Ive already tried some ovations in the store and liked their sound..Im moreso wondering if theres certain models that have bad reliability or things to look for that make their models shitty. I have 8 tabs on musiciansfriend of ovations and gotta narrow down which ones i check out haha
Hey yall ill keep this short and sweet
Looking for an acoustic-electric, gotta have a built in tuner and cutaway.
I would be using it mostly for rhythm playing (im mainly a basist), poppunk, hard rock, stuff like that
I like the lightness of ovations a lot, but if theres another brand that is spectacular ill check them, and especially would love to know which ovations series are generally considered wastes of money, and which ones are high quality

Budget is $400-550 USD
steve harris
rob bourdon
james hetfield
ryan martinie
brent smith
miles kennedy
Danny carey
never played one, but all ive heard about them is that theyre overrated and all about the image
if it resolved to e but had the notes of g major, then it would be E aeolian
you should find some examples of what tone you want, because just the genre could mean plenty of different bass sounds
I actually had a very similar experience, wire detached and needed sodering, input jack came loose, preamp just stopped working all together
I had a fortress rockbass so maybe youre on to something with chinese wicks and their electronics being unreliable
squire vm or cv
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Nope i wouldnt get it at all. Not an inch on proper ampegs.

Look into hartke, ashdown, newer peavey's. Second hand carvins etc etc. For this level from the vibe im getting from the thread something like an ashdown mag or hartke lh500 sounds good.

running a tech 21 vt bass pedal into any of those setups will give you the ampeg sound
If it was in guitar hero or rockband (which i think it was) you should be able to find master a google for something like brianstorm guitar hero master tracks
your speakers need to be designed for bass, once you start getting up to higher gear though, some bassists will use guitar heads for a dirtier sound
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This thread needs more RYAN MARTINIE

You should really get the 700, its cheaper, and sounds better because you can actually crank it (GK amps sound better when pushed hard) without killing people
Id only say get the 1001 if you actually need the headroom, as in playing huge gigs every night, and then i would just say get the 2001
PD-7 sounds really good and is cheap. the Boss is a standard for touring musicians, although I've heard it doesnt cut through in a mix extremely well.
I own the PD7 and love it , but i dont think you can go wrong either way, just get whichevers the better deal
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Poor you :/

No good german or irish brews for you.

ik dude which is especially since I'm half irish, half german D:
thanks for all the actually helpful replies so far, im impressed pit!

specifically does anyone know if 4lokos are almost or fully gluten free to settle an arguement? haha
Hi Pit,
I'm an idiot and asking for help from you
but here it goes anyway

I have celiac disease, which means i have to avoid gluten (wheat, barley, malt)
I was wondering if anyone else has experience with it, andd what alcohol specifically you know is alright
Specifically wine, liquor, 4lokos? I've already essentially given up on beer unless you guys know of a brand thats at least mostly gluten free

if you are dropping this much money do not order an instrument youve never tried, at least play the same model in a store then order a different bass online
again the most important thing is that the neck feels comfortable, so you can achieve your sounds with your technique. Also worth mentioning is thumbs are notoriously heavy if that is a concern for you
Although thumbs are fantastic basses, im gonna give another plus 1 to a jazz mia fender. They are very versatile, killer slap tone, and thin necks.
Haven't done too much for modding guitars, but I'm quickly fixing one up for a gift, it is a strat knockoff
My problem is the action on the high e string is lower than the rest of the strings
It is the right height at the headstock but gradually becomes noticably lower than the rest
It looks like there is something wrong with the 'saddle'(is that the right word?)
Do you guys know if theres a quick way to fix this, or which screw to tighten or loosen etc
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another vote for squire jazz. i love my fender jazz for the organic twang it gets, but keep in mind his tone is nearly impossible to get. Wals are very distinctive and he uses just a feww effects LOL
Tube isn't nearly as important as for guitar, ignore these people haha
Most of the highest end bass amps are tubes, but for any beginner and most intermediates ss will do you just fine.
Ive heard great things about orange, don't worry about the volume or slight upgrades though. Youd need an entire different amp for band (with drums), ie something like a 4x10 with 300watts. That combo should set you up nice for practice by yourself though
i think a jazz would really suit you. jazz have slimmer necks which might be easier if youre used to guitar, and p basses have really a grit tone, and it sounds like you want something smooth
well since youve tried them both out, remember:
they are both high quality basses
the ric will have less versatility, but will resale better
ultimately, go with whichever neck felt better. dont get a rick just to get a rick
with that budget, you are gonna be looking at alot of really class manufacturers. You are gonna have to stop and try them out some, and do you have any specific sounds or bassists in mind?
Gk, Ampeg, Ashdown, Hartke, Markbass are all good
well how much is a set up cost? i mean ive heard that youre supposed to get one with all new instrument so i might just take the opportunity lol
I got an american jazz bass, and it buzzes on the open and first few frets, i think that means it needs a truss rod adjustment? Is it worth learning for someone who has never really modded instrument (but i do have the tool), or should i take the opportunity to get a set up? if set up, how much do they generally cost and should i take it to guitar center or independent music store etc?
an ibanez sr205 and an acoustic combo should set you up nice
i have flown with a bass as my carryon, they stored it with the strollers and such, got a few dings but made it out alright
the airline should be fine with you bringing it but make sure you protect it adequately
thats really not enough information sorry man, go to the store and check the tag haha
sounds like his broke and hes getting a cheap replacement? thats the only explanation i can think of lol
a small gallien krueger combo should set you up nice
the MBs are supposed to be really good..
it depends what sound your going for
generally acoustic's sound will be transparent, while a GK will give an organic sound
obvious, but funny troll
$2, ill take it for $10 though if you act now
but seriously, a good price is between half and two thirds the new price, depending on condition
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I don't really see the point in doing other than for the sake of being able to say you have 2 bassists. If you want to have someone playing leads why not get a guitar or keyboard to do it? It will probably sound cleaner and better

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How hard would this be for a beginner to learn? Is that too difficult? Because I know she really likes the song, and it might be something good to get her started, but I'm not really the best judge of difficulty; I learned at a rather unusual pace.

too difficult imo, once you teach her the major and minor scales/keys, i would just focus on jamming to pick up ideas about how to write, etc and correct her technique along the way
pretty much all the good ones just got named lol