i've never actually knowingly heard a U2 song... ever... i losing my U2 virginity at 4.00 in the morning... i should really be getting some sleep as i have another over the hill beand to be listening to (green day) tomorrow night
I actually know someone who had a curry with Yngwie Malmsteen so i guess he's nicer than people make out. I also know someone who had Saxon around for afternoon tea

maybe... not sure really
I'd have been amazed with a gift like that... all I got for my sixteenth was a castration attempt
I actually have repeatedly done the Hoenn league with just a lvl 100 blaziken
I cannot poo outside of my house... i went for a week and a half once, i spent the last 2 days of my holiday holding it in...
yuri gagarin... 1st man in space, wrestled a bear... nuff said

(I made up the bit about the bear)
I'd live on Hoth fur das skifahren, but i would need to have a flat on coruscant so i could keep up with the civilized world
same thing goes for "sistas before mistas" if you aren't a boy... with Bros
someone 3 years below me...

fingered a cat up the bum
ate a raw duck
tossed himself off with said duck
did an ozzy osbourne head bite thing with a rat
ate chocolate off his own **** (don't ask me how)
and now he is attatched to his gf by the groin even though you can see that she isn't comfortable...

oh yeah... one lad died as well and gave the pe teacher who tried to save him a case of depression which means he hasn't been in for six months
i'd be the one with like two good friends that everyone hates because of one comment...
punch her in the mouth... and then tell her why she isn't the best singer in the school... because the best is truly batman
i just harrass the old ladies down my road untill they will pay me to mow their lawns... 5er for a small lawn, £7 for a medium sized lawn £10 if it takes more than an hour...
Quote by maniac-stevo
no. my relationships just gone down the ****ter, my girls gone off with another guy whos a total ass wipe, ive started smoking, i broke 2 knuckles punching a mates are being total bastards and ive lost all my taking back sunday albums apart from louder now. Life=****.
But on the plus side i have a few guitars to help me get through it.

hmmm... i would disagree...

your girl has gone off with her actual bf if its the one i'm thinking about
and we are only bastards because you blame us for things...

can't go wrong with the old marvel civil war
the Official Monster Raving Loony Party FTW!!!

i'm a member
i don't want to miss a thing by aerosmith... just because it reminds me of my last day at school...
one thread i started had an 02er...

he was like an old wise man... well he was wise
any bitter... atm its marsdons pedigree

and spiced chai... its delicious and caffeine free
Rick astley.... he just seems like father material to me
i actually have always thought this... there's a picture of her in a hat that always seems to bring me comfort when i feel that the world is a talentless heap of wildebeest dung (i checked the spelling of wildebeest)
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damn 09ers, stoopid newb confusin all us pit monkeys before the necessery time

preparation is an art that helps us all to be ready for change
Quote by I.O.T.M
I was the first to suggest this. Don't steal my thunder god damn you.

could be worse... he could steal your odin
Quote by TheWickerMan666

Anyway, on topic, is it gay to receive strap-on love from a person of the female persuasion? And don't look at me like that! The conversation was going there anyway!

yes luke... i mean thewickerman666

yes it is

but i'm glad you brang that up
Quote by i love alanis
I'm a 69er.....*wink*WInk* if you know whatum sayin

a nudge is as good as a wink to a blind bat!
i love you imdeth... you didn't even think about insulting me....

must try harder
btw i'm dissappointed at the amazing amount of abuse i have recieved right now compared to all the abuse i got before voicing a concern....

before i had none... now i have been severely shot down...

sadomasichism joy
Quote by Hereiwas
TS, you got to big for your boots, and now everyone hates you.

Silly 09er.

Quote by Hereiwas

Also, aren't you a little fresh yourself to be worrying?

aye... but i'm not as fresh as will smith...

he is prince of bel air
wow... i'm liking that...

07ers inky
08ers pinky
09ers blinky
10zys clyde
next year...(2010) there will be people who join ug...

what will we call them?...

10ers just won't work... because it makes me think of pavarotti... and is too badass for anyone who ventures into the pit

i'm thinking 10zs... (tenzies) because it reminds me of scrubs and is sufficiently geeky for people who spend hours talking to people who know more about their sig than their favourite kind of food or favourite colour...

mine is chinese ond green
Quote by Chris>Spiderman
I actully prefer coffee rather then tea.

i'm on my 13th cup today and am gearing up for 14 during the next ad break

darjeeling no milk, no sugar

or asda fairtrade milk no sugar
what about harps?

i play the bass as well...

but does harp count?

if not then i shall stop harping on about my harp...



/failed humour
Quote by Mockstairwell
NO SIR. That was made by Walt Disney Studios.

You suck at life and I hope one day that you are a bum on the street that gets laughed at and beat up every other week. Your family will disown you and your only friend will be an abandoned puppy that gets taken away from you because you can't feed it.

And no that was not too far.

i may have to sig that... in fact... yes i will.

EDIT:damn you with your insults being just too long to sig....
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There's only been 9 Pixar movies.

I know....I researched it.


what about "bolt?"

it was piss poor and tramp flavoured but it was still a movie...

silly mockstairwell!
Quote by thanksgiving
Anyone else agree that those lamps deserved their own movie?

i think there was of a sort... but it was only about 5 minutes long....

i may have made that up
i'm thinking cars... but its between that and wall-e