
-save up for a new guitar, unless you're happy with the one you have, then buy a new amp.